I Want To Work Out, But I Have No Equipment… Read On!

No Equipment At All?

Alright, I know some people have absolutely no equipment, no gym membership, and don’t want to spend any money fixing these two issues.

Look, I’m not trying to tell you how to spend your money, but how much do you spend on “junk” purchases each month?

I mean stuff like entertainment, eating out, junk food, etc. Surely it’s more than the monthly fees at a suitable gym or fitness center.

But if I can’t convince you that this is just another excuse that is preventing you from finally burning away that stubborn body fat, I have provided some bodyweight only exercises later in this book, so please refer to that section for more info on how to proceed.

Now, there are also some other items you’ll want in your workout toolbox. These will help ensure you have optimal workouts.

  • Workout Gloves and Belt. Get a good set of workout gloves to protect your hands and a weight training belt to protect your lower back in certain movements like the squat and deadlift. These are not completely necessary, but most people find them helpful, especially beginners. I would caution you to rely on the workout belt though, as it can become a crutch and actually prevent your core (lower back and abs) from naturally supporting your body during certain movements.
  • Water bottle. Have a water bottle filled with cold, but not too cold, water ready for sipping throughout the workout. Dehydration will kill your energy level, so make sure to drink enough water between exercises. And don’t rely on the fitness center drinking fountain. It will slow you down and can cause you to ingest air bubbles which can cause stomach upset during an exercise.
  • Wall dock or watch with a second hand. Keep track of your rest periods between exercises…keep it around 3o seconds or less.
  • Training Journal. This is probably the most important tool you have, as it allows you to track your progress. This is what progressive training is all about! As a free bonus with the Fat Burning Furnace system, I’ve provided a few templates for you to use. Get a three ring binder and make several copies of the template you’re going to use and use it religiously! Accuracy in your record keeping will tell you what’s working, and it will serve as further motivation as you see your strength skyrocketing!

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