Should You Workout At Home Or At The Gym? – Part 1

Now that you’re going to be following a weight training workout to get the body you want, you’ll need some resistance…otherwise known as weights!

That’s one point for me for mentioning the obvious. Seriously, you have a few different options when choosing where to workout and which equipment to use.

This is nice, because you don’t always have to use the same stuff, which can lead to boredom on occasion.


This is the most popular place to go for those seeking a great workout.

The advantages here are that you have a ton of exercise choices. Several machines, plate loading machines, pre-made barbells and dumbbells, and a lot of space.

These places usually have a bunch of cardio equipment and other stuff like Swiss balls, but I want you to forget about that. Remember, we are focusing on strength training.

The multitude of choices makes for a boredom free workout, for the most part, but there are some downsides to working out at a large gym or fitness center.

First, there’s the fact that along with the multiple exercise choices you have, you are also faced with multiple gym members.

These places can get overcrowded often, and when they do, you can kiss the maximum cardiovascular benefit from your proper weight training routine goodbye.

Being forced to wait 5 minutes for some guy who’s on his 5th set of leg extensions can not only ruin your cardio benefit, but can also be quite annoying when you know that the guy could be done in a set or 2 if he only understood the principle of proper intensity.

The other problem I’ve found with working out in large fitness centers is those roving personal trainers for hire. They comb the gym floor waiting for their next unsuspecting victim like a predator on the Discovery Channel.

Alright, maybe they’re not that bad. But my point here is that just because they have a shirt on with the name of the gym on it doesn’t mean they know more than you!

Finding a knowledgeable personal trainer can be a chore. I recall being in one of these places a few years ago, going through my workout. I was doing a pullover on a lat machine, which is primarily used for pulldowns.

Upon finishing my set, one of the friendly trainers that worked at this facility asked me if I needed some help, as he noticed I was “doing it wrong”.

I chuckled a bit and explained to him that I was not doing it wrong but performing a movement that he might not be familiar with. I went on to tell him I was isolating my lats with the exercise, rather than using the machine for the compound pulldown exercise.

Well, he didn’t know what to think, and went on his way. Now this was no issue for me, as I was well versed on proper weight training exercise at the time.

But if had been a beginner and not understood what I was doing, I would have been susceptible to changing my routine to suit his advice.

The last issue many people have with training in the fitness centers is being too timid. Especially for the women, weight training amongst a group of smelly loud men is not all that pleasant, I know.

If you want to workout in the gyms, this is something you’ll just have to get over if it is an issue for you, ’cause it will happen from time to time.

So if you want to workout in the popular gyms or fitness centers, you may want to get strategic about which ones you use, and when.

I would really suggest you find a smaller gym that has a good variety of equipment, but is not the most popular place in town, or loaded with extras like beauty salons, cafes, and swimming pools.

Most gyms are busiest on Mondays, Wednesdays, and Fridays, so you might try scheduling your workouts on the other days of the week.

There are fitness centers now that are just for women, and even some that have separate days for men and women. If that appeals to you, check to see if there are any in your area.

And if anyone working there asks you if you’d like one of their personal trainers or workout programs, remember that you’ve got the Fat Burning Furnace program in your arsenal and be like former first lady Nancy Reagan and just say no!

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