Trim Down Club Reviews – Will It Work For YOU? Check Here (Update Oct 2018)

Trim down club reviews

The Trim Down Club Review: 
Finally A Fat Loss Program That Looks Good!


That’s the number of weight loss plans I found with less than 10 minutes of googling!

However, even though there are might be so many programs out there…

we often fail to stick with 90% of them!

Are you aware why you are finding it difficult to manage your weight despite so many solutions?

The first and foremost reason behind your weight loss failure is a requirement of changing multiple things, making BIG changes, and requiring “motivation”, which has been proven to eventually fail.

We are asked to change our eating habits, control our cravings, and work our butts off, all at the same time.

Then we honestly do our best and try to follow these things.

Soon, life gets in the way, we don’t see the kind of results we desired, which affects our enthusiasm and pulls us back to our original lifestyle (or try out something crazy).

Then we proclaim – the “diet” failed!

However, the truth is... both failed.

You failed because – for whatever reasons, you couldn’t stick to the plan.

And the program failed because – it asked too much from you in too little a time.

So yeah, the diet program can be blamed as the major part in your failure!

Point being - before moving on to the trim down club or any other weight loss plan you need to realize that shedding those pounds WILL be a time consuming task.

As for the trim down club, it is a decent program no doubt, but it won’t teach you patience or perseverance, that’s on you.

Now, the second most reason for experiencing failure is the unrealistic and impractical programs created by different fitness experts. Seriously, I have seen so many fitness programs which have literally no space for mercy. 

But it was in November 2014 when I found a ray of hope. I had left the house to go shopping for Thanksgiving and I met an old friend, who was always as big as me (another sad reason we were friends!).

But now she was looking stunning, she was looking, how do I say it, lean and attractive. I couldn’t believe this was the same person I knew in college.

Obviously, the first thing I asked was, “What the heck happened? Did you go under the knife or something? How the heck did you shrink down?”

That’s when she introduced me to the trim down club (which was a pretty new thing back then). So with that said, let's move on to the Trim Down Club review, and let me tell you what this club is all about...

What Is The Trim Down Club?

The Trim Down Club is a membership platform (like MyFitnessPal from the old days, remember?). However, this one’s more specific and creates a meal plan, activity plan based on your specific weight loss goals.

They take into account your height, weight, gender to assess how far you are from your goal, and then provide the plan accordingly.

This was a huge positive factor for me.

While most diet programs are pretty generic, these guys believe weight loss plans should differ from person to person. Meaning, how the hell can a 40-year-old mother of two get the same plan as a college student in her twenties?!

Something is amiss there, eh? So that’s one major reason I like the TDC (as they call it inside).

Secondly, the recipes are delicious (and they have to be else you won't use them)... and also, the trim down club doesn't not force you to eat something you don’t wish to eat, as there are literally thousands of recipes in there.

A lot of new diets (and extreme workouts) assure almost instant weight loss, which is unrealistic and unhealthy. We put our body under tremendous shock by going for some “quick fat loss” diet. This further leads to gaining all the weight back (and often more!) within a few weeks.

The Trim Down Club makes sure that your program does not affect your body due to any kind of deprivation or starvation. They believe slow and healthy weight loss is the key to long-term results. I couldn’t agree more.

Weight loss is not about the end goal, it’s all got do with the process. Doesn’t matter whether you lost 50, 55 or 60 pounds after a year, what matters is whether you stuck to the program over the year…

Why You Shouldn’t Starve to Lose Weight

Even though most of the weight loss programs are based on starving, it is not the right way of reducing the weight. Choosing such restrictive diet programs stop you from consuming the amount of fuel/energy your body NEEDS to sustain through the day.

The Trim Down Club never encourages such diet programs. They believe in including the required foods in your diet. But of course, through proper food and in proper amounts, it is important that your diet should have a major effect on your metabolism. So the recipes in the trim down club take this factor in account and are created accordingly.

Secondly, their program is not based on calorie counting (which was an important factor for me), but it's rather based on consuming healthy, clean foods. Surprisingly, you will be eating more than you would expect with the Trim Down Club’s diet program. (Of course don't think of this as some Paleo diet variant, it's not.)

On What Principles Is The Trim Down Club Based Upon?

Every weight loss company has some principles they adhere to. Like some are based on calorie counting (my fitness pal), some are based on complicated points (Weight Watchers), yet some are based on selling some 'magic' pill/shake (remember Isagenix, things like those almost never work anyway).

So the trim down club adheres to the following:


Not another diet program

Initially, I thought that this was exactly like the Beyond Diet. However, nope, the trim down club does not follow any cliched diet methods, instead, they create the program based on your specific goals, bodily factors and your food preferences.

By making a chart based on your chosen food options, they try to condition you towards a healthy lifestyle. Thus, this is not a diet chart, but a chart to a healthy lifestyle.


Slow and steady wins the race

Opting for healthy means of weight loss is always the best way to cut those extra fats.

Choosing those quick 'hacks' might show instant results but they will have long-term negative effects. Pushing your body into a strict calorie counting diet might even lower your motivation.

Hence, the Trim Down Club encourages your cravings, but in moderation.


Eating whole, unprocessed foods

Processed foods are low in nutritional value. Period.

When you eat unprocessed food, our body recognizes that it is not being supplied with enough nutrients; hence it switches to starvation mode. 

This further obstructs your weight loss efforts, especially the weight maintenance efforts.

The diet program at the Trim Down Club contains whole and natural food. Foods such as these help increase your metabolism, which indirectly helps in stimulating weight loss. Also, natural, whole foods keep you away from hunger for a long time.


Maintaining blood sugar/insulin levels

Consuming too much of carbohydrates and sugar can be harmful to your diet. Foods with high carbohydrates and sugar rapidly increase the blood sugar level that thereby increases the insulin level. And increased insulin leads to weight gain.

Also, a rapid rise in glucose means an equally rapid fall of glucose, this leads to low blood sugar, which further makes you feel sluggish, tired and hungry. When your sugar level falls down, your body convinces you to eat more and pulls you towards uncontrolled cravings and temptations. 


Maintaining a steady flow of energy

Your body needs sufficient nutrients to get through the day. Instead of eating in bulk, the Trim Down Club believes in consuming 5 to 6 moderate meals per day. This keeps your blood sugar under control, and this translates to less hunger.


Variety = Flexibility = Sustenance!

A strict diet with minimal options is another reason why most of the diet routines go in vain. Nobody wants to eat the same thing every day or every alternate day, right?

The Trim Down Club is equipped with a menu planner application. It allows you to build menus from 100's of foods categorized according to the groups of how your body metabolizes them.

This makes sure you eat your share of healthy meals without feeling caged.

The foods in the planner are written with 3 shades of blue that goes from light to dark. The lightest shade is the healthiest option while the darkest one is comparatively less healthy.


Physical Activity Is An Important Ally

Diet covers the 80% portion of your weight loss program, but it requires physical activity to complete your weight loss program. You need not go through rigorous training, but you need some kind of physical activity to ensure that you maintain your muscle mass.

How Much Does It Cost?

You can sign up for a 30-day trial for just $1.99, and then you’ll will be charged $9.9/month from the second month. And believe you me, it’s totally worth it at this price.

Here are the things I loved inside my membership:


tdc personal meal planner

This was thankfully customizable

The Personal Menu Planner: This is the most important tool available on their website.

The personal menu planner lets you set your weekly meals on the basis of your dietary needs (as per the plan). 

All you need to do is choose the foods you like and this planner will perfectly plan your weekly menu by combining the required amount of protein, carbohydrates, and fats.


The 8-week plan is a diet routine designed by the chief dietitian of the trim down club, Ossie Sharon.

She has been helping people to lose weight in a healthy way and made sure that they don’t gain the weight back.

You get to it by clicking on the "My Plan" link in the membership menu.

The 8 week plan is quite intuitive


live fat loss forums

The forum is quite active every day

Live Forums: You can meet people with similar or different weight loss goals and get your doubts cleared by the experts at any time and on any day at Live Forums.

Recipes: The website has a column with different healthy yet delicious recipes made with different ingredients that promote weight loss.

Guides and Videos: Apart from all that, the trim down club folks have uploaded many videos that can guide you through most everything; food shopping, meal preparation tips, workout tips, actual workouts, etc. Although I would love to see a Yoga routine like the Yoga Burn, but of course, that's asking too much! :D

Quick read articles: The only sore thumb, these guys upload many articles related to health, nutrition and wellness every week. But honestly the quality of articles is just about ok, I also doubt whether they outsource these to some agency as there are quite a many grammar mistakes, typos, etc. So ignore these if you do sign up to the program.

Trim Down Club User Reviews & Testimonials

When I first logged into the TDC, I was quite skeptical and thought there might be a couple of success stories here and there.

However, when I saw over 200 replies in the 'success stories' sub-forum, I was blown away. Now, as of October 2018, it has reached over 600!

trim down club success story

Over 600 success stories inside, you can read what these members say inside the forum

So here are some of the other trim down club reviews I could find inside the membership area. These screenshots are pulled straight from inside the trim down club. You won’t find these anywhere else.

I’ll paste some screenshots here (click on them to see the full version).

trim down club user review
trim down club lose weight

I personally know this user! She's seen further success since then...

trim down club testimonials

Those look so encouraging, right… and there are literally hundreds of success stories in there. That’s why I said earlier that at $9/month, the Trim down club is definitely worth it if you can lose weight and keep it off without any of those diet pills or other ‘magic’ products.

So here’s the 30 days trial link:

As for this review, I am sure you know why I am speaking so positively for this program.

  • 1
    The program promotes a personalized, nutritious, clean eating plan.
  • 2
    It is customized to your body according to your height, weight and gender.
  • 3
    There’s no starvation or severe restrictions.
  • 4
    They highly encourage exercising, which I liked (since many other diet programs are like “Don’t do nothing else and you’ll still lose weight” … Umm sorry, I don’t want to look like a deflated bean bag when I lose that weight!
  • 5
    Finally, the cost is definitely a positive factor. I hope they keep it at $9.

So that’s that my girls!

My friend unknowingly gave me the best thanksgiving gift in 2014. Using the trim down club and some other simple habits, I lost over 60 pounds as most of you know, and I’ve made sure I lead a healthy lifestyle now.

The Trim Down Club is one of the better weight loss programs you can follow to lose weight (and get healthy in the process). It's not often I give a good rating to an online program as you guys know, so definitely check it out for a month and see how it works for you.

Here's the official link:

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