Top Tips To Keep Away Diabetes!

Diabetes is no different from cancer!

I do not want to scare people off but it is true. Cancer hasn’t found a cure, so hasn’t diabetes!

In case of diseases like cancer, diabetes, obesity (officially a disease now), prevention is the only cure.

You need to understand the repercussions of being diagnosed with diabetes.

The sort of restrictions that diabetes brings into your life are sickening to say the least.

The restrictions on eating your favourite food, on the timings of meals, on eating any sort of feel-good food.

God! If I am ever diagnosed with this dreadful disease I might go crazy!

It is better to have some restrictions in your lifestyle right now while you are diabetes-free than to let the diagnosis of diabetes rule your world.

We have compiled a list of top tips that will help you keep diabetes at bay –

Say ‘NO’ to White Refined Carbs

Carbs the source of daily energy. There is no reason you should eliminate carbs from your diet.

However, not all carbs are good.

Carbs come in two varieties – Good Carbs and Bad Carbs.

Let’s talk about the bad guys first.

Refined carbs like white polished rice, pasta of all sorts, white bread, french fries, bakery items like cakes and anything that is white and refined starch should be avoided.

These should be replaced by good carbs sources like brown rice, brown bread and non-refined carbs.

Refined carbs are not just bad for you because they might give you diabetes, but there is a host of excuses to avoid white refined carbs completely.

They make you gain weight, inducing obesity. With obesity, the risks of diabetes, heart diseases and other critical diseases increase.

Eat lesser quantities and more number of meals

This is critical.

Eating lesser quantities and more number of meals ensures that your sugar levels never spike and your insulin levels are constant as well.

This is a habit that comes from practice.

If you are having only three large meals a day try making it four, then 5, then 6.

Ideally, you should have 7-8 small meals and all of them should be balanced in term of nutrients.

A meal shouldn’t be only carbs, or only protein. It must have all – carbs, fats, proteins, vitamins and micro nutrients.

Practice this as much as possible and see this do wonders to your overall health.

Work Out For Your Sake!

Let us give you a HUGE reason to get your behind off that couch and work out a bit.

As cliched as it may sound – at least 30-45 minutes of workout is a necessary activity for every individual.

The reason is simple! We have evolved too quickly!

The problem back during the stone age was the availability of food was a big issue.

A game was rare and legumes and roots were boring. So man used to hog on food before the game became stale and this is the reason why adipose tissue developed in man.

We started storing energy and as hunters and gatherers our ancestors needed this energy.

Why this is problematic today is because food is easily available and the passiveness of human life is simply not in accord with this.

We have a developed adipose tissue that stores energy in form of fat.

We need to use this energy in some way or the other so that we keep burning this fat.

If we don’t, we accumulate fat quickly over time and become obese!

The lifestyle of an average individual is vastly different from that of our ancestors and to bridge this gap a physical workout is must on a daily basis!

So workout! Stop being a couch potato!

Eat Green Bitter Vegetables

I won’t lie!

I had a pukeish feeling while writing the heading.

But, this is how it is! Green Bitter Vegetables are helpful in keeping not only diabetes but also iron-deficiency at bay.

You must eat a portion of green bitter vegetables every alternate day, if not every day.

I know this is just saddening but come on! Tell me what’s worse –

Eating a portion of green veggies every day or being diagnosed by diabetes and thence never able to eat your favourite foods?

I guess we both know the answer to this. Moving on..

A High Fiber Diet

Fiber is an essential component of your diet.

It is not only responsible for inducing a smooth bowel movement but also makes you healthy overall!

Having a high fiber is the solution to so many problems related to health.

No Trans Fats, Please!

Trans Fats are the bad types of fats.

They never leave your body and clog your arteries.

Eating trans fats is as good as inviting a host of diseases to invade your immune system.

Trans Fats are simply disastrous for you and you should avoid them.

I have listed a few foods that are rich in trans fats and you would have done a good job if you stopped eating this –

  • Biscuits,
  • Donuts,
  • Margarine,
  • Cakes,
  • Frosting on sweets,
  • Fried Junk Food.

Avoid these foods and similar ones.

Before you eat anything fried, google for it’s nutritional value and eat it only and only if you see that they are devoid of trans fats!

Follow these tips and see yourself always keeping diabetes at a distance!

Stay Healthy!

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