Starvation Will Kill You!

Are you consumed by thoughts of losing weight all day long but are still unable to do anything substantial about it?

Or do you take baby steps every day and yet are unable to see results and want a quicker fix?

Do you believe that cutting out eating entirely is the best way to lose weight fast, since if you don’t eat you can’t gain weight?

A majority of the world population is in the same boat as you.

Most of the people today are unhappy about their weight, but are also impatient enough to not go for the traditional exercising and eating healthy routine since that takes time for results to manifest.

Instead, most of the people look for quick fixes such as crash diets, weight loss supplements, appetite suppressants, and in certain extreme cases, even starvation, as a means of quickly achieving a lower weight measurement on their weighing scales.

In the present article we are going to talk about starvation as a method of immediate weight loss that is increasingly being adopted by people of all ages for a quick weight loss regime.

More and more people are following this new fad while ignoring the medical threats and opinions against the same.

The General Views about the Starvation Method

The first advice about weight loss that any trained professional will give you is that weight loss begins when your daily intake of calories becomes lower than the number of calories that you burn every day.

This is common logical advice and is comprehensible to all.

However, most people are unable to stay motivated enough to stay away from their favourite fatty foods, or give up soon because they are unable to see manifest results within a week of workouts or diet controls.

Most people thus mistakenly believe that they will lose weight fast by some quick fix method and then be motivated enough to maintain it at the new level.

Starvation is the first thing that comes to mind when we talk about immediate weight loss and the reasoning behind this for any layman is this: he/she already has a lot of accumulated body fat which will be enough for the body to survive on for 4-5 days if not more.

In this period of time they will not eat any food whatsoever which will cause the body to burn the existing fat to provide enough energy.

Hence over an extended period of time the body will burn up most of the accumulated fat and these people will have consequently lost a lot of weight.

The Pros of a Starvation Diet

Not all is bad with this method since a lot of times fasting is prescribed as a cleansing method or to provide a little relief to the body or to ward off heat.

However, it does not prescribe complete stoppage of eating, but rather intermittent eating or no eating in certain windows of time. Following are some of the benefits of such a method –

  1. It is scientifically proven that intermittent starving, though doesn’t starve the body, but gives the impression to the cells that the body is somewhat starving which leads to the production of various anti stress hormones which benefits the body.
  1. It helps in disease prevention by elimination of junk food and other fatty acids or oil build-ups which lead to lower cholesterol.
  1. Intermittent fasting is also proven to have reduced the cognitive decline in diseases such as the Parkinson’s disease or the Alzheimer’s disease.

The Cons of a Starvation Diet

However, the above being said, a starvation diet is generally enormously harmful for the body and has a number of adverse effects on the functioning of the human body. Following are some of the ill effects of the starvation method of dieting –

  1. Even though one does rapidly lose weight by starvation, once the person starts eating normally again, the weight is immediately gained back, and then some more, since the starvation period hampers the metabolic process which becomes extremely slow and hence the food is not being broken down as effectively as it used to once and hence more weight is being gained.
  1. Lack of a nutritious diet and vital nutrients makes a person more susceptible to diseases and bodily malfunctions, leading to frequent headaches, nausea, and other problems.
  1. A short term starvation diet may have side effects such as irritability, decreased attention span, and fatigue. An extended starvation diet, on the other hand, may have more serious repercussions such as irregular menstrual cycles in women, alopecia, osteoporosis and nutrient or vitamin deficiencies such as rickets, anaemia and so on.


It can hence be effectively concluded that the ill effects of the starvation method far outweigh the benefits of it, both in terms of number as well as seriousness.

Anybody looking to lose weight should go in for the healthier options of diet controls and regular workouts rather than adopting such drastic measures that may permanently harm the body.

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