Spice Up Your Life – The many benefits of spices!

Variety is the spice of life!

Too cliched?

But cliches exist for a reason!

Again, too cliched?

Read the line above the one above! :D

Anyway! Spices is the elephant in the room and so let us trumpet, er, I mean talk about it!

In may cultures, especially Asian cultures, spices form the cornerstone of diet.

No no, they aren’t staples. But their absence sure renders the staples tasteless.

Spices are to them what cheese, mayo, bacon stripes, guacamole etc etc are to us!

For the same reason, they are, on an average, healthier than an average American.

We find these spices around us as well. But not all of them use it.

Most of them are a bit too pungent or strong for our taste buds, but not all.

You can perhaps skip the black pepper balls or the cloves if you hate spicy stuff, but the rest are worthy enough to be looked in to!

Let us have a look at them one by one –


Although known for it’s not so pleasant smell, garlic is an excellent herb.

The benefits of garlic are seriously astonishing to say the least!

The allacin in garlic contains a lot of medicinal properties.

A number of ancient civilizations have used garlic mainly for its medicinal properties.

Garlic contains zero calories, not that it is an item people gorge on but still a point worth mentioning.

Garlic has incredible amounts of minerals and micro-nutrients in it. Manganese, Vitamins B and C, Selenium are abundantly found in garlic.

Garlic also protects our bodies against commonly occurring diseases like cold, cough, flu and fevers.

Garlic helps in reducing blood pressure.

Not only this, garlic helps maintain heart health as well!

Garlic lowers the risk of heart diseases by suppressing the formation of cholesterol by providing good fats to our bodies.

What else? Garlic is an excellent source of anti-oxidants. Anti-oxidants, for those of you who do not know, slow down our aging process.

What more?

Garlic is good for athletes since it improves athletic performances. The consumption of garlic ensure that your body is regularly detoxing itself. Garlic acts as a catalyst in the detoxification of your body.

If you are healthy as a horse and feel that garlic is not a necessary part of your diet, you may as well have it for its superb taste.


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