Here’s All You Need To Know About The South Beach Diet

A lot of you must have heard about the South Beach Diet, if not you can read on to get to know and if it works. The South Beach Diet is a very popular commercial weight-loss diet. The South Beach Diet is like the celebrities of the low-carbohydrate scene. The South Beach Diet, focus on replacing bad carbohydrates with good carbohydrates and bad fats with good fats. The South Beach Diet is even called a modified low-carbohydrate diet.

The South Beach Diet unfolds in three phases. Each if these phase becomes progressively less restrictive. The diet is also lower in the carbohydrate and higher in protein and healthy fats than your typical eating plans. On the other hand the South Beach Diet is not a very strict low-carbohydrate diet, and you don’t have to have a count on the carbohydrates, fat grams, calories or anything else you intake. The South Beach Diet emphasizes on food that are loaded with fibers and nutrients. And with that the diet even promises to help you kick your craving, jump-start your weight loss and also keep off those unwanted extra pounds.

This three phase program is developed to help heart patients, lose weight and lower cholesterol. The key to this South Beach Diet is not just to lose weight quickly and getting health, but it’s to learn to choose the right carbohydrates and the right fats. In the diet plan you will eat three meals a day, plus two snacks and one high-protein dessert like creamy chocolate mousse or any kind of flan (it’s so good that we don’t have to give up our desserts!!). The diet lasts as long as you what it to, it all depends on your own weight loss goals.

Phase One consist for a two weeks, in which you are not allowed to eat potatoes, rice, bread, pasta, sugar, baked goods, fruits or consume alcohol. In these first two weeks itself, you can except to lose between 8-12 pounds. You have to focus on very small carbohydrate consumption. You can consume as many eggs you would like. You can even consume most cheese, sugar-free desserts and some types of nuts.

Below is a menu reference for you during your first phase of The South Beach Diet:

  • Breakfast: For breakfast you might have eggs, make an omelet or bake them. You can have a cup of tea or coffee with it.
  • Lunch: You can have a vegetable salad with fish or scallops.
  • Dinner: Dinner may consist of a small amount of pork with grilled vegetables or a fish and a salad.
  • Dessert: The best thing about this diet is that it encourages you to enjoy a dessert like creamy chocolate mousse, chilled espresso custard or a cheesecake.
  • Snacks: Snacks you can munch on during the day, such as roasted or boiled vegetables, fruits etc.

Phase Two consists of adding carbohydrates slowly and gradually. But even at this point of time it is still important that the weight loss counties. You can start eating fruits, some cereals, whole wheat bread, some starch, fiber baked goods and pasta, but in small proportions. The goal of this phase is that you continue to lose weight but not more that 2-3 pounds per week. It also emphasizes that you eat healthy desserts and snacks of all kinds (yes even dark chocolate!!). You can move on to the third and the last phase once you have reached you target weight loss goal.

Phase Three is when you reach your goal in terms of body weight. Carbohydrates can be added at the individual choice. This phase defines your diet for the longer period, which can also be throughout your life. In this phase you can eat whatever you want. There are no restrictions on what types of carbohydrates you what to consume. The only thing you have to keep a look out for is that you will not exceed the amount of carbohydrates limits. And that your aim is not to start gaining weight again. Here in this phase The South Beach Diet becomes a lifestyle.

To sum it up, there is no limit on the proportions you consume but the amount of carbohydrates intake. And to remind you all again you can lose around 8-12 pounds in the first two weeks. And there are a lot of people out there, who have made The South Beach Diet a lifestyle and so could you.

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