The Many Problems With Generic Diet Pills

Should you risk your health (wealth?) and with Diet Pills?

With tons of ads claiming to give you extraordinary results with little or no effort, Diet Pills have plagued the internet. The claims are so tempting that you end up thinking if you could just try it once, nothing to lose but weight, right?

Well, this uninformed decision might cause many health issues, and even serious ones at times.

Some diet pills work, but many are just cheap replicas of the “latest cutting edge” thingies which can leave you suffering. And even the good ones can cause nasty side effects, which they sure claim to be rare.

I might sound a bit more negative than I need to be, but let’s go through some of the problems you most likely will face with the use of diet pills for losing weight.

Types of Generic OTC Diet Pills

Most of the diet pills claim to help you lose lots of pounds in a short period of time without any changes to your lifestyle.

First of all, I’ll say that if it seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

The diet pills known as appetite suppressants claim to curb your appetite by manipulating your brain into thinking it is full and hence making you eat less amount of food.

Other diet pills will try and boost up your metabolism and increase the rate at which your body burns calories.

Yet others slow down the fat generation and storage in our body and make our body use up fat instead to generate energy.

These methods seem to be scientifically sound, but you might want to think about the fact that they are changing the way how our bodies naturally work.

Some of the ingredients that are commonly found in diet pills are Capsaicin (which is proven with studies), Niacin, Caffeine, Phentermine (which is one of the most popular), etc.

Capsaicin increases body temperature to make the body increase the rate of burning calories. But, Capsaicin, found in Chili peppers, can cause stomach burn. If taken in large amounts of over a large period of time, it has shown to have caused increased risk of stomach and liver cancer. Caffeine in pills can cause insomnia, nausea and vomiting.

The very famous Phentermine is a drug which has been classified as a potential drug abuse drug. It can cause sluggishness, heavy breathing, irregular sleep cycles, difficulty in thinking clearly and many such side effects. It was eventually banned, but some diet pills still use names similar to Phentermine to sell on the success of Phentermine.

Some diet pills act as fat blockers, diet pills with orlistat. They inhibit the breakdown of fat and the fat that is not ingested is pushed out of the body through bowel movement.

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This process can affect the natural absorption process of other vital nutrients and vitamins in the intestine. Hence, some diet pills prescribe vitamin supplements with their use. Glucomannan, another “natural and safe” ingredient, expands in your stomach to make you feel full, and hence acts as an appetite suppressor.

However, it can cause side effects like accumulation of gas and bloating, choking in the esophagus and intestinal damage.

More common side effects are headaches, stomach cramps, diarrhea, nervous and panic attacks, cysts in the intestines, hyper activity, insomnia, chest pain and the list goes on.

Also, it is not necessary that you achieve similar results as the people giving testimonies on the company’s website. With the diet pills business booming, more and more manufacturers are coming up with new pills in order to make money.

This results in your loss, both in health and money. Also, diet pills and weight loss drugs are costly, costing on an average $90 for a month’s supply! People who are obese and overweight and have difficulty in exercising can take the help of diet pills to make a transition to a healthy lifestyle, but it should always be under the guidance of your doctor.

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Taking all this into consideration, Diet pills don’t really seem to be worth the trust. I understand the urge to give into easy ways to lose that depressing weight.

However, what you need is will power, will power to change, to adopt a new life style and exercise daily. These simple and conventional steps will help you in the long run. Diet pills, can cause extraordinary changes in a short period of time, but when you stop using them, you will most likely regain your lost weight; that would be because you didn’t change your unhealthy lifestyle!

So, keep away from these easy but dangerous ways and work your way to a better you.

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