Plexus Slim Reviews BACKUP

Plexus Slim Reviews – Finally With A Scientific Approach!


This is Bonny here folks, reviewing the (in)famous “Pink Drink” today!

Circa 2014 – Just like you…

… I was googling for plexus slim reviews the day my usually creepy, but suddenly overly friendly neighbor landed on my door a fine Saturday morning.

Don’t ask me how, but looking at that big, weird smile on her face and I knew she was here to sell me something or ask me to do something maybe a survey? :|

Fortunately, I was already aware of the whole Plexus slim saga and when she pitched it to me with all the “benefits”, I already knew I was gonna say no, but still listened so as not to insult her.

Here’s a gist of how our Plexus conversation went:


Ok Erin, Plexus slim looks great and all, all your results look great, but tell me, what’s IN this plexus slim? The ingredients? What is it that makes people lose weight?


(somewhat taken aback as probably no one asked her that before)

It’s a proprietary blend of 100% natural ingredients.


Ok, but a blend of what? ‘Something’ must be in it right, not just sugar and salt?


(Uncomfortable laugh at my comment)

Well yeah, it has many different natural things

(note the unnaturally repeated mention of *natural* from here on!)

like natural green coffee beans extract, natural garcinia cambogia, natural stevia and many more.


Ok, I have heard about Garcinia and those coffee beans, but those things were never proven to work in studies and researches, they only spiked in popularity due to that Dr. Oz episode.


(Now clearly uncomfortable)

Umm… yeah… ok… well… you see it’s the blend that works, you know… plus since its all natural there are like no side effects.


Erin, forget side effects, tell me about the main effects. Even if let’s say, I do end up losing some weight, how long do I have to drink this? Forever?

Poor Erin…

She clearly didn’t know that I was not her normal


client. I look up researches when it comes to my body, and I am
VERY cautious pushing concoctions down my throat just because a profit making company says so.

So let’s review the Plexus Slim folks, and let’s slice it up Science style! ;)

I am going to keep it simple and write in a Q&A format so that you can scan and find for the write answer for any specific question you might have…

So here we go…

Plexus Slim Reviewed With 32 Q&A…

So here we go…

So what’s this plexus slim all about? My facebook wall is full of almost ‘magical’ plexus slim reviews and results! Is it really that one instant cure we all search for?

Plexus slim is a powder you mix with water, a blend of various ingredients (details below) created by Plexus Worldwide. The company is better known for its earning “opportunity” given to its members.

In short, it’s a MLM (multi level marketing), pyramid style selling machine.

You buy the products from their resellers (says ambassadors so they can feel good!) and they make money when you buy (repeatedly) from them.

No surprise 50% of Facebook is now riddled with Plexus rainbows!

Now, whether Plexus Slim works or not is the question, we look at it scientifically below.

How Does It Work? Scientifically? In Fact, Does It Even Work?

Plexus slim has 3 main ingredients claimed to help you lose weight.

  • Green Coffee Bean Extract
  • Garcinia Cambogia extract
  • Alpha lipoic acid
  • Of these, the only practically useful ingredient is the Alpha Lipoic acid, an antioxidant

    created by our body itself

    , with no external supplementation required.

    It “might” be useful if you are actually working out and putting a strain on your body, and then maybe you can use the extra dose.

    What about green coffee beans? Wasn’t it endorsed by Dr. Oz?

    Ahhh Dr. Oz…

    don’t even get me started on this guy!

    Unfortunately for America, Dr.

    Oz is the biggest quack

    in the medical world this generation has seen.

    Here’s a video

    of him being “scolded” by a magistrate!

    I have written a full detailed blog post on the

    dubious rise and fall of Green Coffee beans

    extract, you can go and have a read if you have the time.

    Short version:

    Nope, there is next to ZERO proof, and very, very sparse evidence that green coffee beans might help you lose weight. In fact, plain old green tea offers MANY more and proven benefits in the long run.


    What about grape seed extract? Isn’t it good for you?

    In the same way all fruits are good for you!

    Grape seed extract simply offers all the benefits of grapes, just that since it’s concentrated, it physically packs more punch per serving.

    Now, the good thing about them is yes, they are helpful for treating insulin resistance and switching back your insulin receptors, so that’s great news for diabetic people.

    But here’s the kicker…

    There are literally 10 other things you can do without buying expensive supplements to improve your insulin resistance, for e.g.:

  • Just eat more green veggies.
  • Resistance based workouts. (research)
  • Pickled foods, such as sauerkraut, or pickled ginger also boost insulin sensitivity.
  • Avoid vegetable oils and trans fats.
  • Eat oily fish.
  • And there are

    many more ways to do it


    What are the plexus slim ingredients? Is it proven to work?

    As seen in previous answers, the 3 main ingredients (others like beet extract or Stevia don’t count towards much) are:


    Green coffee beans

    – Dr. Oz endorsed, and it lacks much scientific evidence.


    Grape seed extract

    – has concentrated goodness of grapes, but then what fruit isn’t great? So this is just like having a Calcium pill, it’s good sure, but if you CAN drink milk and/or consume other sources of Calcium, why do you need the pill?


    Alpha Lipoic acid

    – an antioxidant made naturally in our body. This is actually the more useful of the three, and has been proven useful in Type 2 diabetes, and helps with neuropathy. But then, the question is why should you buy the Plexus Slim + Accelerator for $115/month, when you can simply have the antioxidant for less than $12 over

    here at Amazon

    . And that Amazon supply will last you 2 months!

    So then, if the ingredients are not proven to work for weight loss, how has it really worked for people? Or has it?

    Just like most weight loss ‘magic’ products, Plexus slim has its share of “before after” photos. While I won’t go in the authenticity of the photos themselves (remember the whole Calvin Klein photoshop episode), there’s no doubt that the only great results are claimed by those reselling the product.

    There are very few genuinely successful cases, and most of them also adhered to a good diet and workout regime, so it’s very difficult to say what really caused the fat loss.

    In my experience, if 9 out of 10 of us stuck to a good diet + exercise regime, you don’t need these extracts or supplements in the first place.

    So here’s the first time I say this:

    There is NO magic fat loss cure

    . None. Zero. No matter how enticing they make it sound.

    And you’ll see me repeat that several times here on!

    What if it does not work for me?

    They have a 60 days guarantee, and I assume they should hold true to it since they are quite a big company.

    But surprisingly, they do have issues with the product itself, as well as their return guarantee.

    I searched all over the web for genuine reports, and finally found this on the BBB’s website:

    bbb plexus slim

    Although they have 10 positive reviews, the almost double 19 negative reviews don’t speak that much about the company.

    Here’s a screenshot of some of the reviews…


    And here’s the overall customer recommendation for Plexus Slim…


    What is the price? Are there any bait-n-switch rebilling issues?

    Plexus slim with the Accelerator will push you back by $115 every month.

    That’s a big commitment every month.

    And the most frustrating part for me personally was when I wasn’t losing any weight, suddenly my ambassador started covering it up!

    She was like, ”

    Oh, you have to look at it more from a ‘health’ point of view and not just weight loss”…

    And I was like…

    “Hello, you never even said the word ‘health when you were selling it to me, you were like ‘Drink pink and shrink’!”

    Well, the only shrinking that did happen was my bank account!

    And yes, there’s weird bait and switch issue.

    My cousin’s wife had become an ambassador 2 years ago, and immediately wanted to cancel seeing the real ugly side of the company, guess what, she’s still being charged the $34/year fee!

    So, they make it extremely simple and easy to sign up, not so much when you wanna quit.

    Anyway, what this only means is be very, very careful when you decide to “auto ship”, it might become very difficult to cancel the whole thing later.

    Will it work for me without exercising? I can’t (for whatever reasons) exercise.

    This has become a joke for me now. I see at least 3 ads every day with new shakes, pills or other magic aids that promise weight and fat loss by “doing nothing but gulping our product”…

    Seriously folks?

    Just give it a minute to sink in.

    If you use even 1% of your brain, you will realize that no matter what ANYONE says, you will ONLY EVER lose weight is when there’s a deficit in your energy consumption. Simply meaning, when you spend more energy units than you can acquire, your body is automatically forced to use the energy resources that are available… aka, your fat stores.

    Now, you can “consume less” either by controlling you nutrition, aka, your diet.

    Or you can “spend more” by being very active and maybe incorporating a regular activity or workout in your weekly routine (exercise, swimming, running, sports, etc.)

    There’s NO THIRD SOLUTION with which you can change this equation.

    Anyone promising otherwise is simply selling you snake oil.

    And what makes us buy their shiny oil is

    our desperation

    . We have tried it all, haven’t we? Nothing works, right?

    Well… wrong, more later.

    I have problems with cravings, will plexus slim help with that?

    Curing cravings would have been still ok, but these guys are seriously creating false hope in extremely serious conditions.

    Apparently, Plexus Slim can cure almost any disease on Earth. I have heard of ambassadors saying Plexus can *cure* diabetes, hypertension, and… (shudders)… even ADHD!

    Seriously folks? Plexus slim can *cure* attention deficit hyperactivity disorder?

    With what… (big eyes)… … green coffee beans and grape seed extract!??

    Well, I think you can clearly guess the answer.

    I am not too obese, will this work?

    You want the short answer? Good.

    No, it won’t.

    The only thing that will make you fitter, lose that flab and get a good muscle tone is lifting some weights, or indulging in some sports and eating correctly. Period. Seriously.

    I am extremely obese, will this work for me?

    Sigh… I have to repeat here…

    No, it won’t.

    The only thing that will make you fitter, lose that flab and get a good muscle tone is lifting some weights, or indulging in some sports and eating correctly. Period. Seriously.

    I travel a lot, seldom cook at home, will this work for me?

    Can’t believe I have to say this the THIRD time now…

    The only thing that will make you fitter, lose that flab and get a good muscle tone is lifting some weights, or indulging in some sports and eating correctly.

    If you travel a lot, you can still do body weight exercises anywhere. And you


    find and eat healthy, nutritious foods at 8 out of 10 places in the country or any other decent country.

    Will this work post pregnancy? Can I also use during my pregnancy?

    You should talk to your Doctor before you gulp any man made thingies in your body, and more so if you are breast feeding (which I hope you are!)…

    But my honest take, don’t experiment. Your baby is much, MUCH too precious.

    I have tried weight watchers, nutrisystem meal delivery, some shady pills and many other things, nothing works on me, why would Plexus Slim work for me?

    It won’t, and that’s the beauty of this whole industry!


    the things you said you tried… what were they?

    Monthly memberships

    , right? Some form of monthly billing/continuation?

    That’s what makes these companies enter the “top 500” in the INC biggest, fastest growing companies!

    Oh yes, Plexus is in the top 500 (at 132) fastest growing companies

    according to INC

    , not surprising when *


    * of their customer has to shell out *

    at least*

    over a hundred bucks every single month.

    So to answer this question, no, it won’t work for you, and to be honest, Weight Watchers or even Nutrisystem are much less evil. Coz at least their solutions are based around logical things and not some fruit juices and seed extracts from a tree located 20000 miles somewhere in Africa!

    How fast will I lose weight?

    No one can tell you that. And those who try to, how do they? How can they?

    Your body chemistry, physical history, genetics, metabolism, weight, EVERYTHING about you is unique.

    How can, especially an “indoctrinated ambassador”, tell you how fast you’ll lose weight with some seed extracts and fruits?

    So forget

    “how fast you’ll lose weight”

    , the real question is – how long are you going to let them take your money every month?

    FINAL QUESTION: Should I buy this? Is it going to work? Is it worth it?

    The decision is totally up to you, but statistically it’s not going to work.

    The minimum amount of women who did see changes in their bodies were ALSO eating the right diet and indulging in some activity or workout… so… why not do THAT with dedication first!? It’s free! :)

    So here’s how you CAN and SHOULD lose weight naturally, without monthly subs, in 3 steps:

    1. Find a nutrition plan (not a diet) that does NOT have you counting calories. When you *have* to that, count calories, you are sure to fail. Instead find a nutrition plan that does not have you counting calories or portions. So yes, weight watchers, atkins, and all their siblings are out.
    2. Plan to expend more energy, more calories, with some/any activity, literally anything that’ll get your blood pumping. That can be anything you love, sports, running, jogging, literally hundreds of things. There’s bound to be ONE you might like.
    3. Finally, use supplements or shakes

      only when necessary

      . They are exactly that, ”


      “, to supplement what you are already doing. For e.g. the best supplement, without any doubt, that you can have is whey protein. The benefits outweigh the cost 10 to 1!

    So instead of spending 100+ bucks on this plexus slim concoction, spend it on

    this 10 pounder bag

    of Optimum Nutrition Whey!

    Not only will that big bag of whey protein benefit you 10 times more, it will last for months!


    … and How I Lost MY Weight Without Plexus Slim or any other ‘aids’…

    Here’s what I did last year that changed my life. Literally.

    And with no plexus slim or other gook.

    Plexus Slim User Reviews:

    Although I found like bazillion plexus slim reviews on Facebook, there are very few genuine ones by individual people or bloggers.

    I found this plexus slim review by Betty Hartley which actually led me to buy her nutrition program, and which eventually led me to lose 28 pounds last year.

    Then I found a lot of complaints on BBB’s site, here’s a screenshot of few:

    And there were also quite some disturbing reports on, check what this one out:

    When the product was not working for me or my customers, I asked for advice on what to do, but was met with indecisive avoidance. “Oh, well, I don’t have that happen, wow”, etc. Never could get a straight answer.

    Then it was all about “health” and weight loss was a bonus. That’s NOT how it was presented to me thus I was gravely mislead. The product CHANGED and the leaders knew it wasn’t working, but continued “cheerleading” their teams and the massive “cover up” began.

    Here was one more plexus slim review, specifically about their return policy:

    I gotthe product back about Nov 20th and I had a chance to take it a few time just recently and it really upsets my stomach so I called them to return the product and was told I only had like five days and that time has passed but then again when you buy the product you are told you have a 90 day return policy?

    And to get anyone on the phone was a hassle I was transferred to 7 different departments and talk to 7 different people and still not resolve I will make sure to tell everyone I know how I was treated and that product upset my stomach and I did not care for the taste either it tasted like I was drinking a bottle of splenda YUCK!!!!

    And this, below, was the most “animated” plexus review so far….

    People are


    experiencing amazing results! Out of at least 100 customers from me and my team, it worked for


    of them. It is advertised to “lose more weight faster than you ever thought possible”. It simply does not happen I don’t care WHAT they tell you!

    In addition, with a few of their other products there are claims to “help” or “may help” diseases such such as

    infertility, anxiety, bipolar, ADHD in children, fibromyalgia, neuropathy, and cancer

    to name a few. Can you say “deceptive”? How do these people sleep at night????

    I have no idea how they stay in business. This product is a waste of time and money! It does NOT work, period.

    And finally, the nail in the coffin was hit by the good o’l FDA themselves!

    Plexus worldwide received a warning letter for making unreasonable claims on their Fast Relief, Pro Bio 5 and Bio Cleanse products:

    Here’s a small gist of the warning… (addressed to Plexus worldwide)…

    Your Fast Relief, ProBio5 and BioCleanse are not generally recognized as safe and effective for the above referenced uses and, therefore, the products are “new drugs” under section 201(p) of the Act [21 U.S.C. § 321(p)]. New drugs may not be legally introduced or delivered for introduction into interstate commerce without prior approval from FDA, as described in section 505(a) of the Act [21 U.S.C. § 355(a)]; see also section 301(d) of the Act [21 U.S.C. § 331(d)]. The FDA approves a new drug on the basis of scientific data submitted by a drug sponsor to demonstrate that the drug is safe and effective.

    So those folks, are the REAL Plexus Slim reviews and experience by real users!


    I don’t care what those ambassadors claim, ultimately it comes down to 3 things:

    1) How long do you plan to spend over $115 every month?

    2) Is this a long term fix? Is it safe to be taken for the next 1, 5, or 10 years?

    3) There are countless concoctions out there with the same ingredients, IF they all really work, would obesity still be a problem in this country?

15 Comments on “Plexus Slim Reviews BACKUP”

  1. Carl

    I lost 30 pounds of visceral fat in 4 weeks. Plexus Slim reduces the amount of sugar you feel the need to consume, and replaces it with energy. Who wouldn’t want that. It would make more sense if you had actually tried it and it didn’t work; but you hadn’t. Of course, with any weight reducing supplement, you don’t lose weight unless you stop eating bad things. This wasn’t approved by the FDA because it is a healthy substance.

    1. Bonny

      I lost 30 pounds of visceral fat in 4 weeks.
      No, you did not. If you did, can you tell us where your planet lies? We’d like to order some kryptonite please…

      Plexus Slim reduces the amount of sugar you feel the need to consume, and replaces it with energy. Who wouldn’t want that.
      I had to get up and go outside to stop laughing! You reduce the urge to consume excess sugar by eating REAL FOODS, not by depending on a pink concoction!

      Of course, with any weight reducing supplement, you don’t lose weight unless you stop eating bad things.
      Ummm… why not then… do that in the first place!??

  2. Susan

    Thanks for debunking this! I was in 2 minds whether to go for the “pink drink”, but your review cleared it up for me!

    Can’t believe people are tripping over themselves to buy a concoction of herbs!

    I guess as long as you sell dreams, people will buy it!

  3. Jane

    Thank you for this detailed review. My young neighbor is selling this stuff, and I’m afraid she’s being duped.

  4. Cam

    I like to read people blogs on weight loss products to see if they have tried it and or scientific reviews to learn more because I am just a tad overweight & my bf is a protein loving gym addict, which I believe works 100 times better but I have many friends trying to sell/promote these products.

    This is the only article/blog that gives the truth!

    Dr. Oz… Sheesh no way haha I don’t even have anything to say about that.

    But thank you for giving your opinion… Which is truly the only thing that’ll work. Some of these things/products just have caffeine… Which is also easily obtainable without paying that amount of money. But overall just wanted to say thanks and hope that more people read this

  5. Smith

    I liked reading the article, I think it helps people make a more informed decision and know what they might be getting into, but I have a type 2 diabetic friend that woke up to blood sugar levels between 130 and 180 and she started taking plexus and did not change her diet at all or meds and she wakes up to her blood sugar level being 80. Her story is not an anomaly either.

    I talked to another friend who was bedbound with rheumatoid arthritis pain so bad and a ton of other diagnoses with doctors making mistakes and she got on plexus in a desperate situation and has literally seen her pain diminish and go away to where she can get out of her house now.

    I am still a skeptic and figuring it out, but the personal stories I’ve seen cannot be denied.

    How do you address these kinds of personal, true stories? You don’t. Your data is lacking, if you truly had no bias you would show the double blind studies where the candidates lost a ton more weight in 8 wks than the placebo. Not everyone can get out of bed and workout without serious pain or chomp on veggies and meal prep like you, some are really desperate.

    Be prepared to be held accountable for people who could have really benefited from Plexus that aren’t just like you.

    1. Bonny

      All that talk, and yet I don’t see the source of your so called “double blind study”. Give it to me, and I’ll publish it here. But… I am thinking I won’t see you again here, right?

  6. Cathy

    Thank you, thank you, THANK YOU for this! Spot on!
    A few years ago I was approached by a friend about trying this product. I was hesitant, but decided to give it a try. After 1 month I did see about a 7 lb weight loss…but like you said, I’m pretty sure I was just paying more attention to what I was eating.

    At that time I decided to sign up to be an Ambassador, I mean…wouldn’t you “want to earn your products for FREE!”? I’m not good at pushing products. Period.

    So, I was just ‘working’ for the discount. But once I hit month 2, I realized that the product was doing absolutely nothing for me. I was wasting my own money and trying to get my friends/family to waste their money on it too. I quit.

    My friend is still selling to this day. She’s got her family and tons of friends on the bandwagon. She has her before/after pictures showing amazing results, but what she fails to tell everyone is how she totally changed her diet and became a kickboxing junky all while spending over $300 a month on her and her families products.

    As soon as you speak a word about how the products do not work you are hit with all sorts of excuses “you haven’t given it enough time”, “this just shows how much candida you have in your body”, “You’re getting healthy from the inside out, this isn’t a quick fix!”

    All MLM companies are scams. Plan and simple. Plexus is no different. You can get much better, cheaper products to meet your needs at your local vitamin shop.

  7. Peggie

    Thank you for this blog. I found it very informative since my daughter-in-law sells these products and has been trying to get me to start them too. I’ve lost weight by using the South Beach Diet twice…once in my 50’s with great success and now in my 60’s with some success. The issues happen after stopping the SBD and going back to old habits and regaining the lost weight. PORTION control and exercise are the ONLY answers…not Pink snake oil. My daughter-in-law insists this stuff really works for EVERYTHING. To me, it’s just a waste of money every month and I have no intention of throwing my SS dollars away.

  8. Jade

    Pink junk don’t work. And I know a ambassador whom shows before and after pictures of her weight lost, she lost this weight before she ever tried this junk. She just making money off the poor soles buying this crap. Claiming plexus did it for her. This is frad.

  9. Namey

    Ok, so I became an “ambassador” for Plexus in April of 2017.

    The “new ” Plexus Slim came out soon thereafter and is now in place of the original one. Kept hearing “stay positive”, “don’t be a quitter”, “it is all about gut health”, “it is not a quick fix”, be consistent”, “wait and see just how much better you will feel in about a month or two”.

    Ummm, NOPE!!! NOBODY that is a PLEXUS AMBASSADOR wants to EVER hear ANYTHING that is negative about the company or the products!!! Isn’t that the very definition of being biased? I had started back working out at the gym in November of 2016. This was my first time back in 10 years.

    I was fine doing the workouts. I did them consistently. My diet? Still not as healthy as it should have been – nor is it now.

    Then, as is now, I still have cravings for many unhealthy consumables. Really wanted this to be the thing that helped me to be the best that I can be. Just not so. Cannot tell anyone above me my true feelings on this (because they constantly debunk any negative feedback).

    My only income is SS, so I have to budget for everything. This is a large chunk of money coming out every month.

    How much longer should I wait, if at all? And at this point, (past 60 days) should I even bother trying to get any monies refunded? (especially after reading the problems others have had with it)

  10. Shirley A Sansom

    Thank you for your time and this information .

    I actually have the Plexus page open and was considering it. The only people I hear positive results from are the ambassadors. I’ve seen several ambassadors in our community but they do not look any different (they claim they feel better) I hate pyramid companies.

    You have saved me several hundred dollars. Thank you!!!

    I posted on FB a questions. I WANT HONEST REPLIES FROM PLEXUS USERS NOT SELLERS. DID THE PRODUCT HELP YOU? all the positive comments are from people that have family members that sell and trying to hook me up and the others were negative comments . I feel better already!!

  11. Shana

    I have to agree with a previous poster… I would have loved to read your review if you had actually tryied the products to see for yourself if they work or not.

    I have been taking the TriPlex (the new slim, ProBio 5, and BioCleanse), along with the new VitalBiome for about a month and I feel amazing. I’m down two sizes and my mental health has improved. Could I have changed that on my own? Possibly, but I’ve struggled with it for nearly 25 years and I was at a point where I felt I had “tried it all.” You mention the carb cravings, I honestly craved sweets all hours of the day but since starting Plexus, I don’t anymore. I’m no doctor so I don’t know why that is, but it’s working for me.

    I’m a lot like you, I do a crazy ton of research before I jump into anything, I read positive reviews, I read critical reviews, I talked to friends who had done it and quit, and ones who were still doing it. The majority of the critical reviews were ones who hadn’t ever tried it… how can you give an honest review without trying it?

    I’m not claiming that Plexus is a miracle, but it’s working for me and I’m very thankful for that.

  12. Emily

    Thanks for this review! I was never on the fence about Plexus, always had an assumption that it was weird.

    But I wanted to give it a fair shot and at least look up some reviews before putting my foot down. I have SO MANY Facebook friends on this and Rodan+Fields now!! And, at the risk of sounding ignorant, every single one is a white, 20 or 30 something, middle class, stay at home mom/college student, female. Every. single. one. Yes, my social demographic of friends are exactly that, so my observation may be wildly misleading.

    And I understand if someone thinks it’s rude to point out.

    But I can’t get over the fact that EVERY one meets that criteria. I’ll stick to eating REAL food while getting REAL nutrients…!!!

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