Plexus Slim – The Pink Revolution? Let’s Find Out…

One of the most fought battles in this world is the war against obesity and the newest weapon in the arsenal of the people fighting their weight is the Plexus Slim, or the ‘pink drink’ as it is more commonly known. Plexus slim is the newest wonder drug on the block and has taken the world by storm on its introduction. However, after extensive usage and research, the verdict on the drug is generally unfavourable.

What is Plexus Slim?

The producers and makers of Plexus Slim market it to be a completely natural dietary supplement, which even though is in the same league as other potent chemical weight loss supplements, but is devoid of all of the harmful side effects that these chemicals can cause. In reality this would translate to meaning that one would start to shed pounds at a really fast rate without having to do much apart from taking this diet supplement, while maintaining a generally healthy and balanced diet. The product is meant to supply to the body valuable acids, anti-oxidants and fibre, all of which fortify body’s ability to burn fat. The product also acts as an appetite suppressant which gives one’s brain the impression that one’s stomach is full and hence one ends up eating less.

The Marketing Strategy and the ‘Scam’ Aspect

The Plexus Slim is not available at drugstores, and in fact is a multi-level marketing scheme wherein the product is supplied from the company to its distributors who then send these products to registered ambassadors and then these ambassadors sell the product to the final consumer. The ambassadors all receive a certain percentage as a commission based on the number of units of the product sold by them. Thus the general reviews found online or the mouth to mouth publicity of Plexus Slim is unreliable at best and biased at worst due to the fact that a lot of these glowing word of mouth reviews and unbelievable weight loss stories shared on the internet are coming from the ambassadors who are merely praising the product to boost sales and hence their own commission.

A segment of people are hence of the opinion that Plexus Slim is more of a scam, or a Ponzi money making scheme, rather than an actually effective weight loss supplement.

User Reviews and Ratings of the Product

According to a blog writer, Betty, the product does nothing whatsoever to help you lose weight, and instead causes various side effects such as fluttering heart, nausea, constant headache and nervousness. She also believes that since the product comes to about 100 odd dollars a month, it is way too expensive to experiment with and hence people should steer clear of it. In brief, she absolutely and vehemently advises the people against the product.[1]

Another reviewer by the name of Deana has in fact gone on record to say that instead of losing weight, she has actually gained 2 pounds from the consumption of Plexus Slim and now needs to work extra hard to shed off that additional 2 pounds of weight.

Another review on a website reads that Plexus Slim is full of ‘shady’ and unhealthy ingredients and has not been researched or tested by any independent third party apart from the company itself. The primary matter of concern is the excessive amount of chromium found in the product which is used to lower blood sugar, which also translates to greater energy loss and lethargy in addition to high metabolism and this trade-off, according to the reviewer, is a bad decision. Another bone that the reviewer has to pick is that even though the ingredients state the term natural flavours, they do not detail upon them which makes her a little suspicious of the same. [2]

Certain Side Effects that the People have Experienced –

  1. Intestinal and Digestive Problems
  2. Weight Gain (Yes! It is true)
  3. Swelling of Hands and Feet and Skin Irritations
  4. Chronic Lyme Disease
  5. Some people also report that the product has addictive tendencies and that they experience withdrawal symptoms when off it.

However, not all the reviews of the product are bad and some people claim to have lost huge amounts of body weight with the continued use of the product. One of the regular users of the product has termed it as her “little pink elixir” and claims to have lost about 17lbs of weight in a span of about 2 months only by taking the product and without any other extra effort on her part. She says that if the drink can do so much for her without any effort on her part, think of what the results could have been if she had coupled her intake of the drink with regular exercise or diets or other weight loss measures. A lot of the people in the comments section, however, have criticised her and called it either a fake review or alleged that she is an ambassador of plexus slim or it is a paid review or it is because she is also dealing in the products and wants to boost their sales to earn money for herself.

One of the biggest drawbacks of the company is that because of its sales structures almost all of the positive reviews of the product are disregarded as attempts by sellers to induce people to buy their product rather than general users actually sharing their true experiences. Thus there is a lot of negativity about the product due to its selling structure. The company thus needs to inspire greater confidence about itself amongst its target audience.


While the general reviews of the product as available on the internet are mostly success stories of how people lost from 40 pounds to 100 pounds in a matter of weeks and there are people all over who swear by the product, a few blogs and the comment sections of these blogs have a different story to tell, wherein the people have complained high and low about the product, even going to the extent of calling it toxic and recommending that people stop taking it immediately to ensure their health.

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