Why People are Coffee Crazy! Know the benefits of Coffee in this post…

There are at least 10 people in my life whose lives depend upon their morning coffee.

If you were to visit any of these friends of mine before they had their morning coffee, you are inviting trouble.

These people are so grumpy, sad (almost depressed) before their morning coffee. But once they take a sip out of their favourite coffee mug they evolve into sane, normal human beings.

Why does it happen?

The primary reason for this happening is psychological.

They have wired their brains in such a way that they feel they are incapable of any activity before that morning coffee.

For them coffee comes first. Before everything else.

Secondly, caffeine is sort of addictive. The more you drink, the more you desire.

Wait! Do not rule out coffee or caffeine yet! Most things about caffeine are written in a negative way almost every where, but not here.

Did I mention?

These 10 people are also among the most fittest friends of mine!

While all their fitness cannot be possible due to their coffee-drinking habit, but a large chunk of it certainly is!

The benefits of coffee are so so good that they cannot and should not be ignored.

So what are the benefits of Coffee?

Coffee, for starters contains a lot of caffeine. 40 mg every cup. That is a good healthy quantity of caffeine which is safe rather healthy to consume.

Drinking a cup of coffee will make all that accumulated lethargy in you go away. You will become active and work efficiently.

Coffee contains a lot of antioxidants. For those of who don’t know, antioxidants are one of the most neglected nutrients.

Your body i.e. your skin, tissues, cells everything is aging constantly. How?

Due to the reaction from oxygen! Oxygen is what keeps us alive, but it also makes us age.

The effects of oxygen can be reversed by anti-oxidants. Hence, they are very very crucial.

Now coffee is a stockhouse of antioxidants. Drinking more coffee means aging slowly.

Coffee helps in the development of memory power and consequently prevents dementia and related diseases like Alzehiemer’s.

So, if your kid is not performing well in his exams, giving him a cup of coffee to drink everyday might not be a bad idea.

Apart from these, coffee is a host of many other benefits. And you should not overlook them. Have plenty of coffee without overdoing it and you should live a good life.

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