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Although mainly based on perception, the farfetched public opinion regarding organic food clearly states that it is more nutritious than conventional food that we consume.

Environmental groups head the fast growing industry of organic food as their opposition towards pesticides and fertilizers is well known, so they promote organic foods in order to inculcate a healthy living standard among people.

Following are some noted benefits of organic food intake:

Reduction of pesticide consumption.

Considering environmentalism, the consumption of organic food is striking in contrast to various methods of consuming conventional foodstuffs. The normal farming method usually generates more pesticide related diseases than healthy, conventional foods and soil erosion is also the result of poor, conventional farming.

Pesticides are composed of various compounds such as organophosphorus’ to kill insects, and if consumed by humans it can cause developmental problems even as severe as autism. Here, the argument for organic food is strong.

No genetic modification

Unlike many conventional foods, organic foods cannot be grown or developed under the harmful product of genetically engineered seeds.

So, why are conventional foods genetically engineered?

Crops such as canola, soy, cotton et cetera are sprayed with heavy doses pesticides to protect them from insects. But, crops in the likes of the ones mentioned above cannot withhold the pesticides and is damaging to them, therefore they have to be genetically modified in order to withstand the chemicals sprayed on them. Organic foods are purely free of genetic modifications.

Rich in nutrients

As suggested by various studies in Europe, organic vegetables and fruits have 50% more antioxidants than conventional foods. According to scientists the more the antioxidants, the more risk cutting of cancer and heart diseases.

Organic foods also constitute minerals such as zinc and iron and other vital vitamins. People who consume organic foods have a better immune system, healthy sleeping habits and are physically fit as compared to conventional food consumers’. They are also better for fighting cancer.


A raw organic food diet is the most enriching diet that can be planned for infants and children.

An average baby has approximately 200 carcinogens and toxins in its body at the time of birth. By the time kids are about two years young, most of them are past the harm of the limit of toxins. Organic food consumption can reduce the amount of carcinogens in your child as low as 1/6 th in his/her blood, which directly kicks illness goodbye most of the time.


The animals that produce organic animal products are also raised organically, in order to maintain purity and procure natural organic foods. They are not grown with the help of animal byproducts, artificial hormones or antibiotics, unlike animals grown in the conventional fashion. Besides, the animals are given space in a natural environment so that they are closer to their habitat as it directly affects the quality of the byproduct.

No irradiation

Organic foods spoil faster than the produce from normal supermarkets for a healthy reason. They are not irradiated. Most conventional foods are irradiated, which extends their life but stunts its molecular structure which takes its life force out.

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