Sugars that won’t make you gain weight!

Is your flab coming in the way of you and your favourite sweets?


Do not fretyou are not alone! A lot of people are facing a predicament same like yours.

The problem is sugar- the sugar selling in the market to be specific. The sugar selling in the market is not only low on nutrition but also provides unwanted help in accumulating fat in your body.

These days, many natural sugars or sweeteners have arrived in the markets which are more nutritious than your present sugar. We have listed down a few for you.

Coconut Palm Sugar

This type of sugar is mainly derived from the coconut palm tree and is increasingly becoming the most widely accepted natural sugar substitute. It is more nutritious than sugar, apart from being lower on the glycemic index.

Coconut palm sugar

Coconut palm sugar is made from the sap of the coconut plant, which is essentially the sugary fluid circulating within the plant.

To extract this sap, a cut is made on the flower of the coconut palm and the liquid sap is collected into containers tied to the tree that keep collecting the sap dripping from the cuts.

This sap is then placed under heat until most of the water present in it has evaporated. The final product is the coconut palm sugar which looks like brown coloured granules.




· It has an extremely low glycemic index which means that it is broken down and absorbed slowly by the body thus avoiding sudden spikes in blood sugar and insulin levels.

· The fructose content of the sugar is low.

· This sugar is also extremely rich in nutrients, especially vitamin B.

· There is no major processing involved and hence the product is natural.

· Since it is a relatively new product to hit the market, it could be quiet costly.

· It is prone to adulteration by the makers and hence care needs to be exercised when buying the product.

Maple Syrup

Maple syrup is another very famous natural sweetener that is widely used by most health conscious people as an alternative to sugar. It is a 100% natural sweetener that experts claim to be more nutritious and healthy than sugar.

Maple syrup

Maple syrup is essentially made from the sugary fluid (sap) circulating within the maple trees. It has been native of North America and has been consumed there for centuries now. Over 80% of the world’s supply of maple syrup is currently produced in Canada.



· Does not cause a sudden spike in the blood sugar levels.

· Maple syrup is also a rich source of antioxidants.

· Maple syrup also contains manganese, zinc, calcium and iron.

· Maple syrup is about 2/3rds sucrose, and 100 grams of it contains about 67 grams of sugar. Thus it does not do much in terms of avoiding sugar.

· It still adds a lot of calories and even though its sugar content is lower than table sugar, it is still high enough to be in the dangerous zone.


Stevia is a sugar substitute which is derived from plants. It is mostly used by people who are trying to cut down on their calories consumption and hence need to lower their sugar intake.


The Japanese have been using stevia since the 1970s whereas the diabetics in Brazil use stevia to phase out sugar from their diets. This is because the glycosides in stevia are not absorbed by the body and they exit the body through urine.

· Needs to be used in extremely small quantities.

· Absolutely no calorie content.

· Its glycemic index is zero and hence it is great for all those people suffering from diabetes.

· Lowers the blood pressure.

· It could have certain disagreeable side effects such as numbness and nausea.

· It has a very pungent after taste which might not sit well with some consumers.

· It is not very handy to use in baking or cooking.


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