Nutrition Insanity is taking over the world!

Nutrition Insanity!

Nutrition Insanity – it’s absolutely everywhere, and it’s only growing more and more.

Every month there’s a new diet.

Every so often there’s a new “fad” in the nutrition industry and fitness world that’s promised to be the ultimate game-changer.

There’s a new villain to blame for all of your problems at any given time.

And, believe me, I’ve fallen for many fads and experimented with several diets/nutrition regimens as you saw in the previous chapter.

I’ve done nutrient timing, intermittent fasting, ate several small meals each day, counted every calorie I consumed, avoided eating past a certain time in the day, eliminated entire food groups, vegetarian, vegan, Paleo, and a host of other methods.

I wasted many years and experienced tons of frustration by searching for the “holy grail” nutrition approach and revolving my life around a set of rules that left me stressed, frustrated, and begging to regain my sanity.

Along the way, I encountered numerous so-call Villains.

The Villains

We’ve seen various foods and macro-nutrients get crucified over the years:

First it was fat – fat was evil. Then all carbohydrates. Then grains. Then fruits. Dairy, butter, whole eggs, etc, etc, etc

no gluten

I’m wondering what the next Villain will be. Any guesses?

And let’s not forget some other popular nutrition rules that can have a cult-like following:

Intermittent fasting, Eating several small meals throughout the day to “stoke the metabolic fire,” Not combining certain macronutrients (e.g. never combining fat with carbs), Paleo, Vegetarian and vegan

Raw vegan, Eating a certain diet based on your blood type

Not to mention all of the other “rules” and diets that show up each day.

How many different diets/nutrition methods have you tried in the past? How many changes and tweaks have you made to your eating patterns over the past few years? How many times have you thought, “This has got to be the answer!”?

And I’m willing to bet that you can find “research” and information to back up any theory. I guarantee you could do a quick Google search and find someone claiming something outrageous.

If you read enough of these reports, books, and various research articles, you’re left wondering, “Well, what in the world is even left to eat!?”

It’s a valid question.

We’re all left dazed and confused and at a loss for what the truth really is. There’s so much conflicting, contradicting information. And information is more accessible than ever thanks to the internet, so we just keep piling it on.

The result – paralysis by analysis.

We’re left frustrated, confused, and more lost than ever.

All we really want to know is, “How can I eat food I enjoy that makes me feel good, while improving my overall health and allowing me to build a physique I love and can maintain without unnecessary stress, frustration, and anxiety?”

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