Eating too many bagels and donuts will make you look like them!

A typical office goer in today’s world has absolutely no time to sit down and enjoy a wholesome breakfast each morning.

Running late because last night you pulled an all-nighter working at the office, or because the school bus did not come and hence you need to drop off your daughter to school, or because the boss has called in an early meeting.

In each of these scenarios, there is no time to cook breakfast, even something as quick as scrambled eggs or pancakes.

The easiest and the most commonly way is thus to drop into the nearest Dunkin Doughnuts or any of the stands and grab a bagel with a coffee and eat it in your car on the way to work.

Doughnuts on the other hand are increasingly becoming the preferred alternative to other, more elegant forms of desserts or even as snack items when those hunger pangs strike at non-meal hours.

More and more teenagers as well as adults are flocking to these doughnut joints whenever they have a craving for something sweet, or even as an accompaniment to the evening tea/coffee.

However, both of these items are unnecessary calories that have very little nutritional value but are high on carbs and fats. These hence need to be cut from our daily diets.


Doughnuts are labelled as “round moulds of calories” because of the high number of carbs and fats packed in its each bite.

Various toppings such as vanilla icing, blueberry jelly, chocolate éclairs, and strawberry piping, etc. make these doughnuts a visual treat as well as a flavour full eating experience.

However, they have numerous ill effects upon the body, as have been mentioned below –

  1. Dental Problems – most of the doughnuts have sticky and chewy topping which can remain stuck to the teeth and gums of the people causing germ attacks and cavities in the teeth. Since doughnuts are normally eaten as a morning and evening snack and people do not exactly brush after such meals there is a high possibility that the teeth become more susceptible to cavities or other dental problems.
  1. Weight Gain – it has been researched and recorded multiple times that doughnuts pack way too many calories. In fact, it has been said that a chocolate icing doughnut contains about 350 calories on an average. This means that even one chocolate doughnut a day, without constant exercising, can cause a person to put on one pound every 10 days (1lb = 3500 calories). That is a lot of extra weight gain for a world that is already battling obesity.
  1. Heart Problems and Ailments – Doughnuts are also considered extremely bad for the heart since they are fried products, which means that they contain huge amounts of trans and saturated fats. A doughnut in a day literally exhausts the entire quota of acceptable trans fats for the day and hence is a big contributor towards heart ailments.
  1. Increased Blood Sugar Levels – Doughnuts contain high amounts of sugar, even the plain ones. Choose one with a flavoured topping or glazing or cream and the number jumps even higher. A high intake of sugar can lead to erratic blood glucose levels, random energy surges or slumps, and so on. It poses a graver threat to people with diabetes or sugar problems since they already suffer from a sugar problem.


Often considered as a healthier breakfast option than most types of bread, the bagel can be equally disastrous for the body as well as the diet as a doughnut, if not more, if not consumed in a controlled or healthy way.

It has been noted that on an average a bagel has about 350 calories and 50-60gms of carbohydrates, which roughly equals to three to four slices of bread. If the bagel is topped with cream cheese or bacon, the calories count becomes significantly higher.

Following are some of the most well-known ill effects of bagels –

  1. High Calorie Count – on an average a bagel has around 300 calories, roughly the same as those in a doughnut. The calorie count of a donut depends on the type of bagel (plain, cinnamon, wheat, etc.), the topping (cream cheese, egg, bacon, etc.) and the size of the bagel. Because of the tastiness of the bagels, people consume them more out of taste than hunger requirement because of which the calories added by the meal become significantly higher.
  1. Unhealthy Toppings – another problem with the bagel is that most people prefer to have a heavy and tasty topping on their bagels, rather than eating them plain. These toppings are, more often than not, high on saturated fats and calories and make the bagel even unhealthier to eat.
  1. Low in Vitamins, Minerals and Fibers – Plain bagels are lacking in the nutrients department. Some other varieties, such as the ones with toppings or flavours may not be as bad, but mostly all of the variations are low on fiber, consequent of which the starch in the bread is quickly converted into sugar. This results in a ‘sugar rush’ of sorts which may provide the person with a burst of instant energy, but this energy phase is not lasting and dies down in moments, making the person hungry again. On the other hand, if a person had consumed a fiber rich food, he would have had the feeling of being full for a longer time and hence the calorie intake of that person is substantially lower.


To conclude, it can be effectively said that both bagels and doughnuts are bad for the health and general well-being of the people and effective substitutes need to be found that can act as quick fix breakfasts which suit the hurried life of the people, without compromising on their health.

The need of the hour is to gradually phase off these foods from our daily diets, and to replace them with better and healthier food options that are just as easy to make or get.

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