New Entrant For The Breakfast – Ezekiel Bread

Is The Ezekiel Bread The New Magic Wand?

Whenever I eat too much bread at breakfast it becomes a huge problem for me the next morning. ;)

Be it a white flour bread or wheat bread, they are very hard to digest. And then like a eureka moment I found about the wonderful Ezekiel Bread. In my opinion it is the best thing a person can inculcate in their daily breakfast menu, and especially for those who want to lose weight.

So, this Ezekiel Bread is also known as Biblical Bread due to mere fact that it is made from sprouted grains. To say it in a scientific and technical way those seeds or grains that are about to sprout or become plants are used to make Ezekiel Bread.

This bread has proven to be a boon for people suffering from Celiac Diseases, people looking to lose fat and slim down and even for those having gluten intolerance.

It does make us ask why it is great for people suffering from Celiac Diseases or for gluten intolerant people.

The primary reason is because while baking this bread, sprouted grains are used unlike germinated grains in the usual dough. The sprouted grains are easier to digest especially for people suffering from Celiac Disease and obese people (with lethargic guts). But this bread, as it is made from sprouted grains and seeds, is definitely not 100% gluten free.

The nutritional value of Ezekiel Bread for people who are not suffering from Celiac Diseases is still to be confirmed. But this is naturally an organic product which has many better results. The starch that is usually found in a sprouted grain is considered to be richer with vitamins, minerals and proteins. This helps in complete digestion.

This is also proven to be a boon for the vegetarians who are unable to get the level of proteins, zinc and iron in their vegetable diets. Ezekiel Bread includes Sodium, high quality Amino Acids (Proteins), Dietary Fiber and it’s loaded with good calories which are advantageous for your body.

Another advantage of being heavy on the minerals and calories is that it will help you stay full for a longer time, helping you avoid cravings. This is the main factor that it has taken the weight loss world by a storm.

ezekiel bread

Ezekiel Bread Nutritional Facts

The Nutritional Chart on the pack shows the following:

  • Approximately 80 calories
  • superior in proteins (at 4.0 grams)
  • just 75 mg of sodium
  • superior in dietary fiber (at 3.0 grams)

The normal loaf of bread has more of calories, sugar and fats and other complicated asserted ingredients that our body actually doesn’t require.

A person is supposed to be healthy only if the metabolism of the person is up to date. A healthy metabolism is the sign of having the ability to lose weight faster. This bread is little step towards that.

Ezekiel Bread is the good source to add more energy in the day. Those people suffering from gluten intolerance, they will experience a lot of energy and won’t feel tired. There is one more benefit – they will come across less bloating issues and gas problems.

The benefits of this bread have been discussed and proven for a long time. You can find many discussions over here, here and even on body building forums. And in fact, this bread is even available at Amazon!

So, it is definitely a better option to make this your daily breakfast bread instead of going for the ones loaded with white flour and no bran. It will give you a high amount of energy and the right amount of nutrients that an ideal breakfast meal should have.

As while making Ezekiel Bread, wheat is of course the main ingredient in the bread. There are different problems related to wheat too that a person should know irrespective of what kind of bread they are consuming.

The wheat in the bread causes trouble to the gluten intolerance people by giving them the digesting problems. Wheat has the fiber of burning the Vitamin D storage much faster. This does create the Vitamin D deficiency in a person.

Wheat in the bread also increases cholesterol and pushes one to the risk of heart diseases. The starch that was created by the sprouting of grains or seeds won’t be able to fight against the evil wheat.


To be honest, Ezekiel Bread is 99% better than other breads that contain all purpose flour, wheat flour and high about of sugar. It is bread that has ultimate nutrition.

Plus, it gives a vegetarian/vegan person a decent amount of proteins and fats. It is necessary to make a switch to such nutritional bread, because it has the right kick that everyone needs in the morning to wake their self up with the great amount of nutrition that is hidden in it.

After consuming this bread I have found myself being energetic all ways and my metabolism is getting faster and stronger. So welcome this new entrant with open arms, eat more of it, keep your cravings at bay, and ultimately help yourself towards the ideal body you want!