George Bernard Shaw said – There are two types or people in the world: people who are on a diet and people who want to be on a diet!

You will find dieters of every kind everywhere. There are dieters who swear by fruit juice diet and there are people who do GM diet every month. There are people who claim to know everything about diet and there are people who eat only diet foods.

Let’s meet some of the common type of dieters. Are you one of them?

Sprint Dieter

Weight loss is not a 100 metre sprint, it is a 42 km marathon.

Most of the people we meet are only running 100m sprints. They would diet for 3 days and then binge. Or they would eat healthy for the entire day and then hog on ice-cream in the night. Typical case of spoilt milk.

They would do salt diet and lose 2 kgs in 3 days. But what happens after that? As soon as you start eating normal food, weight comes back immediately, as salt diet makes you lose water weight. If you want to reduce salt intake, it is a great decision. But don’t eliminate it completely and do it for a longer duration as part of a lifestyle change. 3/7 days of diet doesn’t help anybody. It will only lead to temporary weight loss. And that’s why we also call them as -yo-yo” dieters.

People get unhappy when they lose 2 kgs a month. But Why? 2 kgs a month for a year, means 24 kgs!!! Is it less? You will use a completely different person with so much of weight loss! You did not gain weight in a month, so don’t try to lose it in a month!! -Slow and steady always wins the race”.

“Lean Fat” Dieter

My brother is a perfect example of “Lean Fat” (he is going to kill me for using this term for him). He is quite slim, but has a big tummy. And for his slim figure, he has unwanted flab everywhere. The reason why he looks slim is because he doesn’t have enough muscles. Hence, his weight is less. But at the same time he has excess fat, which reflects on his tummy! So, it is possible to be slim, yet fat!

The reason for this is twofold: lack of protein training and no strength gaining.

Lack of protein: Everyone needs to have a certain amount of protein in their daily diet, so don’t think those who want a sleek and only bodybuilders or figure should eat protein-rich food. Protein-rich food does a lot for you—it energizes your muscles, improves immunity, helps stabilize blood sugar and prevents you from experiencing hunger pangs. This gives you lean and toned muscles. Unfortunately, many people do not eat protein as part of their daily diet, so it’s no surprise that they Complain of flabbiness, fatigue and hunger pangs.

As explained earlier, doing too much cardio for Iona duration will lead to muscle loss. When you do any Workout, both cardio and strength training as both are equally important. Training is a must for building lean muscle mass.

Health Food Dieter

This is another very popular kind of dieter. These kinds of people would swear by diet low cal low fat food. They are the darlings of diet food companies. It is because of these people that diet food is such a big industry. You can sell anything to them as long as the label has the magical words “low fat’. But unfortunately, not many of these people ever get slim. The reason is that most of the so called health foods or low fat products available in the market actually make you fat. If they reduce oil, they add sugar. If they remove sugar, they add artificial sweeteners. These companies are interested in their profit, not in your health.

Read more about so called Health Foods in the chapter “Are health foods making you fitter or fatter?”

Sumo Wrestler Dieter

If you were training to be a Sumo wrestler, you would skip your breakfast, eat a lot of complex carbs every evening and go to bed soon after. Unfortunately, this regimen is usually followed by lot ofobese people too.

Another variant of this kind of dieter is “9 to 5 dieter!! These people eat less food from 9 am to 5 pm. They avoid breakfast, or eat light lunch. But as soon at the clock shows 5 pm, party time begins. Samosas, pani-puris, mirchi bhaji, vada-pav, you name it and they have it. And then the dinner is even a bigger party. Whereas it should be reverse.

Should he have no heavy food during am-5 pm and then elt pin (O h\ jOUSIY, it does not mean that you party durino pni-0 light food a fcr t sunset is one of the best secrets after 9pm). liaving to L,..00d health. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day ris it kick-starts your metabolism and tzives you energy for the entire day. If you do not eat breakfast. you will not see sustained wei,tht loss. Period.

I “Workout daily” Dieter

We get lot of client  who say “I cannot do diet. I am exercising more instead – And the moment they get out of the gym, they go eat a hot dog.

What they don’t know is that weight loss is 70% nutrition and 30% exercise. You can waste your 30 60 minutes of exercise by eating just one hot dog. Remember, exercise is 1 step forward, and poor diet is 2 steps backwards.

Have you ever wondered why gyms are called fitness centres and not weight loss centres?

Because they are mostly about exercise and exercise is all about fitness. It is impossible to lose weight just by exercising if your nutrition is not proper.

But “I work out daily” dieter doesn’t get it. They would eat all kinds of food and then complain that exercise is not helping them to lose weight. It was never meant to!!

If you want to lose weight, it is always advisable to focus both on exercise and food.

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