Are You Ready To Lose Weight With SkinnyBonny?

We Understand Your Struggle With Weight Loss…

Because we’ve been there too!

Even though you might feel alone, you are just like thousands of others that have been overwhelmed while struggling with weight loss.

As we age, we are slaves to our hormones and we continue to unknowingly do things that prevent our bodies from working efficiently. People have asked me how is this plan any different than any other diet plan? First, it is NOT a diet.

The word “diet” has a negative connotation in almost everyone’s mind. It means deprivation,willpower, and most times feeling like a failure.

Almost anyone can and has lost weight following calorie cutting plans.

BUT, have they kept it off? Rarely.

By eating the right foods, and adding muscle, once the weight is lost, it doesn’t come back. No deprivation.

Lots of healthy foods and the energy from them to work out in a manner that puts on muscle.

Other diet plans slow down your metabolism due to the loss of calories AND the loss of muscle from the diet. 100% of the reason this works is that it raises your metabolism if you follow the plan the way it is written.

Eat protein from lean sources that support muscle,workout every other day to put on muscle and burn calories and eat from the list with the carbs at the right times, and you will keep the weight off.

The Changes Necessary For Weight Loss

Up until now, you have relied on the media, your friends and maybe an article on weight loss here and there to inform you on how to get rid of unwanted extra pounds. We are overfed with the wrong foods, overweight, sedentary and undernourished.

Most people don’t know a carbohydrate from protein, let alone name healthy and vital fats. Can’t stop craving carbs?

Always feel hungry and tired? Looking for a piece of chocolate right now?

Even though all bodies are different, there are physiological things that happen in e very body. Unless you have some extremely rare medical condition, you will lose weight and put on muscle using this plan. This plan is based on scientific fact.

Your body does not need to be spending hours in the gym, risking injury or overuse. What it does
need is for one of the most powerful anti-aging hormones to be released.

The Science of Weight Loss

This is a growth hormone that is responsible for your body getting leaner due to the type of workouts that are in this plan. I promise you this is not like any fad or trend you have ever tried. It is not a diet. It does not have a name, it will not go out of style , and that is why you will be able to use if for the rest of your life. It is based on changing your metabolic system so that it works in your favor.

By the time you are done following this plan, eating the way I recommend, and using the body weight workouts, you will have lost weight. More importantly, you will have set your body up to continue to lose weight, AND keep it off.

This will become the lifestyle that you WILL succeed at.

In the fitness world where bodies are lean, strong and confident you would never believe how many calories these people eat.

They don’t possess a secret.

They have turned their bodies into machines.

They have put muscle on their frames, and eat to support that tissue.

That doesn’t mean hours upon hours of daily workouts either.

The most important part of this plan is that you will start to understand that you can eat a lot of food that supports weight loss and keeps you lean, energized and gives you the ability to build muscle.

OR, you can eat calories that only get stored, calories that make your systems sluggish, and calories that make you look bad. You have a choice, and this will help you make the right ones, at the right times.

Stop Doing This to Lose Weight

We are a society making ourselves fatter, sicker and more prone to obesity related diseases and disorders. We want quick fix weight loss but we eat quick fix dinners and junk food.

From chemical additives and preservatives, to soil that is contaminated, we continue to pollute our bodies making them unable to handle the excess. So what happens? We store it in the form of fat, have obesity related diseases and feel lethargic and miserable.

What we have gotten accustomed to eating on a regular basis is exactly why our bodies are behaving poorly. Our meat and dairy products are loaded with antibiotics and hormones, and we are living longer with more medication than ever.

Is that really living?

Is a nursing home an obvious stop for you in the future, or are you really taking measures to prevent that now?

Who will be taking care of you as you age, weak and riddled with illness?

Will you be able to afford the type of health care that you will need based on your lifestyle and health now?

Now is the time that matters. Now is when you are preparing your body for what it will feel like tomorrow.

How do we take control of our health and our lives with all of the confusing and controversial news that we hear. What is factual and who do we go to for information that isn’t a trend or fad?

Do you even discuss your nutrition plan or exercise plan with your family doctor?

All my doctor ever did was take a blood test and say “it’s normal” even when I felt miserable and knew something was wrong inside.

I used to wonder what doctors even knew about nutrition and changing body composition.

Eventually, I knew a few outside of the office on a personal level.

They were asking me how to lose weight and what to eat! They even subscribed to MY newsletter on health and wellness!

The diet industry is the largest growing industry in the world. Why?

Unfortunately because we are more obese than ever and we are overwhelmed with contradictions. Even though we feel horrible about our bodies, we rely on quick fixes and keep trying the wrong things to change.

With lies and mental triggers on T.V. tantalizing our emotions, we will spend almost any amount of money for that one quick fix that melts our fat away. If only that were true. It is said that one in four Americans eat fast food every day!

It is fast, it looks tasty, it is cheap, and it is killing us slowly.

Think it is too expensive to eat healthy? You can pay to stay healthy now, or pay for medication and hospitalization later. It is possible at any age, at any level to take back control of your health and wellness, not to mention one of the most important factors in life…your happiness!

Finally, you have something that is easy to stick to with, with results that last.

When you have tried things that don’t work on your own, hopefully you look for answers that show proven results. After years in the field, and with countless clients as examples, I have used this plan with great results.

This is a task oriented plan that gives you some insight into how certain foods affect your body. It is based on raising your energy levels first.

The combination of the energizing foods and the workouts is how your body will start to function the way you need it to so that you can drop the pounds.

This weight loss plan works by raising your metabolism so that the fat doesn’t come back once it is lost, as long as you keep eating from the grocery list, and following the short workouts.

You now have the plan that expensive personal trainers and nutrition coaches use. A new lease on how you look, and more importantly how you feel. Now all you have to do is take action, and follow the daily steps to success!

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