How To Lose Weight Post Pregnancy?

If you are like me, then you have probably spent most of your post pregnancy life trying to find a good diet program or working out for hours at the gym without much success.

We cut out sugar and fat from our diets only to discover our efforts are just making the problems worse. Dieting tricks our bodies into thinking they are starving and then the body begins to store even more fat.

The perfect bulletproof diet is often touted as simply another diet fad but it is less of a diet and more of a lifestyle choice. The bulletproof diet can be used effectively for weight loss, especially after a pregnancy, but its benefits go far beyond weight loss.

The concept for the bulletproof diet is based on Dave Asprey’s attempts to track, or “hack” his own biology to discover what foods and drinks benefitted his body and mind the most.

From his personal research in biochemistry and human performance he developed the bulletproof diet.

The bulletproof diet is very similar to the Paleo or caveman diet. It focuses on eating natural foods that provide good fuel for your body and mind and eliminating foods that he terms “toxic”.

Many people who follow this lifestyle of eating enjoy improved health including lower cholesterol and triglycerides, less inflammation, better physical energy, improved focus and concentration and weight loss.

Is this that “magic bullet” for weight loss? No. No diet in and of itself is a magic cure for losing weight and ugly belly fat. It takes more than diet alone.

The diet does help many people sustain healthier eating habits so they lose weight and feel better physically and mentally.

Great successes can only happen when someone takes action. Now is your chance to successfully lose weight and feel great. Take a step towards health and happiness by embracing a new way of eating.

Bite the bullet.

Learn what good nutrition means and how it can improve your life dramatically, from losing the weight you have gained in your pregnancy to improving your mental and physical health.

This page provides basic, obvious nutrition pointers to make your transition easy. It also includes tips to help you sustain your lifestyle changes.

Exactly how many women do you know who have been back in shape a few months after childbirth? And how did they manage it the right way?

These are two of the most common questions asked by hundreds of women on hundreds of forums every single day.

In fact, it is one of the most common questions asked inside the private community of the diet program, beyond diet.

You can find more about this nutrition program on my personal blog:

Let’s try to answer them as we think it will probably benefit our regular readers too…

If you have had someone in your family trying to lose weight after having a baby, you know how difficult it is. This kind of weight also needs to be managed carefully because some of it absolutely needs to stay in your body.

It is meant to give you some energy that will help you look after your child. Therefore no one expects you to trim down completely. You can have some fat in your body and still look nice.

The first thing you should focus on is your food. Food is 80% responsible for fat loss. It is natural to feel hungry for the first two months after your pregnancy due to the exertion of childbirth. Don’t restrict yourself here.

But a few minor changes will be really helpful. For instance, if you feel the urge to have some ice-cream, limit yourself to a couple of scoops instead of trying to eat the whole pack which you anyway cannot.

Eating often is more effective than trying to gobble everything in one sitting. Many women may feel totally exhausted and find sleep more comforting than food.

This is equally important in losing weight. The body can recover only if it gets enough rest. And then you can think about weight loss.

Always remember than quick weight loss in this case is the worst thing you could think of. For other people the consequences may be plain fatigue but as the mother of a new born, it could be fatal for you.

The safest thing for you is to take enough time to lose that weight. Go slow, no one expects you to be back in shape in a few weeks.

The slower, the better; always.

Remember, it’s not the one full day of exercise that makes much difference, it’s more of what you do every day, for many, many days that decides if you will really get back in shape.

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