All About Lipozene: A Detailed Review


It is difficult to keep up with the world when there’s some much to do… You have to handle work, family and then lastly your body, all at the same time. Sometimes, the tedious routine gets to you in the worst ways possible and your health and self-image is compromised.

We ignore ourselves a lot more than we should. Have you also been avoiding mirrors these days? A lot of us are!

These are the times when the world of dietary supplements and dieting pills looks very, very lucrative to us. We jump on the claims of a late-night infomercial that promise fat loss accompanied by significant weight loss in just a few weeks’ time and sometimes even days.

Lipozene is one such product in the dietary market that claims instant fat loss by the daily use of the pills.

How Does Lipozene work?

Lipozene contains a natural fiber called glucomannan. Glucomannan is a fiber acquired from the konjac plant which is usually found in Asia. The Chinese and Japanese have been very generous with the use of glucomannan for purposes like skin care to thickening agent.

Glucomannan is a soluble fiber which means that it does not leave our system the same way it was ingested. It absorbs a lot of water in our stomach and thus, reduces our appetite. Glucomannan basically forms a paste in our stomach that occupies a considerable portion of the stomach leading to a fuller feeling and reducing ingestion in general.

Lipozene commercials also claim that Lipozene reduces cholesterol and obesity-related problems. However, no such direct proofs are available on these claims.

If you are planning to try Lipozene for weight loss, you have to consider that whatever dosage the commercials suggest (up to 6 pills a day), you cannot be hasty with the decisions regarding your health. If you just want to drop a few pounds, 1 pill a day with a large glass of water before meal is enough.

You will get faster results if you combine it with a good diet and exercise regime. However, if your journey is a long one and it is Lipozene that you choose, 2-3 pills a day with a lot of water and a healthy diet would be a good start. Combining exercise is what is strongly recommended for those with severe health and obesity issues.

Remember that Glucomannan works in the same way as other soluble fibers do. The same results can be achieved by those fibers like oat bran and apples. Fibers can be compared to a sponge that soak up all the water in your stomach and expand to make you feel fuller. The only upside is that Glucomannan is way stronger than the other alternatives. It is known to expand up to 17 percent of its original size.

Side effects of Lipozene

Anything that promises instant results comes with its share of side effects. While considering the negative effects of Lipozene, we need to understand that it is Lipozene and not plain Glucomannan that you are going to consume. Therefore, it’s not just the natural fiber that you are dealing with but a whole lot of other ingredients too.

The side effects of Lipozene are similar to that of over-consumption of fiber like gastritis, bloating, diarrhea etc. which doesn’t seem like a huge gamble when it comes to consuming diet pills. But there are other major side effects of Lipozene that will make you think twice.

Glucomannan can create a serious problem of swallowing for those with problems of the esophagus. It happens because of Glucomannan’s water absorbing qualities. Glucomannan expands in size and thus can make it difficult to gulp or swallow.

There can also be allergic reactions to Lipozene considering that it includes multiple components. Another major negative effect could be the fluctuations in blood sugar levels of the user. Those who have diabetes are strongly recommended to consult a doctor before commencing the use of Lipozene. The chances of severe diarrhea and abdominal pain are also to be considered.

It is always suggested to go for a proper diet and exercise for weight loss. However, if diet pills seem like the last resort due to routine commitments or other issues, doing so with proper consultation and combining it with at least light exercise would go a long way. Lipozene with all its properties seems like a good option for those who turn to the dietary supplements market.


Instead of going the “quick fix” route, I encourage you to read my detailed Lipozene review, which will not only give you a lot of alternative to this product, but it also documents my own experiences while using the thing.

Though the medical and health industry have progressed more than any other sector in the last couple of decades, unfortunately the sensitive issue of weight management has still not been resolved. There is unfortunately, no product that can instantly give results while being safe.

I request all my readers to do their diligence before purchasing any such products that promise you instant results.

Maybe tomorrow (hypothetical tomorrow!), there might be really a product that you use and instantly get back in shape. But until that becomes a reality, it’s safer to stick to what has worked for years, correcting your eating habits and exercising. There’s never an alternative to that, and will never be.

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