Lipozene… What are laxatives and do they help with weight loss?

Laxatives To Lose Weight? Seriously?


Laxative abuse in order to lose weight is not a new thing. This has been studied for almost 5 decades now. But one thing that has failed is results. There have been no conclusive results showing that products such as Lipozene really help to lose weight or not.


These days, what with the advent of the digital world, people are resorting to extremes measures to lose weight and achieve the unrealistic standards of beauty set by the entertainment industry.


Such kind of abuse is only one example of ridiculous and potentially harmful measures that people are considering now a days in order to shape up, or rather shape down. On this website, we will explore how exactly laxatives play a role in losing weight and whether products such as Lipozene can assist in it and its repercussions, if any.


One of the many things that have always had a huge influence on our life is the entertainment business. People belonging to this industry are constantly scrutinized for their looks. Thus, these stars always have to put their best foot forward.


For attaining that picture perfect persona they undergo rigorous physical training along with numerous grooming sessions. But when we see them in the news or on the red carpet we never take into consideration that looking good is a part of their job and they get paid for it. Then they go about telling the world that products such as Lipozene is what they use and boom! The next thing you know Lipozene is flying off the shelves!


All we want is to look like them in whatever way it can be achieved. This has led to a popular culture of sorts, the size zero phenomena. And in order to achieve that “image”, malpractices such as the abusive use of diet pills such as Lipozene have gained extreme popularity.


Consumption of Lipozene pills surely sounds like an easy solution for losing weight. The principal ingredient in Lipozene is a natural substance called Glucomannan (found in roots of a plant called konjac). This stuff, Glucomannan is nothing but a type of fiber (found in many types of foods or drugs) which facilitates or increases bowel movement. Glucomannan has been used as an aid to lose weight for a long time now.


Other solutions are either stimulants, lubricants or saline solutions. Though fiber is traditionally they are used frequently for treating cases of constipation their use for weight loss is a definite health hazard.


Excessive consumption of Lipozene leads to frequent bowel movement and a false sense of being “cleansed”. This may lead to a quick weight loss but all the weight lost is water weight which is regained quickly after stopping the Lipozene cleanse.


What people fail to realize is they are also cleansing and depriving themselves of important nutrients and calories required for energy production and survival. This also affects the natural fat absorption upsetting the electrolyte level, which results into electrolyte disorder. The reduced electrolyte levels disturb the natural flux required for proper functioning of metabolic cycles leading to weakness.


Lipozene can cause severe cramps in stomach due to the constant contractions, these cramps may last up to a week and are extremely painful. Persistent nausea and vomiting are also observed as the fiber in Lipozene swells and upsets the lining of the stomach.


Due to constant motions heavy loss of water takes place leading to dehydration. Also, in certain cases rectal bleeding occurs due to abusive usage of the rectum. This loss in blood can lead to dizziness and even fainting. The vision gets blurry and the kidneys are at a great risk due to insufficient water.


On prolonged use of Lipozene, people have experienced muscle fatigue, becoming very irritated. This may lead to anxiety attacks or in very severe cases, a heart attack. The combined effects of Lipozene puts the body through many difficulties which cannot be overcome due to unavailability of important nutrients and most importantly water. Eventually this is bound to result in much more serious complications.


Even if used for a little while longer than traditional practices, diet pills such as Lipozene severely damage the intestinal lining leading to loss in the intestinal muscles to push undigested food out of the body.


Such use of Lipozene and other quick fix drugs and pills is very common in the United Stated and other developed countries, especially among youngsters which is the first tell tale sign of an eating disorder.


Coupled with purging, extreme or excessive exercising and restricted calorie intake people try to lose weight. Taking resort of such extremist practice indicate early signs of depression and hence appropriate care should be provided to these people. Immediate medical and psychological help should be sought.


Dealing with excess amount of weight can definitely be a very stressful way of living. When you are under constant social pressure to lose the extra fat an lead a healthy life things can get pretty ugly. But, one must not forget that losing one’s life in order to lose a few extra pounds never has and never will be worth it.


I urge people not to fall prey to such dangerous diet fads and stick to the healthier ways. Though they take time to show results they don’t harm the body. Always remember our body is our temple, so treat it well and with the utmost respect.


Concluding, before you decide whether to really go for Lipozene or not, I highly recommend you to read my in-depth Lipozene review which will give you a crystal clear picture whether its right for you or not.


I will tell you my own experience in the review, show you case studies of people who have used it, and also tell you some other much less dangerous alternatives to this diet pill.

All in all, remember that products such as Lipozene can only thrive on “promises”, it is we consumers who should have enough knowledge to separate the scams from the real gems.


A start would be to read my review.


I will see you there.

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