Lipozene- Just Another Pill?

Lipozene is essentially a herbal supplement pill and is manufactured by the Obesity Research Institute.


It is claimed and advertised as a breakthrough in the weight loss products industry, and is said to show drastic weight loss drops of more than 20lbs just by consumption of the pill.

The primary constituent of Lipozene is glucomannan, which is a vegetable fiber synthesised from konjac plant root. This substance, when dissolved in water, creates a sort of ‘ingestible gel’ which on consumption gives one the feeling of being satiated.

Known Side Effects of Lipozene

There have been multiple side effects associated with the use of lipozene, the most widely known of them being difficulty in swallowing due to blockage of the oesophagus of certain people consuming the tablet.

The tablet is known to increase in size after absorbing water and hence may get stuck in the throat.

The tablet may prove to be especially dangerous to diabetics since its major constituent, Glucomannan, is known to cause changes in blood glucose levels, which can reduce the need for certain diabetic medications.  This may also lead to lowering blood sugar levels, which may prove fatal to diabetics.

Glucomannan is also a known laxative and is mostly given to patients suffering from constipation to induce motions. Extensive ingestion of glucomannan over an extended period of time may hence result in severe diarrhoea.

This effect may be reduced to an extent by increasing the fiber intake. Since lipozene is a plant based product there is also the chance that it may trigger an allergic reaction in some of the users, and hence should be used with caution.

Main Disadvantages of Lipozene

Even though the product has received generally glowing reviews from its users, the critics and experts have identified the following major disadvantages with the product. Following are some of the recorded findings –

  1. The official lipozene website lists no list of ingredients, which gives rise to suspicion that there is something to hide.
  2. It has also been noted that some of the ingredients of Lipozene may trigger allergic reactions in certain people.
  3. The official lipozene website also provides no customer opinions or experiences, not even positive ones.
  4. The website also does not shed any light on the company history of the product manufacturers.
  5. The product is known to cause nausea and constipation.

Customer Opinions and Reviews of Lipozene

The Amazon user reviews show a positive trend among the users, with most of them recommending the product and giving it glowing reviews. However, a few of them are a tad disappointed, either with the product, or the way it is being projected to the consumers, and hence have rated the product low on the site.

There is another website which lists the primary cause of distrust on the pill is the vague and suspicious University clinical trial as mentioned on the official websiteof the product. It states that on an average the participantslost 3.86 pounds of weight in the duration of about 8 weeks.

This study however was not based on the consumption of lipozene itself, but that of its main constituent, Glucomannan. This makes it a very unreliable study since the findings are not based on the final product.

The internet is regaled with numerous reviews of how people have lost 20 to 30 pounds just by consumption of the pills without having to make any significant changes in their daily routines.

The no exercise requirement or the subsistence of the diet even without a daily workout has proved to be the most attractive element of the pill, and has immensely added to its appeal.

The diet pill has thus gained a lot of followers who swear by it, and are ready to bear with the possibility of any adverse side effects as long as it fulfils its main promise of helping them lose weight fast. It has gained a lot of positive reviews on most public forums.

Most of the opposition to the pill is from the critics who feel that the negatives of the pill far outweigh its positives in terms of their gravity, and hence should not be neglected at any cost.

There are also a few others who believe that the biggest flaw of the pill is its exorbitant price. Since the pill essentially relies on Glucomannan for its weight loss tendencies, these people believe that it would be cheaper to buy this product over the counter for a portion of the price, and hence buying this product would only be a waste of money.

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