Kellogg Special K Diet – How Legit it really is?

The Special K Diet states that it can help you to lose up to 6 pounds in 14 days by consuming Special K products daily. The challenge is to substitute your daily breakfast and lunch with a Special K cereal or any other Special K product, plus a regular dinner. By strictly following this plan for two weeks you can drop one jeans size in just 14 days.

It may sound too good to be true, but it has worked in certain cases. The main reason why this diet works is that it substantially reduces your calorie intake as all their products are low in calorie and low in fat. The idea behind the framework of this diet is portion control. By controlling how much and what you eat, you can lose weight faster. It is a great plan for getting your appetite in control.

On the other hand, people have also reported zero results after following this diet. It may have resulted because this plan provides details about only the first two meals of the day. It gives no details about the size, content, or any nutritional information about the third meal. So if the dinner is loaded with calories and fat, the entire day’s diet goes futile.

Recommended foods for the Special K Diet plan:

The Special K Diet provides a range of Special K products for you to choose from for breakfast, lunch and snacks. Besides cereal, these products include protein bars, shakes and other drinks. Follow the serving size suggested on the label to get the best results. Here is an example of a daily meal plan for the diet:

  • Breakfast: One serving of any Special K Cereal with low-fat milk and fresh fruits
  • Lunch: One Special K Protein Meal Bar or the same as breakfast.
  • Snacks: Fresh fruits or vegetables, or any one of Special K snacks, bars or cereal.
  • Dinner: Any regular meal.

You can also visit the website for a variety of meal plan options as pick the one best suited for you.

Advantages of the Special K Diet:

  • They have ready made plans to tell you exactly what to eat along with the nutritional facts.
  • You can customize the meal plans to the one best suited for your schedule and taste.
  • They have a special tab to give you tips and recommendations that help you to keep going and stay motivated
  • The website tracks your progress and weight loss which helps you stay focused.

Disadvantages of the Special K Diet:

  • The meal plans take your weight and height into consideration, not your lifestyle and schedule.
  • The website does not take any physical exercises you did into consideration. So there is no way to determine how the exercises affected your weight loss.
  • It does not work as a long term plan.
  • The diet may leave you feeling hungry because of limited food options.
  • A diet plan should be interesting enough to make it easier to stick to it. A number of people who took the challenge quit due to boredom because of lack of food options.
  • After you stop consuming the Special K Products, the lost weight may be regained.

The Special K Diet is not viable as a long time option. It works best for short term goals. The Special K Challenge is best suited as a way of controlling your appetite and as a start of a healthy lifestyle.  There is no substitute to healthy eating and regular exercising. After following the diet, you should go for a healthy meal plan with daily exercises to stay fit and happy for a longer time.

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