Jenny Craig Program- Does It Work?

A Review Of The Jenny Craig Diet Meal Delivery Plans

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Jenny Craig Meal Delivery Plan System was established in the year 1983 by Jenny and Sid Craig. Based in Carlsbad, California, the company has centres all over the world and also provides online services.

They provide pre-packaged meals that help in portion control and are also low on calories and low on fat. This basically helps the person to lose weight without having to expend a lot of personal effort.

The main ideology behind the formation of this diet plan was that after a tiring day at work nobody wants to come home and have to prepare a meal according to certain specifications due to their weight loss requirements.

The plan thus provides readymade food made to order that fulfils all the dietary requirements for the weight loss needs and requires no personal effort from the side of the consumer.

The Jenny Craig approach is built on three basic tenets: food, body and mind.

The element of food focuses on healthy eating and portion control and also emphasizes on the moderation of the food items that you personally love.

The body element of the program focuses mainly on exercise workouts and overcoming barriers to physical activity.

Finally, the mind element of the program focuses on positive thinking and getting enough support to reach the weight loss goals.

Review of the Meal Delivery System

Before delving deep into the analysis of the meal delivery system’s performance and customer reviews, let us look at the basic pros and cons of the system.


  1. One on One interaction with counsellor
  2. Menu includes a variety of foods
  3. Trusted Brand in weight loss
  4. Convenience of pre-packaged meals
  5. None of the food groups are completely ignored
  6. Named #2 in the Best Commercial Diets by US News, 2011


  1. It could be a challenge to revert back to normal food from the company’s pre-packaged meals.
  2. The low calorie diet may be a little too strict for some people
  3. Weekly personal meetings may be inconvenient and difficult to keep
  4. Financial responsibility of pre-packaged meals may not be a long term healthy eating solution

User Reviews of Jenny Craig Weight Loss Program

The Jenny Craig weight loss program is considered to be a well-rounded one with adequate focus on both food and exercise. The presence of personal counsellors and the training and support provided as a part of the program make it all the more beneficial and easy to carry on with.

The program’s varied and pre-packaged meals and snacks offer the convenience of healthy eating in combination with a personalized plan that fits the lifestyle. Another enticing aspect of the program is that Jenny Craig offers support and information that educates you on how to cook healthy meals on your own.

Ms Ellen of Austin says she has had a wonderful experience with the Jenny Craig program. She lost 33lbs over a period of 5 months and could not have been happier with her results. She especially praised the consultants who were knowledgeable and eager to help. She is extremely happy with the fact that the meals are customizable and that the consultants are open to various combinations so that she does not have to compromise too much on money or personal convenience in order to achieve the desired results.

Mr RW of Winipeg also had a good experience with the diet meal delivery system. He has lost about 18 pounds in a span of 2 months and plans to carry on with the program. He also does not find the program too expensive considering the amount of money that is otherwise spent on buying junk food just for its convenience. He also believes that the personalised services and nutritional meals are totally worth the money spent.

Ms Melissa of Hampton absolutely swears by the program and has even defended it from being bashed on a public forum. According to her the program has numerous advantages. “The diet is easy to follow; the food tastes great and is satisfying” were her exact words. Although she believed that the program was expensive as compared to the other competitors in the market, but there was also a huge difference in the quality of the food in that according to her the food from most other programs was inedible. She was extremely happy with her results and recommends the program to anybody who seriously wants to drop those pounds.

However, not everybody has had a good experience with the program. There are multiple people who have had issues with the program and are doubting its healthiness or effectiveness. First on this list is Ms Patricia of Calgary. Her review says that Jenny Craig specialists misguided her in that they advised her to lose weight down to 145lbs whereas her doctor and personal nutritionist swear by the fact that her weight should never go below 150lbs. She was thus denied half her money back and the 10% reduction on food because she did not reach her weight goal, i.e. 145lbs.

Ms Lisa of Auburn also had a terrible experience with the weight loss giant. She was made to wait a long time to set up a call with her personal consultant and never got back to her regarding the same. It was after 2 months that she finally received a call back from the people at Jenny Craig but she was charged $39 for the two months even though absolutely no services had been provided. She thus had a very bad experience in the beginning of the program itself and did not bother to go forward with the diet.

Ms Theresa of Brandenburg also had a similar bad experience where she had ordered the three day sample package to make sure she will be able to adapt to the food tastes. On the day that she was supposed to have received the food she waited all day and then called the company who told her the food had already been delivered whereas she had received no food. Ultimately she received no food and her money was not refunded.

On the whole, the diet sounds like a good idea and many people seem to have benefitted from it. However, the customer service does not seem to be too prompt and hence no generalised view about the diet can be given. However, all those people who manage to start the program have shown positive weight loss results, that is a sure fact.

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