How Diet Pills Work

How do Most Generic Diet Pills Work?

Effectiveness of diet pills has always been questioned. If it was that easy to lose weight why aren’t we? Diet pills such as Zantrex-3, Lipozene have been known to work at least for some people, for some time.

Generally, diet pills work in one of three ways; they suppress your appetite, increase metabolic rate or they reduce fat absorption from food. All of these pills however, must be supplemented with healthy food and enough exercise to actually get sizable results.

Pills that work by controlling fat absorption are by far the least effective. They inhibit the enzyme lipase in the gastrointestinal tract. This prevents absorption of fat but also fat soluble nutrients. So vitamin supplements become necessary.

These kinds of pills slow down and enable faster digestion which means food stays in the stomach for a short while.

Now don’t confuse this with eating faster, because the benefits of eating slower are already proved. The body is not given enough time to break down food properly and absorb anything from it. The second kind is the appetite suppressing kind of pills that work by altering chemicals in the body that indicate fullness.

These pills cause the release of chemical catecholamine that tells the brain you are full. This means you eat less thereby inducing weight loss. They also cause an increase in serotonin levels which improves your mood and makes you feel immediately satisfied. By controlling the food intake, slowly weight loss is achieved. There are herbal supplements and pills to achieve this.

The third kind of diet pill is the most commonly available in the market.

These pills increase our overall metabolic rate and cause us to burn more calories every day. They increase our heart rate which increases rate of calorie burn. Even if we maintain our usual diet, a small calorie deficit will be created and cause weight loss in the long run.

Many diet pills also contain different forms of caffeine in copious amounts. Caffeine is widely used to enable faster fat loss. Caffeine enables thermogenesis which is the process of increasing body heat. The body’s adipose tissue is targeted, increasing metabolism, and creating heat.

The same effect, but on a smaller level, can be achieved by including black coffee and green tea in our daily diet. Increased heat means increased fat loss. Caffeine also gives you increased energy so you don’t feel tired due to low calorie consumption. Another kind of diet pill is one that alters antioxidant activity in the body. But these work only if the obesity is due to stress. Antioxidants alter moods and help overcoming psychological reasons for binging.

All of these diet pills however become less effective with time.

Also each has its own set of minor as well as serious side effects. And usually the effects are not so dramatic that they are worth the health risks. But due to their rising popularity, we thought it right to inform you, our site visitors about the problems and dangers associated with such “quick fixes”.

One of the most recent and popular of such diet pills, the Zantrex-3 has been in the news for all sort of reasons. That is why we dedicated this blog and site to write everything we could find, sort of become the hub for any information regarding this product. With that said, you can find a very detailed review of the Zantrex-3 on our review page. The link is at the top of this page.

In the end, remember that quick fixes will never work for the long term. Diet pills or shakes are only best taken temporarily, when you are making changes to your diet, or starting some kind of workout. Once your body has settled to the new eating regime, you should immediately stop all such “foreign aids”.

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All the best and we wish you good judgment more than luck. ;)

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