Do You Understand ‘Healthy Eating’?

healthy-eatingA typical essay about nutrition and healthy eating would probably start by things like-

  1. How people today are becoming aware about their health and taking care of it.
  2. But the problem of Obesity seems to be rising
  3. How people, despite of their busy schedules should follow a fixed diet etc.

And these points would probably follow few diet patterns that people could follow or few tips on how we should avoid unhealthy oily food and revert to much healthier options like fresh fruits and green veggies.

But my perception is way different. I believe that if oily food and chips, burgers, pizzas, cola drinks, chocolates are available in this world, it is meant to be eaten and savoured.


I mean what’s the point of looking at all of it from a distance and never trying it. I guess, all the aforementioned statements may seem highly arbitrary to dieticians and nutritionists.

Also, this is a subject that can differ from different age groups and several people can hold several different arguments upon it. But let me state one thing.

A skinny person is not always a healthy person.


Many of us know about it, but as a girl, when I see my other girlfriends having that stunning skinny figure, I instantly look at mine and start judging myself upon it.

That immediately gets me thinking about my food and diet pattern and how much food I had consumed since morning, yesterday, the day before that and how I should instantly take some action and stop having Lays and pizzas from Dominos.

But then, just then, my friend asks me if I would like to have a little snack, and I am just two steps away from the canteen and how I instantly ruin my diet pattern in a few minutes.

That’s the thing with most of us. Either we get extremely conscious about our diets that we start starving ourselves or are anorexic or we eat till we feel guilty.  This is what I feel as a teenager now.

Hence, I strongly agree with the statement given on google which states that one should have the right amount of vitamins, carbohydrates, fats, vitamins and minerals and have the energy to sustain ourselves throughout the day and keep us feeling healthy and good and prevent us from falling sick every now and then. But even a lay man knows that the intake of these vitals elements differs from person to person and so does your diet. So there is no fixed diet.  And food varies in different countries. But there are few points that remain constant:

  1. What you eat on the inside is how you feel outside.
  2. Health requires healthy food.
  3. We should have a balanced diet. ( Mentioned in every Science textbook without fail)

To do so, our diet has to go hand in hand with exercise. Also, we must drink a lot of water (8 glasses of water to be precise). This actually works. These are probably the only two things I’ve started following and it is effective to some extent.

Eating healthy also means not eating any particular food in excess.

That means that you should not have too many potato chips just because they are your favorite and have an over dose of carbohydrates.

However some people do follow strict diet patterns like a ‘high protein diet’.

But as a normal person, without any compulsions, you should have try everything including fruits and vegetables and do regular exercise.

Also, by trying everything I also mean having chips, burgers and pizzas once in a while and not on everyday basis.

Once you incorporate everything in your diet ie- regular pulses, fruits, vegetables, fats etc. You will feel healthy. Also, by trying everything, one gets to know what his body requires and how it reacts to various elements.

This should be followed by exercise.I have repeated this again because I know that diet alone cannot do much.

Around 30 minutes of exercise which includes short runs along with a few stretch exercises can do wonders to your physical, mental and emotional well-being.

Also keep yourself hydrated and have water at regular intervals to keep yourself fresh.  A person, by themselves, can set their own diet patterns once they know how their body remains fit, which does not mean that you become super skinny, but you feel less lazy and more energetic. (Even a fat person can be healthy since body patterns differ.)

Also, cooking at home is a great advantage as it allows you to control what you eat, so your unhealthy can also become healthy at home since you control it.

So, eat healthy, exercise regularly, stay hydrated and stay fit.

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