Harmful healthy foods


“The only way to keep your health is to eat what you don’t want, drink what you don’t like, and do what you’d rather not.” ~Mark Twain

More often than not, it so happens that healthy food is pretty horrible to taste, while junk food appeals to our taste buds like nothing else. This is one of the main reasons why obesity is on a rise and almost everyone is threatened by high cholesterol or diabetes.

The threats posed by the consumption of such unhealthy food have forced more and more people to adopt a healthier lifestyle and switch over to more nutritional food.

However, most of the people in the hurry of their daily routines forget to read the fine print and fail to realise that not everything that has ‘healthy’ written on it will in fact be healthy.

Moreover, ‘excess of anything is bad’ is one of the most universally accepted truths. In the same way, overdose of healthy food may just end up killing you instead of saving your life!

Following are some of the ‘healthy foods’ that might not be as healthy as they seem:


1. Fruit Juices

A majority of the people believe that substituting soda for fruit juices is the healthiest thing to do. What they fail to realise is that a fruit juice is essentially what is left of the fruit when it has been drained of all vitamins and nutrients.


Packaged fruit juices mostly contain very little fruit and are high on artificial flavours and sugar. Even the real fruit juices are not a healthy option as most of the vitamins are removed while making the juice.

What remain are sugar, a few minerals and lots of water. A glass of orange juice contains the same amount of sugar as a glass of coca-cola. It does not have the goodness of fibres that you would gain by eating the real fruit.

In fact, fruit juices promote an unhealthy lifestyle. This is because people gulp them down in massive amounts due to the zero chewing resistance. Thus, a whole lot of sugar is consumed in a matter of few seconds.

So the next time you see a box of apple juice staring at you from the supermarket shelf, don’t assume it be the wholesomeness of apples but the glaring red sign of danger!


2. Whole Wheat

Whole wheat has a huge amount of gluten in it. It is scientifically proven that a majority of the world population is gluten sensitive.

Some people consume whole wheat saying that is healthier than refined wheat, but that’s like choosing to drink vodka over beer because it has less calories! They are both going to kill you anyway so you might as well drink neither!


The immune system of people who are sensitive to gluten will attack the gluten proteins present in the digestive tract. This may end up damaging the lining of the digestive tract. This may also cause pain, bloating, lethargy, stool inconsistency and other horrible side effects.

The findings of a particular study have shown that wheat fibre may cause a deficiency of Vitamin D.

Due to this, the body may burn up the stored important vitamins at a faster pace.

There is another study which has concluded that whole wheat can cause the LDL (a type of cholesterol) levels to rise by a massive 60%.

So the next time you see wheat when you are out shopping for groceries, keep walking till the end of the aisle until the wheat bags are out of sight!


3. Vegetable Oils

Whenever people talk about fatty foods, the first image to pop into one’s head is that of oil and fried foods. Naturally, when this whole wave of healthy eating started, the first item to be substituted in everyone’s kitchens was the cooking oil.

People switched to seed and vegetable oils, such as that of soybean, corn or cotton seed. What they fail to realise is that this oil is extracted from the seed through heavy industrial process.vegetable-oils

Here, there is a lot of use of toxic material such as bleaches, hexane and high temperatures. The oils created after such a process contains large amounts of Omega-6 fatty acids. Such fatty acids in small amounts are required by the body.

However, due to the introduction of these oils, their consumption has gone up tremendously. This can lead to inflammation and other chronic diseases.

These oils are then stored in the cellular membranes of the body and make them highly susceptible to oxidation. These oils also contain 0.56% to 4.2% trans fats which are highly toxic.

Not everything that looks healthy is in fact healthy. A lot of times it may so happen that what is healthy in small quantities may be lethal in heavy doses!
The next time you buy a product assuming it to be healthy, make sure that you have properly read the ingredients. Don’t blindly pick up a product just because it has “HEALTHY” written on it in bold letters.

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