Fitness Mistakes Are Fine. But You Must Not Repeat Them!

I was confused about how to achieve my fitness goals too, for a long while. My journey toward achieving the body I wanted started when I was in my teens. I was skinny but fat at the same time…little muscle but too much fat…not a good combination for impressing the young ladies!

So I spent days, weeks, months, and years slaving away in the gym unsuccessfully, trying the various exercise routines of my heroes…celebrities and the like.

The Realisation…

I later realized that the vast majority of routines followed by physique superstars and in the fitness magazines are either overkill or simply do not work for the regular person with a life!

After years of unsuccessful attempts, I eventually learned that there are simple principles of exercise and nutritional science that allow you to achieve your best physique possible, and I put them to work for me. I stopped hoping and dreaming and started making it happen. And the best part is it took very little of my time!

After a few years of proper exercise, I was able to pack on serious muscle and by my senior year in college I had gained over 3o pounds.

Yes, I had gained a lot of muscle to be sure, but I had also put on even more fat in the process. I then devoted more time learning the secrets to burning fat 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, while staying strong, defined and healthy…you know that ripped look that really shows off a fit body.

It was also at this time that I became increasingly interested in overall health and fitness, including cardiovascular conditioning.

I then spent the next few years helping interested friends, relatives and co-workers ignite their own fat burning furnaces. The satisfaction these people took in their new bodies was very rewarding for them and for me. Seeing those who once struggled with their physique goals exceed even my expectations was a sight to behold indeed.

It is for this reason that I decided it was time to put these strategies down on paper in one easy to follow blog series that now thousands of people all over the world have used to completely transform their bodies and their lives.

I will be revealing powerful techniques and secrets that will get you the body you know is inside of you and in only minutes per week…all you have to do is follow the simple guidelines contained with these powerful strategies! Sound good?

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