Fit Finally Foundation Review

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Does The Fit Finally “Foundation” Program Work?

[/cs_text][cs_text class=”mtm”]Ok, so it’s review time.

Today, we’ll review a very much overlooked habit based weight loss program called “Fit Finally Foundation”.

Fit Finally Foundation Review

Foundation is an online downloadable program created by the Denver based Fit Finally company, and is one among many of their weight loss programs.

Here’s how I got to know about it…

April 2016 and I had just stopped my Weight Watchers subscription. Not that it did not work, but all the points and calculations was not making life easy.

So with weight watchers done, I had now gone through most of the popular diets like Atkins, South Beach, Paleo, had been through calorie counting, using pills like Lipozene and Phentermine and even had my share of magic fixes like Plexus (oh plexus!), Advocare and Herbalife.

And even though I was never happy with my weight, the  most frustrating thing was  looking at all those before-after snaps on Instagram.

How did they do it? Seriously? Why aren’t 9 out of 10 women NOT able to do it?

From all the things I had tried, I knew one thing – there’s something missing from all these ‘solutions’.  There’s some missing link I’m not getting .

And Rhonda Byrne’s “secret” manifested itself in my life. ;)

At exactly the right time, I saw a link on one of my FB groups about this Fit Finally program that was not based on any diet, but rather on your daily habits.

I was intrigued. This was new.

I had seen couple of books on Kindle about habits and systems, but always thought of them from a “corporate training” kinda angle, never though that this might also apply to my weight.

Anyway, so fast forward 3 days, I purchased the Fit Finally Foundation only because they had a Paypal option (so my payment was safe, you never know!)…

Quite surprisingly, I was hooked on to the main guide the minute it read – “no diet advice in here”!

Like my readers know, I’ve had more than my share of diets and didn’t want yet another diet plan, so this was definitely a welcome change.[/cs_text][x_line class=”mbs” style=”border-top-width: 3px;”][cs_text class=”mtn”]

Inside the guide…

I got a total of three different resources.

The first one was the main Foundation guide, the second was its companion guide called “8 Brain Hacks For Weight Loss” and lastly, they also gave me a food based detox plan which was much more detailed than I expected it to be.

Without any doubt my favorite one was the main Foundation guide.

The Fit Finally Foundation guide walks you through everything wrong with the current weight loss industry focusing more on milking customers (like we don’t know that!) rather than giving any kind of true solution to our problem.

I totally agree with them on this, more than 3/4th of all weight loss infomercials are all about “losing X pounds in X days”, yet no one talks about what happens when we stop their magic widget!?

So this Foundation guide is rather focused on teaching you some  really good techniques on forming health and weight loss habits . I really loved couple of approaches in there, especially the daily ritual and the 1-minute formula.

What I didn’t like that much in this guide was, ironically, I could’ve used some diet related advice actually! :D

Not much to complain since I skipped the companion guide and moved straight to the diet cleanse plan.

This one’s a very good food detox plan. I mean really good.

A couple of years ago I tried a gut cleansing product (a powder) called “The Pipe Cleaner” (no really!) and since then have steered clear of any such Gobbledy goops…

That’s why I liked this Fit Finally Cleanse plan because it did NOT feature any such powders or stuff, and was rather about truly ‘cleaning’ and resting your insides by giving your digestive system a break.

The plan came with a handy shopping list, a calendar and the full 9 day recipes required for the cleanse.[/cs_text][x_line class=”mbs” style=”border-top-width: 3px;”][cs_text class=”mtn”]

My Results

So I purchased the program for $24.95 on April 10, 2016 and have been applying the habit principles in it for about 5 months now, and I have to say I am pretty pleased.

I started at about 208lb, and after deciding on some key habits, as of today, September 20, I have now lost a total of 26 pounds without trying any new diet. Happy, I sure am!

Update December 4: I sidetracked a bit and gained 4 pounds last month, but I’m back on track again and have lost 6 more pounds, making my total loss now an exact 32lb!

Update February 2: I am at 173lb now. Very much satisfied since I have been at this weight only once in my life after my graduation.

Also, after seeing this review, Betty asked me to upgrade to their Advanced program, which in retrospect I’m pretty surprised I missed for so many months!

So I have upgraded to her Advanced program and I must say I am blown away by the sheer depth of the content.

I now have the Eat 2 Lose nutrition plan, the “no-equipment” workout and the Fit Finally Cravings Control guide in front of me now! Positively overwhelmed!

Anyway, I am sure I am going to write another review on the Advanced program in the next few weeks, till then I’ll keep updating this post.[/cs_text][x_line class=”mbs” style=”border-top-width: 1px;”][cs_text class=”mtn”]


Do I recommend the Fit Finally Foundation program?
Wholeheartedly. Especially for those who’ve went through diets and workout fads, this is definitely a new, better approach to losing weight.

[x_icon type=”times-circle” style=”color:red;”] Cons:
All online, no physical books are sent. Not much of a con since I’ve completely converted to the “digital” world now. Another con is it takes time with this. So if you’re someone who wants to lose weight yesterday, you are better off looking for extreme workouts or some strict diets.

[x_icon type=”check-circle” style=”color:#7ad615;”] Pros: A new approach, never seen a habit based weight loss guide before. Works really well. Easy to maintain unlike fad diets. Includes a very effective food cleanse plan.

My rating:
[x_icon type=”star” style=”color:orangered”][x_icon type=”star” style=”color:orangered”][x_icon type=”star” style=”color:orangered”][x_icon type=”star” style=”color:orangered”][x_icon type=”star-half-empty” style=”color:orangered”]

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