Eat a lot of Fruits and Veggies

Fruits and veggies are the most staple foods ever.

But the ignorance they are facing in today’s world of fast foods saddens me.

Fruits and veggies deserve to be in your daily diets quite prominently since they are the healthiest.

In ancient times, raw fruits, veggies and meat were the only things man could eat until he invented fire. Then he could cook his food and our digestive systems developed with time.

But our diets never really changed. They remained the same – fruits, veggies, meat etc. What changed was the method of consuming them.

Then as we evolved more and more came the advent of salt, man realized that adding water to powdered grains gives you dough which when cooked gives you bread, mixing a couple or more ingredients will make for different dishes that could tickle our taste buds, the manners of dining etc etc.

While all these changes happened, the essence of our diets – fruits, veggies, meat – never changed even once.

But today, we are surrounded by options most of which fall under two broad categories – processed and natural or raw, prefer processed foods like corn flakes, pasta, bread, fruit juices, low fat foods and everything else that is junk.

This is one of the primary reasons more and more people are obese today.

They do not eat enough fruits and veggies. They want exotic stuff that is deteriorating their body’s health very slowly by not providing adequate nutrients like fruits and veggies.

Fruits and veggies can supply ALL possible nutrients in brilliant amounts. The only nutrient that they lack is protein which comes mainly from non-vegetarian foods.

The Benefits of Fruits and Veggies are –

Brilliant sources of fiber. The role of fiber is often undermined since it is not a nutrient per se but helps you get rid of food processed naturally by your body. This, fiber does by improving bowel movement.

A number of fruits and veggies are low in carb content. Carbs, as opposed to the general notion of fats, primarily induce weight gain in us.

Fruits and Veggies provide us with good fats. Fats are of two types – good and bad. The good fats actually promote weight loss as opposed to popular opinion that all fats are bad and instigate weight gain. The bad fats are however really bad and you should totally keep away from them.

All fruits and veggies have brilliant amounts of Vitamin C and some specific foods are rich in specific Vitamins. Examplia Gratia, carrots and papaya supply us with tremendous amounts of Vitamin A.

The list is endless.

What the point of this article is to take you back to where we started. Because the progress we are making in the culinary department is of little use to our health and does nothing more than excite our taste buds whose slaves we have become.

So go back to the food of the forefathers! Eat a lot of Fruits and Veggies and keep the other items to a bare minimum.

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