Diet, Diet, Diet! Does It *Really* Work To Lose Weight?

Dieting is the only game where you win when you lose”

– Karl Lagerfeld.

Your current body is the only body that can take you to your new body—so be kind to it.”

– Elaine Moran.

Say what you want, food is undeniably the first love of man.

Different cuisines, spices, sweets, flavors are like treat to our eyes and heaven to our taste buds. So, when somebody tells you “dieting”… I know exactly how you feel!

Dieting literally gives a feeling of mourning to many. It makes you feel like one of those patients who are constantly under some medical prescription.

Well, my lovely readers the good news is dieting can be interesting, delicious and even fun. What if I tell you that a diet plan that includes carbs, cheese, and spices in sufficient quantity can help you lose weight? Yes! Yes! People… this can actually happen!

What’s that! How ye ask? Alright, read on fellas…

Go Vegetarian – Go Slim

A recent clinical trial conducted in South Carolina shows that people who were on a 100% vegetarian diet lost weight much quicker than regular non vegetarian folks.

In the study, vegetarian’s lost approx. 17 lbs more than the non vegetarians who managed to lose about 7 lbs on an average. The semi vegetarians or vegans who occasionally ate fish and meat lost about 12-13 lbs.

A full vegetarian diet is high in fiber and low in glycaemic index (GI) this helps in weight loss. It keeps you full, gives you the required energy and keeps your curve in shape. You can eat as much as you want without being hungry.The Low Carbohydrate Effect

Some may argue that a low carbohydrates diet does not help you lose weight since it increases risks of various heart diseases and diabetes. Well, all you smart people, not all carbs are the same and it’s the quality/type of carbs that counts.
Low Carb Diet

In fact, studies have shown that people who eat more (high GI) carbohydrates have better insulin sensitivity, reduced risk of diabetes, heart diseases and are less likely to be overweight.

Right Types Of Oil

If you are on a diet make sure that you are a bit stingy with the usage of oil. Groundnut, Olive and Canola oils are low in bad saturated fats, they are good for all types of dishes, reduce the risk of heart disease and breast cancer. 3 -4 tablespoons of oil should be the maximum you should use for any food item.
Olive Oil Benifits

Food Habits Do Matter

Good habits like drinking plenty of water soups and juices, eating plenty of veggies (green vegetables), dal, salad, fruits always help. Make it a habit to eat every two to four hours in small proportions. Avoid binge eating (eating a lot at once) or long gaps between two meals.

Chewing your food helps in losing bad fat, so don’t gulp everything. Indulge in cheese, butter or fried stuff once in a month not every day. People who eat non vegetarian food can pamper themselves with their favorite delicacies once in every two weeks.
Healthy Salad

Know the right method: Exercise and dieting goes hand in hand. Dieting done in right way can do wonders to body. Never fall into the trap of Crash dieting, starving or 20 -25 days techniques for flat stomach. Such type of rigorous, wrong and unhealthy method of dieting may lead to prolonged hunger, Fatigue, irritability, fainting, dehydration or constipation.

Benefits of Dieting

Various types of diet are low fat diet, low carbohydrate diet, low calorie diet and very low calorie diet. Dieting significantly reduces ability of extra intake of food, Builds up patience and consistency in personality, Keeps you fresh till it is not excessive.

Make Your Food More Interesting

The best way to diet is to be consistent in what you are eating. Make your food interesting and tasty by adding different healthy flavors to eat.

For instance try wheat bread sandwich or fruit salad with ice cream, pasta with lots of veggies but cooked in low saturated fat oil, decorate your food with healthy toppings. Read good books by established health chefs and experts that teach you how to do that.


There’s no doubt that dieting works. It has been proven for decades. The real challenge is in finding a diet, or a diet program that not only suits your body, but one that you will actually love continuing!

Once you have a program that is in tune with your goals and is easy to follow, then the only thing that stands between you and fat loss is time.

So remember that dieting helps when you do it in the right way… so eat, enjoy and be consistent! That is the way of life!

Recommended books and online diet programs:

1) The beyond diet program

2) It starts with food – by Melissa Hartwig

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