Does IT Work?

it works

The It Works Body Wraps are a rage in the market these days and most of the people are flocking to buy the product. The company enjoyed a tremendous growth of 436% in the years 2011 to 2014, an unprecedented rate for them.

It has roughly 50,000 independent distributors the world over, and has become an overnight fad in the market of weight loss products. The official website of the product advertises it as a “contouring product that can tighten, tone, and firm any area of the body.”

Body wraps started off as a treatment wherein Ace bandages or plastic sheets were tightly wound around the body. This was believed to result in immediate weight loss due to vasodilation.

These body wrap techniques are prevalent even today, and are exploited by a lot of commercial fitness giants looking to make quick money or instant popularity.

The body wraps of today, however, have moved on to a different level altogether and now multiple other products are also used with it making it feel more like a spa and rejuvenation treatment rather than a weight loss mechanism.

The It Works Body Wraps are an effort to use these wraps for the thing they were essentially meant for, and that is weight loss.

These wraps aim at cutting down excess fat from the body, while also toning and firming the body to give it a better overall look.

How Do The IT Works Body Wraps Work?

The website of It Works says that it is essentially a “non-woven cloth wrap that has been infused with a powerful, botanically based formula to deliver maximum tightening, toning and firming” with respect to any and every area of the body.

Wraps are wound for around 45 minutes at a time. During the process the user is to lie down and try to minimise all sorts of movement to maximise effect of the treatment.

The It Works Body Wraps can be used on any part of the body, be it the stomach, the neck, or the butt. However, the biggest point of contention is that the website says it is a must to supplement the body wraps treatment with proper diet and lots of water.

The problem is that a proper diet and plenty of water will compulsorily result in weight loss over a period of time and hence the effectiveness of the body wraps in itself is a big question.

A Review Of The IT Works Body Wraps

The main point regarding the bod wraps as raised by most of the critics was the fact that even though the body wraps are proving to be great instruments for short term and immediate weight loss objectives, these are not for long term weight loss and the weight will be gained back immediately after a point of time.

However, a lot of the supporters of the product say that the product is an excellent way to get a big boost in starting the process of weight loss. According to these people, once the major part of the weight has been lost it is a big motivation to stay on the right track and hence constantly keep up the process of weight loss.

There are customers on amazon who have claimed that they have lost 2 to 2.5 inches and are extremely happy with the product. However, there are also those who claim to have been adversely effected by the product to an extent where they no longer want to use the product even though it is giving them good results weight loss wise.

One of the customers complained that he got a huge red rash on his stomach from continued usage of the product. He went on to say that even though he consulted multiple dermatologists and skin experts, he has unable to get rid of the scar for the pastyear and a half and has completely sworn off the product. According to this reviewer he would much rather not use the product even though it did help him tone his body.


The It Works Body Wraps are based on a fool proof technique that has been used to aid weight loss since historic times.

However, the present interpretation of this technique by It Works is not providing the desired results. With mixed reviews in the market and a few unhappy customers, the It Works Body Wraps fall short of perfection.

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