Why Diets Don’t Work? Or Do They? Let’s Find Out!

A lot of experts will say “diets don’t work“, and then put you on a diet!

Truth be told, diets do work…at least partially.

Let me explain.

There are all Ends of diets out there that cause weight loss. Low carb, low fat, low calorie. Grapefruit diet, lemonade diet, etc. I could go on.

Many of these diets will cause weight loss and sometimes quite rapidly. But we’re not after weight loss. I repeat…we’re not after weight loss, are we?

No we’re not. We’re after pure fat loss, something that can only be done if we raise our RMR (resting metabolic rate) long enough throughout each and every day.

This is done through proper exercise as we’ve already discovered, and through proper eating.

It cannot be done, however, when following 99% of the popular fad or crash diet plans out there. These diets often cause weight loss, not just from fat stores, but from muscle as well.

This crushes your RMR and makes it super easy to gain fat back once the person goes off of the diet…which will happen eventually.

I’m not making a bold statement when I say no one in the history of diets has ever stayed on a fad/crash diet for the rest of their lives.

This basically means that while you might lose weight initially, you are hampering your metabolism and just setting yourself up for fat regeneration once you come off the diet.

Plus, you’ll probably gain more fat than you had before because your body is less efficient at using calories with its not lower RMR.

And that, ladies and gentlemen, is why fad and crash diets don’t work.

So, no more super low carb, low fat or restrictive low calorie nonsense. No more timing your eating to the exact minute on the clock or obsessing over calorie counting.

No more meal points, shakes from a can, or cabbage soup eating plans.

Throw them all away!

Humans have been eating regular food for a long time, and we’ve managed to achieve healthy lean bodies without all of this junk before…and we can do it now.


It all starts with looking at nutrition from a much different angle than you’re probably used to hearing about.

The Calorie Reality And Micronutrient Miracle

Just about everything you eat or drink has calories.

We expend energy and burn calories in our bodies, and then need to eat more calories so we can sustain our bodyweight and energy level.

What happens when we eat more calories than we need to maintain our bodyweight?

We have a surplus of energy…or too many calories. Too many calories mean we are going to add fat weight to our bodies.

Pure and simple. And it doesn’t matter if the extra calories come from carbohydrates, proteins, or fats.

If eaten in excess, all of these nutrients will add fat mass to your body. Obviously not what we’re looking for!

This isn’t to say we should eat a miniscule amount of calories each day, because every time we eat we stimulate our metabolism through the thermic effect of food (the metabolic rate actually is stimulated every time we eat).

It’s just that we do need to keep an eye on how much we’re consuming.

Probably the biggest reason people have trouble controlling how many calories they eat has to do with everyone’s hyper-focusing on the macronutrients (carbs, protein, & fat), with little thought to the micronutrients that truly satisfy our urges.

I’m talking about the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to survive and perform optimally.

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