Why Does Dieting Fail?

It is impossible to count how many people have followed diets only to fail miserably!

And there is a good chance that you are one among them. Fret not! It perhaps wasn’t your fault after all!

People diet to lose weight that they have accumulated over months, years or even decades.

But they expect to lose it all or most within days and weeks?

What sort of logic is this! Not very good according to me.

Of course, it would be ridiculous to say that losing weight and gaining weight take exactly the same time!

This would just discourage people from dieting or taking care of themselves after damage has been done; apart from being untrue, of course.

Also, it isn’t an exact math. You do not have a calculator that will tell you how much time you it will take you to lose X pounds of weight.

Heck! Not even the best dietician can tell you that!

What you need is persistent effort in the right direction. Which brings us to what you don’t need!

Dieting Fail Reasons could be

Giving Up To Soon

See, like we said it is not an exact math, it is impossible to predict the amount of time it will take to get you back in shape.

But people fail to display patience and give up within days of starting their diets. Hence, their dieting fail.

But does it? May be it was on track, may be it was not a particularly good one. Who knows?

The mystery would have revealed itself if the dieter had given the diet sufficient time to do its job!

But no, people are fickle and impatient. They move from one weight loss reduction technique to the other so quickly.

So give a chance to your diet or whatever weight loss reduction technique you are employing to work. At least 3-4 months.

Which brings us to the next reason!

Efforts in the wrong direction

So what if you have employed a diet and your dieting fail to show results even after 3 months?

It was a wrong diet!

Diets are not ‘one-size-fits-all’ t-shirts. They need to be customized and altered as per the dieter, the targets of the dieter etc etc.

So, if you wish to embark on this tough journey of dieting, you need expert guidance.

Get you dietician to tell you what to eat when to eat how to eat for the next 3 months and trust me, you will have results either completely or partially!

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