Diet versus Exercise: Which is a better weapon to defeat weight gain?

Diet Versus Exercise, Who’s The King?

The eternal battle between what’s better, dieting or exercising has been going on for the last few decades, and it doesn’t look like it’s going to stop any time soon!

Usually when someone wants to stay fit or get back in shape, there are two choices one can opt for, going on a diet and the other is working out. In reality, diet and exercise, both play an important role in fitness and weight management.

For some folks, following a diet is easy and for some daily exercise suits well. Usually, the people who are more “sporty” type of personalities prefer doing daily exercises and workouts. For ones who do not or cannot engage in too much workouts most likely prefer going on a Diet.

But if you love eating and can’t resist eating all the goodies and sweets then Exercise can help you the most. Both Diet and Exercise have a plus point and negative points. Following a Diet Plan will benefit a person who is not obese. That’s where exercise can help. Following a diet and doing exercise and yoga will be more effective to lose weight than just alone Diet or Exercise.

Going back to which of the both is more effective it is on one itself of how much he wants to reduce the weight.

For example: Losing 3-5kgs by following a good diet program is easy than by let’s say, allotting the time for exercise in your busy schedule. On the other hand loosing 12-15kgs, you must follow a diet and also workout. Doing daily exercises helps to boost your stamina whereas, following a diet boosts your immunity.

Following a diet is easy and it more easy to lose weight as you can measure the intake of calories.

Cutting down the unnecessary snacks and junk food at a time is going to help you lose weight. Following a diet is much more easy and most simple solution to lose weight. But easier said than done.

If you can control your ice-cream urges and sweet cravings then you can follow a diet plan.

If you don’t have a heart to say NO to your sweets and junk foods, then you can always go for walks or run some laps and do some workouts. Now, no one is saying “don’t eat this or don’t eat that” over here, you just need to know your limits and follow accordingly.

Don’t over-eat and you’ll fine. If you crave chocolates, instead of eating a chocolate, drink a glass of water and eat a fruit, it will help you to satisfy your hunger and you calorie intake will be in check.

When following a nutrition plan, make sure you have week goals, treat yourself with a one scoop of ice-cream and no more extra. You can always make new healthy dishes rather than eating the same old salads or fruits and pulses.

While try to achieve your weekly goal. Keep in mind that you dieting not because someone told you to reduce you fats but for you body and for yourself and make a peace with yourself by giving number of reasons why you want to follow diet rather than why not.

While doing exercise, make sure you warm-up first, start with basic exercise and do stretching. Make sure you know the sequence of exercise you’ll follow which will be more helpful to lose weight.

Don’t overdo on first day itself.

Make sure you walk one round, then start jogging and then run for some time.

Again keep weekly goals and check your weight in a week it will help you know how much you’ve lost your weight and how much you still need to lose. Don’t be disappointed if you miss to do exercise one day, because you can cut down your rice for a one night.

Before doing an exercise, get motivated first and then start doing that exercise. You can always put music and workout in gym.

Keep a goal that can be achievable and you won’t be disappointed. Make an habit of walking more then getting a taxi to reach your home which take mere 15mins to walk. Use the staircase and avoid elevators.

After having lunch you can walk for 5 minutes.

Go and have a walk after dinner. It will help you sleep better. People often do this mistake which is, they burn 500 calories and eat some 2500-3000 calories and this show how much ever you had spent the time in gym or for doing exercise it is gone in waste and then you can’t find the difference as you ate more than you lost.

Keep in mind that the only way to lose weight is to burn more calories than you take in, which is nearly impossible to do unless you change your eating habits. Another problem is repetition, while doing exercise you need to change some exercises when it starts feeling repetitive.

Make sure your workout, is filled with different types of exercises and yoga and fun activities which will keep your interest and help you to burn those extra layered skin.

If you don’t like being alone, you can ask your friends to come with you, and the session will end quickly. You can join a gym and get a personal trainer who can help you achieve your goal.

Many people suggest by joining a gym you’ll be able to lose your weight easily, but what happens after you stop going to gym?

They gain more than they had lost. So make sure you’re going to maintain yourself after you’ve achieved your goal. You can’t go to the gym 24×7, right? So, follow a regime, do your exercises or even keep playing a sport which can help you remain and maintain your new found shape.

Maintaining your weight is one big difficult task, because you need to keep a balance and check on your eating habits and numbers of workouts.

It is very crucial to follow diet that include proteins, vitamins, minerals and your meal. Being punctual about your meal time, eating on that time can make a lot of difference in aiding the weight loss.

Though diet has more effect in cutting down the flab, exercise also plays a role of aiding it.

In the end, we can conclude that between working out and following a nutrition program, none of them is the king here, it’s more like a partnership firm! ;)

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