Treadmills are Dangerous! And So are Most Aerobic Exercises…

Treadmills get you nowhere…

except perhaps the hospital…

If you’re old enough to remember the aerobic and cardio explosion that started in the late 7os, you’ll know that most fitness professionals have been recommending this exercise should be the focus of your routine.

After all, research has proven the cardiovascular exercises burn calories and fat. Although this sounds great, there is something else you need to understand and realize…

Long duration, low intensity aerobic exercise, as it is usually performed, burns fat during your workout. But, this sends a message to your body that you need to keep a certain reserve of fat available for the next workout.

This is bad news! So your body ends up storing more fat as a result of your workout. And this is one of the reasons why just performing endless hours of aerobic exercise won’t get you the fat loss you’re after.

What’s probably worse is that long-duration, low intensity aerobic exercise can actually decrease your health. Let me explain.

When you exercise like this, you are working within your existing aerobic limits without improving your capacity for work.

You’re never forcing your body to improve upon its capacity, so your cardiovascular system (namely your heart and lungs) becomes more efficient.

But you are training it to be efficient at working within its capacity. The problem is that over time, this can actually reduce your heart and lung reserve capacity.

Reserve capacity allows your heart to pump faster in times of stress and your lungs to deal with exertion like climbing a long flight of stairs. Without this reserve capacity, your heart and lungs won’t be able to fight off stresses as well, and that can lead to various problems including increased risk of heart attack.

Let me also tell you that heavy use of standard aerobics can even decrease your muscle mass, due to the wasting effect that long duration, low intensity exercise can have on the muscles overtime. This lowers your RMR…deadly if you want maximum fat loss.

On top of that, most popular aerobic movements that include joint impact (jogging on a treadmill especially) can actually lead to injury over the years.

I’m referring to overuse injuries common in endurance sports like running where the constant motion of the athlete is repeated to the point of being harmful to the joints, tendons, and other structures.

Our joints and tendons weren’t designed to take this kind of pounding on a regular basis for years and years. In many cases, you’re essentially wearing out your body instead of strengthening it.

Yet another danger with performing traditional aerobics exclusively is the potential for muscle imbalances. Your lower body is getting most of the work, if not all, in most aerobic movements and you are creating an imbalance.

Overtraining the lower body and not training the upper body at all or very little can be damaging in the long term, again causing potential injury.

I don’t mean to frighten you with this information about the predominately recommended form of exercise, but it’s vital that you understand the long-term health and fitness implications with long duration, low intensity aerobics.

There is a far healthier and more efficient way to getting the body and lasting health you’re after, and the details are to follow.

Someone once said the definition of insanity is doing something over and over again expecting a different result.

I’m not saying aerobics are insane, but take a look at those on treadmills and elliptical machines every time you go to the gym…do they ever look any better than they did last week, last month, or even last year?

And even if they did, do you have the time to spend 2 or more hours per week to wear your body out by running on a treadmill to nowhere?

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