How To Cook Healthy Food At Home – A Beginner’s Guide

Home food is the best food.

And the reasons are pretty obvious –

  • You know what is going in to your food
  • You have control over the freshness of the ingredients
  • You can exclude as well as include ingredients as per your liking
  • You can experiment
  • And lastly, IT IS FUN! Isn’t it?

But still our lifestyle seldom allows us this freedom to cook.

The most important constraints are time, stress, priorities, easily available meals from restaurants etc etc.

The first step towards eating more home made food should be deciding that you will not eat more than ‘x’ number of meals outside per week. Decide the ‘x’ according to what you can manage. My ‘x’ is 3. I never eat more than 3 times from restaurants.

So once you have decided that home food is the way to go and you have fixed an ‘x’ for you and your family, cook food for the next two days. Every meal.

What this will do?

2 things –

  1. Get interested in cooking – which is almost certain. There is a peace that you find in cooking. Twirling to tunes while you mix your salad. It is fun!
  2. Next, make you appreciate your efforts and trust me there will be a noticeable change. If you eat more than 2 meals per day outside, eating 6-8 consecutive meals made at home will seriously open your eyes. You will discover the importance of food as something greater than what we consume to merely survive.

A healthy lifestyle is achievable for anyone. But there are tons of recipes out there that seem to require rose petals, avocados, fruits of a forbidden forest and caviar as ingredients.

In my mind at least, as long as I am cooking from scratch with a variety of beneficial foods from the local supermarket I am one step further to healthy living. That’s why, every Friday I will be bringing you an easy, affordable and simple recipe – for the busy everyday person who is nothing more than an amateur chef, but loves food and to cook. Last week I did herbed turkey meatballs with courgetti pomodoros.

So embrace the best ingredients, mix them up and come up with something of your own.

That will be the healthiest food you will ever eat.

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