When People Ask Me Coke Or Diet Coke… I Tell Them..

When you see your favourite celebrity drinking coke or diet coke you immediately get a good feel about the beverage. So you start drinking it with the notion that you will grow in to your fav celeb. Bullocks!

That day I was at a party and the host asked me if I’d have regular coke or diet coke, I replied give me a quick poison instead. Because regular coke as well as diet coke are slow poison anyway, so might as well kill me quickly if you wish to kill me at all.

The amounts of sugar in these drinks (and I am talking of every soda available in the market and also preserved fruit juices) is insane!

Do an experiment for me! Boil any soda for a good amount of time and observe what happens to it!

I know you won’t so let me just tell you myself.

The water/soda evaporates and what stays back is sugar! A huge, mind you, HUGE amount of sugar!

Don’t believe me? Well, someone’s already done it for you! Have Fun!


See? Goey Tar mixed with water is what you consume when you consume coke!

DISCLAIMER: Coke is just an example. The same goes for Pepsi, Sprite and any soda under the sky.

Forget about the sugar, let’s just assume that you have a really sweet tooth!

I am just kidding! Do not forget about the sugar but let’s proceed anyway…


How about I feed you a bread 2 months old? Would you eat it?

Gosh! No one would eat it!

How about I give you a glass of water that has been in my fridge uncovered for weeks now?

You won’t! You’d rather ask for fresh water not more than a day old.

Now, if i give you a fruit juice months and weeks old? Would you drink it? Don’t Think too much! You already know the answer!

It would reek. Might even make you puke!

So why are you drinking those “fresh” juices out of the tetrapack? That were packed like weeks ago?

Of course! They have ‘Preservatives.’

Firstly, they don’t preserve the freshness, they just halt the rottening process.

There’s a huge difference!

Secondly, preservatives are as bad for your body as sugars!!!

Did You Know one of the most harmful dangers of preservatives is it can give you cancer! How about that?

Why would you risk your health for a few sips of joy?

Coming back to sugars in coke!

Do you know that eating too much sugar (the kind of amount in sodas) can make you throw up? Yes, puke!

This is because your body senses imbalance of sugar and makes you immediately puke out the excess sugar.

So why don’t you puke even after drinking liters of coke?

Simply because they put phosphoric acid which stops you from throwing up or even feel like throwing up.

That’s like someone kicks you and then sprays relispray so that you won’t complain.

This is what coke is doing to you and your body!

Moreover, the caffeine will hit you hard! Within 45-60 mins of drinking soda, the high caffeine content makes you work like a horse!

And caffeine is addictive! And sugar is addictive! So you constantly want more of soda! You are officially and addict!

Do you see how bad that sounds?

So better have some poison, you might survive. But drink coke and you’ll eventually die of some illness!


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