11 Secrets of Proper Exercising – Know Them All!

For ease of use, we’ve summarized the principles and guidelines that govern or must govern a perfect exercising routine. Refer to these 11 secrets of proper exercise and you will never lose your way! Utilize high-intensity weight training exercise as the core of your exercise routine, performing this type of exercise two to three times per week. Make every workout … Read More

10 Isolation Exercises Must For Quick Weight Loss…

Isolation Exercises isolate a particular muscle (like biceps or triceps) and work only that particular muscle. The following are some isolate muscle exercises bodybuilders and weight losers swear by! Leg Extension Seated in a leg extension machine, initiate the movement deliberately. Slowly extend your bent legs against the leg pad or roller until you lock your knees. Pause briefly in … Read More

Beginner’s Break-In Routine – What Is It and Guidelines To Follow…

Beginner’s Break-In Routine If you are new to strength training or have not performed strength training for 6 months or more, you would do wise to follow the break-in routine listed below. This routine is designed to help you learn some of the basic movements, without have to worry about going to muscular failure. Your form, as mentioned previously, is … Read More

I Want To Work Out, But I Have No Equipment… Read On!

No Equipment At All? Alright, I know some people have absolutely no equipment, no gym membership, and don’t want to spend any money fixing these two issues. Look, I’m not trying to tell you how to spend your money, but how much do you spend on “junk” purchases each month? I mean stuff like entertainment, eating out, junk food, etc. … Read More

Should You Workout At Home Or At The Gym? – Part 2

Working At Home Working out at home has become increasingly popular in the last few years, as home equipment has improved in quality. Just as with working out at a gym or fitness center, home training has its advantages and disadvantages. On the plus side, you can workout whenever you want to. You don’t have to worry about the travel … Read More

Should You Workout At Home Or At The Gym? – Part 1

Now that you’re going to be following a weight training workout to get the body you want, you’ll need some resistance…otherwise known as weights! That’s one point for me for mentioning the obvious. Seriously, you have a few different options when choosing where to workout and which equipment to use. This is nice, because you don’t always have to use … Read More

Breathing and Warm-Up – Are They So Important?

How To Breathe During Exercising? While it always seemed pretty natural to me, there is a great deal of confusion as to how to breathe properly during a weight training exercise. Without spending too much time on a fairly simple to understand concept, you should exhale when your muscles contract and inhale when they lengthen. To explain a bit further, … Read More

Exercise Selection – Free Exercise Versus Weights!

Walk into your nearest gym or fitness center and you’ll probably be overwhelmed with the various machines, free weights, and other contraptions. While it seems like there’s a new machine every time you walk in the door, there are several tried and true basic exercises that have stood the test of time and will work wonders when using a proper … Read More

Total Body Workout – What Does This Term Exactly Mean? Find Out…

While many of the so called fitness experts and celebrities often push split routines (in which you work a different portion of your body on separate days of the week), I am recommending that you engage in total body workouts. This means you’ll be training all, or the majority, of your muscles each and every time you workout. This type … Read More

How Many Reps? A Question That Confuses All Gym Beginners!

In this book, I am recommending the performance of only 1 set of each exercise, done to momentary muscular failure. Only one set you may be asking? Yep. If done in the proper speed and to momentary muscular failure, 1 set of a particular exercise is sufficient for stimulating a change or increase in muscular strength and development. A big … Read More