How Diet Pills Work

How do Most Generic Diet Pills Work? Effectiveness of diet pills has always been questioned. If it was that easy to lose weight why aren’t we? Diet pills such as Zantrex-3, Lipozene have been known to work at least for some people, for some time. Generally, diet pills work in one of three ways; they suppress your appetite, increase metabolic … Read More

Zantrex 3 Reviews

Zantrex 3 – A Brutally Honest Review Of This Fat BurnerUpdated on: September 14, 2018 Hellow my dearies… It’s Bonny with yet another review of a dubious product! And the reason I decided to write and collect all the Zantrex 3 reviews I could find was… … I myself couldn’t find any legit ones while (thinking of) purchasing it… So let’s review this Zantrex 3 … Read More

The Many Problems With Generic Diet Pills

Should you risk your health (wealth?) and with Diet Pills? With tons of ads claiming to give you extraordinary results with little or no effort, Diet Pills have plagued the internet. The claims are so tempting that you end up thinking if you could just try it once, nothing to lose but weight, right? Well, this uninformed decision might cause … Read More

Lipozene- Just Another Pill?

Lipozene is essentially a herbal supplement pill and is manufactured by the Obesity Research Institute. It is claimed and advertised as a breakthrough in the weight loss products industry, and is said to show drastic weight loss drops of more than 20lbs just by consumption of the pill. The primary constituent of Lipozene is glucomannan, which is a vegetable fiber … Read More

Is Zanterax 3 Another Scam?

Zantrex claims to be the “first and only non-ephedra diet pill with a kick” as written on the website. Another claim on the website is that the Zantrex 3 fat burner will promote “546 percent more weight loss than the leading ephedra based diet pill.” This is a very tall claim to make and took the weight loss world by … Read More

The Top 5 Diet Pills And Their Problems

Do Diet Pills Really Work? Are They Safe? With the internet being plagued by thousands of diet pills every day, it becomes a very difficult choice to choose one which will work for you. Every pill out there claims to be the best, but what they don’t tell you is how they can affect your health adversely. The side effects … Read More