Did You Know You Have A Hunger Meter? Here Is How To Use It Efficiently

Watching TV as we eat dinner. Listening to podcasts on the drive to work. Chatting on the phone while we browse the internet. As life continues to get busy, multitasking becomes increasingly prevalent in order to maximise the amount we can achieve in a day. As a result, for most of us, the concept of mindfulness has turned into an … Read More

Laxatives: Are They A Good Measure For Weight Loss?

Today, people go to the extremes of natural and artificial sciences to find remedies in order to lose weight with little or no efforts and to keep up with the overrated societal image of looking ‘good’ at all times, which always equates to the ‘thinness’ of the body. Nowadays, the use of ‘laxatives’ as a form of losing weight is … Read More

Fitness Mistakes Are Fine. But You Must Not Repeat Them!

I was confused about how to achieve my fitness goals too, for a long while. My journey toward achieving the body I wanted started when I was in my teens. I was skinny but fat at the same time…little muscle but too much fat…not a good combination for impressing the young ladies! So I spent days, weeks, months, and years … Read More

Are you Vitamin B12 deficient? Read this before you nod your head!

When the two brothers Alan and Ansel Adam (names changed) walked into Dr Neil’s with a view to finding a weight loss solution, little did they know that their wobbly gait had to do with the fact that they were Vitamin B12-deficient. A simple lab test confirmed the doctor’s suspicion. Hitherto, the family had always blamed it on their weight. … Read More

How To Cure Common Illnesses Using Household Remedies?

For cold and cough (with phlegm): The physical resemblance of the lotus root to the lungs is no coincidence. Lotus root melts all the mucous in the respiratory system and is known for its power to heal respiratory ailments. Consume it in the form of fresh lotus root tea. To make this: grate lotus root and squeeze its juice (to … Read More

How To Create The Ideal Sitting Posture

According to research, the average person spends 9 hours 20 minutes sitting each day! I don’t know about you, but that’s actually more time than I sleep every night. Most of these sitting hours are racked up in sedentary (and mostly) office jobs. So if we’re spending most of our waking hours glued to a chair, we may as well … Read More

This story is the best reason on the internet to stop drinking today!

If we asked you to produce an after-action review of how much alcohol you drank in the last fortnight, chances are you don’t know. Doctors say, you are not the only one. Youngesters everywhere are slipping into an indisciplined drinking pattern, losing count of how much they have downed. Mirror asked a 35-year-old marketing executive from Brooklyn to keep a … Read More

Why People are Coffee Crazy! Know the benefits of Coffee in this post…

There are at least 10 people in my life whose lives depend upon their morning coffee. If you were to visit any of these friends of mine before they had their morning coffee, you are inviting trouble. These people are so grumpy, sad (almost depressed) before their morning coffee. But once they take a sip out of their favourite coffee … Read More

Stop Emotional Eating. NOW!

When my best friend broke up with her boy friend the major change in her was not emotional, but it was physical. She had gained a lot of weight. I couldn’t believe it at first because she is a fussy eater. But then it came to my notice that she has been in the “emotional zone” of their break up … Read More