The Calorie Reality, Micro-Nutrients and The Big Nutrition Secret!

Just about everything you eat or drink has calories.

We expend energy and burn calories in our bodies, and then need to eat more calories so we can sustain our bodyweight and energy level.

What happens when we eat more calories than we need to maintain our bodyweight?

We have a surplus of energy…or too many calories. Too many calories mean we are going to add fat weight to our bodies. Pure and simple.

And it doesn’t matter if the extra calories come from carbohydrates, proteins, or fats.

If eaten in excess, all of these nutrients will add fat mass to your body.

Obviously not what we’re looking for! This isn’t to say we should eat a miniscule amount of calories each day, because every time we eat we stimulate our metabolism through the thermic effect of food (the metabolic rate actually is stimulated every time we eat).

It’s just that we do need to keep an eye on how much we’re consuming.

Probably the biggest reason people have trouble controlling how many calories they eat has to do with everyone’s hyper-focusing on the macronutrients (carbs, protein, & fat), with little thought to the micronutrients that truly satisfy our urges.

I’m talking about the vitamins and minerals that our bodies need to survive and perform optimally.

The Big Nutrition Secret

The big secret I’ve found is that when you switch your focus from starting with carbs, protein, and fat ratios to first looking at and picking foods that are loaded to the hilt with nutrients, you’ll find eating less will be easy…almost automatic.

Perhaps the most important piece of advice I could give you regarding the subject of lean body nutrition is this Your body craves micronutrients.

Hunger is relative to nutrient cravings. If you give your body what it craves, foods that are rich in nutrients, you’ll have satisfied hunger.

If you don’t, you’ll still be hungry, and you’ll find it very difficult to stop eating to satisfy your body’s nutrient requirements until they are met.

And by that time, you would have consumed far too many calories to expect fat loss to occur.

This concept is overlooked by most, yet so vital and so powerful in lasting and permanent fat loss.

It also leads to reduced risks for diseases, and promotes an alkaline environment in your body, instead of the acidic environment developed by many popular diet plans.

It’s not a diet, it’s a way of living…a true lifestyle. It’s also the ideal and natural way that your body should be fed.

Also, please understand that having the right “big picture” thinking in regards to your nutrition is the most important aspect of eating for fat loss and health.

Nutrition and health are the result of complex biochemical systems that even the top scientists do not fully understand.
There are literally thousands of foods and chemicals that we literally know nothing about.

So losing sight of what to eat and what not to eat among the foods that are available is easy.

We must focus on eating the best that’s available to us and has been researched upon and can be relied upon to provide us with all the nutrients and micro nutrients we require.

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