Beyond Diet Reviews – 32 Questions Answered! (No. 4 is Insane)

Find Beyond Diet Reviews & 32 Most Common Questions About The Diet Program Answered on This Page…

You’ve already seen it.

The beyond diet “5 foods to never eat” video is all over the web [LINK].

It’s like whichever website you visit, their “5 foods to never eat” video literally follows you there.


  1. What is this “beyond diet program” all about?
  2. Are people really using it?
  3. Is it another diet that you “are on” for a few days and you lose weight?
  4. Or is it something really different than most of the stuff out there?
  5. And are the beyond diet recipes really that good?

Well, find the answers to all these questions below in my exhaustive beyond diet review…

Let’s go!

Confusion: Some women have been mailing me thinking the beyond diet is “my” program. Nope, it’s created by Isabel De Los Rios. Here’s the official website.

Now, first of all, here’s my own transformation after sticking with the beyond diet for 8 months:

beyond diet before after

Now, moving on, to make it easy for you folks, I chose to write this beyond diet review in a Q&A format for easy reading…

Currently I have answered the 32 most common questions, in case you have a question about the program that’s not answered here, just ask me in the comments below and I’ll add it over here…

So what’s this beyond diet program all about? Is it something ‘new and shiny’ in the weight loss world? (asked by Michelle from Ohio)

Nope, Beyond Diet has been around for close to 10 years now. Earlier, in 2006 the creator Isabel De Los Rios (and her partner Jeff Siegel) had written the extremely popular dieting ebook called “The Diet Solution Program”.

Cut-to-2011, they converted the ‘ebook’ into a full-blown online membership website (that we know as the now) and invited all the previous members to form a ‘community’ of sorts.

Who knew their little project, the beyond diet membership would grow to over 650,000 people now! Yep, it has well over half a million active users from all over the world.

So no, Beyond Diet is not a new program, and nor is it something “new and shiny” in the fitness world. Which brings us to…

“How Does It Work? What’s The Basis of The Program? In Fact, Does It Even Work?”

The Beyond Diet’s primary aim is to make you focus on your food first (and I agree). Nutrition, without any doubt, is the most important factor when it comes to weight loss, and more so for fat loss.

Our diets have been scre*** for the last couple of decades and we have become much too dependent on fast foods, sugars, grains and packaged foods.

All those combined are the main reasons behind the massive obesity problems we’re seeing these days.

So first of all, you correct your food with the beyond diet.

How you ask?

By customizing the beyond diet program to your particular body type, metabolism type. Yep, this is the best part, once you’re in, you can customize the program to suit your particular body. The website asks you few questions, and based on your answers, the program will churn out the exact nutrition plan you need.

And that’s actually why it works so well over the other one-size-fits-all diet programs, as it is made to work specifically for you.

“What if it does not work for me?”

Yes, you are right.
Everybody is different and some programs won’t work for everyone for whatever reasons. That’s why the Beyond Diet gives you a 60 days period to assess and try the program. If for some reason you do not want to continue, you can refund your purchase.

And getting the refund is not difficult, you just have to contact them through their contact page and it’s usually done the same day.

So don’t worry whether the beyond diet will work for you or not, you have 8 weeks to try and see if you really get results, and I think 8 weeks is more than enough time.

“What is the price? Are there any bait-n-switch rebilling issues?”

The basic Beyond Diet program with all the tools, membership portal, guides comes for a one-time $47 purchase. Once you complete that order, there are some optional add-ons that you may choose to purchase (Isabel’s workout, a detox guide, etc.).

Frankly speaking, you do not need anything else other than the basic beyond diet program. So here’s a tip: When you do complete the basic purchase, just go to the bottom of the add-on pages where you will see a link to “skip” that addon and move on…

August 2017 UPDATE: They’re currently offering an extra $10 discount on the price, making it just a single $37 payment! Go here to find out more.

“Is it all organic? Organic foods are very expensive.”

It’s not all organic, though organic foods are given a preference. But honestly, if you ask me, it does not make any difference in the weight lost. I myself do not use any organic foods but I have got amazing results.

So this is completely up to you. If you can afford or prefer organic foods, awesome. If you won’t, no problem, it’ll still work.

I think the reason Isabel recommends organic foods is because overall, if you look at it from a ‘health perspective’ rather than just for fat loss, organic foods do make sense. But I guess it’s a very personal choice. But to simply answer the question – No, there is no “mandatory” requirement of using organic foods in the beyond diet.

“Will it work for me without exercising? I can’t (for whatever reasons) exercise.”

The combination of real, nutritious food with exercise is without doubt the best thing you can do for your body.

But yes, some people with certain conditions/problems cannot exercise, and that’s fine. Beyond Diet is 90% about correcting your food habits and losing fat by changing our daily dietary habits.

So even if you can’t exercise, it’s alright, and will not affect your results drastically.

When I first started, I did not exercise for well over the first 12-14 weeks, but still lost a ton of weight!

“Has it really worked for people? I mean, REALLY and truly worked?”

Now this is the most important question of all! I literally get 20-25 emails about this every week!

Most of us are so frustrated with all the “solutions” out there that our B.S. meters are always charged and ready to be fired! :D

So does beyond diet really work?

The answer may shock you… but it does not!

Whoaa… what?

Ok, let me explain…

The beyond diet is NOT a diet pill you take and you lose weight “in your sleep” (how many times we’ve read that!). Rather, it requires efforts on your part to change your eating habits, correct your food habits and only then will you see results.

Maybe by now you know that “there are no shortcuts” to lose weight!

All the quick fixes like diet pills, shakes, powders, body wraps, they are exactly that… quick fixes! They ‘might’ work for a while, but only until you use them, once you stop, the weight creeps back!

This is exactly where beyond diet triumphs over others. The weight you lose here is something you’ll keep off for years if not forever.


Because here, you are actually changing your body form the inside!

And that’s the only way you’ll ever keep the bad weight off.

So, to summarize, NO, the beyond diet is not a magic solution that will work by itslef, you do have to take some efforts yourself.

But once you are ready to do that, once you are been-there-done-that with the late-night products, you’ll know what I mean!

“Are the recipes easy to prepare? I don’t have too much time. Also, are they tasty?”

Ohh the recipes are VERY tasty for sure! That’s the best part about the program!

Most of the diet programs I have tried in the past either had cardboard recipes as I call them, or had recipes that required you to be a Master Chef’s apprentice!

In here though, beyond diet has some of the most tasty and nutritious recipes I have seen around, plus, with each recipe, you get a ‘macro-nutrient’ score (e.g. Protein – 2, Carbs – 1, Fats – 2) so you can understand and balance the recipes as per your individual metabolic needs.

Here are some sample recipes I love…

sausage ratatouillie

blue berry banana smoothie

beyond diet recipes

turkey burger recipe

I don’t know about you, but my mouth’s started watering!

“Will I be counting food portions?”

Yes and no. Overall, yes you will definitely keep a watch on how much you’re eating, but no, you won’t be counting portions like a maniac!

Once you go over the main guide, you’ll know what I mean. The beyond diet does not believe in being extremely rigid in the way you eat, but at the same time, Isabel does give you a ‘eyeball’ guide as to how much you should be eating with regards to your current weight and fat loss goals.

“I have a lot of issues with food texture/taste, is that going to be a problem?”

Lol I have this problem too! I am the most finicky eater you’ll ever find! I need my bread to *look* a certain way! So yes, I can understand where this question comes from.

But no, this won’t be a problem with the beyond diet for couple of reasons. One, this is a not a meal delivery plan or service. So what you cook is what you eat. Secondly, there are like 4000+ recipes in there, so even if there are certain foods you absolutely detest, there are always alternatives in there.

“I have problems with cravings, will beyond diet help with that?”

Unfortunately no. The beyond diet does not have any guide to help with food cravings. But I have great option for that.

When I was researching for reviews of the beyond diet, I came across this site, the owner hands out a great craving control guide of sorts. You can check that out.

By the way, that review was what prompted me to get inside beyond diet. So you might want to read that blogger’s experience too…

“Is this a low carb diet program?”

No, the beyond diet is not a low carb diet program. It is more, what can you say, a real food program. You won’t be cutting down on your carb intake like on say, the Atkins diet. You will rather balance out your macronutrients (macronutrients are proteins/fats/carbs) as per your metabolism type.

This is one of the steps in Isabels’ “3 step plan”.

“I am not too obese, will this work?”

For sure! I was also not extremely obese, but somehow I could not lose the extra weight on any other diet plan. So yes, this I can vouch personally. Even if you have to lose like a couple of extra pounds, this will work great.

“I am extremely obese, will this work for me?”

Since most of the folks inside the membership fall in the moderate-to-extremely obese category, I can definitely say yes. We have really obese people sharing their results and their comments look very positive and encouraging.

“I am not in the USA, I am in XYZ country, will it work for me?”

As far as I know, the beyond diet web site works from any country. So as long your country does not “block” websites from the USA, you’re fine, it’ll work.

“Can I use this for my whole family? Or is it only limited to 1 person?”

This is another common question I get. The answer is slightly complicated.

First of all, the tools in beyond diet enable you to customize the program to your specific body type. So based on that test, you are given food recommendations and other guidelines.

So based on this fact, no, the program will be “customized” for only one person per membership.

But, part 2 of the answer, although the beyond diet is ‘customized’ for one person only, the recipes can be used for the entire family!

For e.g. when I created the recipes for myself, of course I cooked the main courses for my entire family, and my husband and kid absolutely loved them!

So even though you are going to prepare the recipes for “your weight loss”, the nutrition and health benefits will get passed on to your family too.

“I am a vegan/vegetarian, does/how can beyond diet help me?”

There’s a whole separate vegan section for you. So no worries here, also, there are hundreds of recipes in the main section that do not have any meat ingredients.

“I travel a lot, seldom cook at home, will this work for me?”

Yes and no. If you can eat according to the guidelines, it’ll work even though you have to eat outside. Usually there are a LOT of healthy choices you can make at restaurants but we choose to ignore these healthy foods either due to ignorance or simply cravings!

So yes, if you can cook and/or eat at home for the majority part, the beyond diet will work wonders.

But even if you cannot, yet eat according to how the program tells you, you’ll still see some good results.

“Is there a detox/cleansing guide in the beyond diet?”

No, but I have my own cleansing method!

It’s my own highly researched detox guide. I try to cleanse my system twice every year, and it feels great!

I share it with my readers for free, so ask me for it through the contact page.

July 2017 Update: I am ALSO sharing my personal Exercise guide now! Just ask me for it in the comments section. :)

“Will this work post pregnancy? Can I also use during my pregnancy?”

Yes, the beyond diet is absolutely awesome post pregnancy.


  1. You will be eating highly nutritious, real foods, super for the baby!
  2. You will be eating as per your individual body needs, awesome for the baby!
  3. You will NOT be eating junk foods, great for the baby!
  4. You will be eating foods with lots of natural vitamins/minerals, amazing for the baby!

In short, due to the food choices you make in the beyond diet, it will save you from many post-pregnancy woes and make your baby one true bundle of health and joy! :)

(By the way, this is a complete tangent, but very important. If you’re due, I highly recommend you exclusively breast feed your baby AT LEAST the first six month. Formulas cannot match even 10% of the power and benefits of your breast milk!)

“Portion sizes… imperial versus metric system? Is calculation easy?”

Yes the beyond diet uses the ‘American’ system for the most parts, but honestly, this shouldn’t be a problem once you start following the recipes.

There are like 100’s of people from the UK inside the community and nobody has mentioned this to be a problem. So I don’t think this should be a problem for you…

“I have certain food allergies, what now?”

This is a very dicey question. The answer is, it depends. Every allergic person is averse to different foods/ingredients.

But if you’re like most allergic folks, aka the lactose intolerant or the celiac, you’ll be happy to hear that 90% of the beyond diet recipes are gluten free! :)

So no worries if you have certain food allergies, there are variety of recipes to choose from.

And in fact if you are a Celiac sufferer, then you’ll love the recipes in here.

“Does beyond diet depend on my blood type?”

No, you can be of any blood type, the program does not depend on it.

“I saw no exercise mentions in the video, does this work without any exercise?”

Actually that’s one disappointing thing. The beyond diet folks have not given a workout with basic program. You have to purchase it separately from them in the add-on sections.

But once again that blogger I mentioned earlier, she also hands out her personal workout program over here, check it out. And it’s crazy awesome. It does not require any equipment and can be done at your home.

So my suggestion? Do NOT buy the add-on workout, rather go to this site and request the blogger, Betty Hartley to share it with you. She emails it to her readers (I got it too).

“I have tried weight watchers, meal delivery plans, and other things, why would beyond diet work for me?”

Because of 3 reasons:

1 Weight watchers never works long term because nobody likes to “count points” for something as dear as food!

Not me for sure! I have myself tried WW, it worked for couple of weeks, but somehow life’s problems got in the way and slowly I forgot all about the points, and I was back where I started.

2 As for meal delivery plans, they restrict your portions. And THAT will NEVER work. If you are ever hungry on a diet program, you ARE going to quit it. Maybe not in the first 2-3 weeks, but definitely after a few more!

3 So the reason beyond diet will work is because it does not keep you hungry, so you stick with it, and secondly, it does not involve complicated calculations or logging points which becomes tedious after a while. These 2 are the primary reasons beyond diet

“How fast will I lose weight?”

This really is a subjective question, and there’s no one answer for everyone. But from what I heard, from my own experience, and from what all I have understood from the program:

If you are extremely obese, you should see some real quick results as your body responds fast and brings down the extra weight. So some really good ‘visible’ results can be seen in as little as 2-3 weeks.

For the moderately obese, some really good changes can be seen within the first 6-7 weeks.

And for the ‘slightly’ obese, you’ll see more health related changes first than weight loss. By health, I mean: more energy, less sleep required, better skin, positive mood, less irritability. Of course, depending on how fast your body responds, you should also see some positive movement weight-wise.

“I am not too tech-savvy, how does this work?”

If you can send an email, you can do this!

Once you purchase the beyond diet, you’ll get an email with your login details. Then you go to, enter your login details and simply follow the on-screen instructions.

There’s really no “tech” need to do this. A tip I can give you is to access the website through your laptop, ipad or tablet as it will show you things much better than on a small mobile screen.

“Do they ship me the book?”

By default, no. But you can request for a physical hard copy once you’re in, from the membership area. I don’t remember the cost of that, but a physical copy is an extra purchase.

“I am a diabetic, what now?”

Then you’ll love this program! Coz some of the beyond diet goals are based on minimizing your sugar intake, reducing your insulin resistance and boosting your metabolism – all things that help keep your diabetes at bay. So if you are a diabetic, there’s no better program out there. Period.

“I read sometime back that people had some issues accessing the beyond diet website, what’s the status now?”

Yep, I know, they had trouble during the holidays last year (2014) and the new year due to the massive traffic to their website. I saw some members complaining in the community too, but it’s been a long time now and it’s sorted out now. As of now I don’t head any issues with accessing the program.

“How is the support like? Is the company reputed?”

One thing to gauge the openness of an ‘online company’ is to see whether they provide and easy way to contact them.

Beyond Diet lists their phone number, gives you contact forms and even has a physical mailing address. Plus it’s run by real people, so I don’t think this is an issue anymore. And definitely not after seeing over half-a-million members in there now!

“FINAL QUESTION: Should I buy this? Is it going to work? Is it worth it?”

For me, it was a very well researched purchase. And I am guessing you are doing the same here.

I can only tell you that it worked amazingly well for me. Yes, there were efforts involved, but after wasting a lot $ on shakes and pills, I now know beyond doubt that if you truly want to get back in good shape, there are no shortcuts.

You HAVE TO correct your nutrition first, and then if possible, supplement it with some form of exercise or maybe a home based workout.

You can get this blogger’s workout for free that combines really well with the beyond diet. Last I heard, she was also sharing a really good intermittent fasting guide on her blog. Do check it out.

Other than that, I leave the decision to you. I would definitely recommend it to the right person.

Yep, I give it a 4.5 out of 5 stars rating.

EFFORTS INVOLVED: Yes, moderate.

DOES IT WORK AS PROMISED: IF you follow the program, yes.

DO I RECOMMEND IT: Yes, if you are frustrated with all the other quick fixes, do have a go for it.

Skip the initial video: Direct payment/order page link

August 2017 Update:

8 months of this year are almost over! Before you know it would be time the ball drops.

As with (almost) every new year, many of my readers made a resolution to DEFINITELY lose weight this year. Most of us research new products, foods, diets, shakes and even those shady pills.

We made resolutions, we said THIS is the year! But yet, here we are.

However… do you wanna know what will help you slim down and truly change yourself? For the long term? Even before THIS year ends?

Well, here it is in just one word – “Stickability“.

Meaning, it’s not about what diet program, workout you try, the secret of those who have lost 10, 20, or even 50 pounds is that they’ve STUCK to ‘that’ plan for months and even years!

And that is why you see me recommending the Beyond Diet program.

It is the one program I have myself stuck with for years now, and apart from hard core HIIT exercise routines, this is the only way you can ever lose weight without depending on all those dangerous and outright ‘magic solutions’.

Anyway, I hope you try and I am sure you’ll love the program… if you do get in, let me know in the comments below to get my Detox routine and exercise guide.

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    Hello, I recently started the BD program and have had pretty decent results so far. Could you please send me your detox plan and exercise plan. I feel they may boost the progress I am slowly making. Loved your Q & As. Reassured me that I made the right choice for a diet plan.

  37. Kaye

    Thank you so much for this information. I have been using WW for several years but am interested in moving to a new, more organic, alternative like Beyond Diet. Would you please send me your detox and exercise plan?

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  40. Deborah Eason

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  41. Alison

    Thank you for your insight, I appreciate it and think I’m going to move forward with a BD purchase! I would love receive a copy of your cleanse and exercise guides. Thank you!

  42. Lindsay

    Hello I have purchased the beyond diet program. Happy to say that I have lost 20 lbs in 2 months. I read your review and was wondering if you could send me your cleanse/ detox and workout? Ty in advance

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  45. Peggy

    Hey Bonny,
    I, too, am encouraged by your comments and review. I am ordering the system and would also like your detox and exercise program. Where does one sign up for your blog? Did I miss something? It’s late and I really must get my beauty sleep. 😉
    Thanks again!,

  46. Dana

    Thank you for taking the time to write about this program, it was very informative and saved me a lot of research time. I heard about it from a friend and am going to give it a try. I am menopausal and have gained 35 lbs. and feel awful. I have tried everything but realize that it truly is changing your eating habits for life. I’m excited to begin, and would greatly appreciate it if you could send me your detox and exercise programs you wrote about. Thank you again!

  47. Karen

    Hi Bonny

    Thanks for your review. It has helped me in my decision to try out the BD program, which I will sign up via your website link shortly.

    Would appreciate if you could share with me your detox and exercise plans to help me kickstart the program. Thanks in advance!

  48. Vibeke

    Hi, I’m very exited about this program. It sounds like the right one for me, but I come from Denmark and Im not sure we have the same products as you do in USA so Im afraid it will be difficult to stay on track, sort of.. Do you know if this will be a problem??

    Thanks for the exiting reading.


    1. Bonny

      Hi Vibeke,
      From what I know about Denmark, you should not have any major issue finding similar products. Beyond diet does not recommend any super fancy foods anyway, and given that Denmark is quite advanced compared to many other nations, I think you’d do just fine. :)

  49. Amy

    Thank you for the information! I’ve been on Beyond Diet for about 2 1/2 weeks and so far have not seen a giant weight loss. I’m 5’7 and started at 196 and am down to 192. I do feel better and I’m not giving up, just hoping the weight will start coming off. I do workout 3 days a week, but am thinking I might need to add a day or two.
    Could you please send me your workout plan and detox information? Thank you so much!

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    This is really the end of the road for me…If this doesn’t work, nothing will!!
    Thank you for your humor and motivation.

  52. sher

    Thank you for this thorough assessment. I follow some of the BD recipe ideas. Regardless of methodologies, To lose body fat – one must be in a calorie deficit. PERIOD. Body will not burn fat off if not in deficit mode. (actually, fat cells don’t disappear, they shrink in size) — Having said that, one must do so by consuming nutrient dense foods at optimal times of day…generally speaking, for a meal, think: palm size for lean proteins, one thumb size healthy fat (EVOO, coc. oil, grass-fed butter or 7-8 almonds, etc.), plenty of firbrous veggies, and cupped palm size of good carbs…starchy carbs better earlier in day, firbrous (veggies etc.) later in day. Lots of water. Move the body.

    Can you please send your detox method? And exercise regimen?

  53. Danae

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    Could you please send me your excercise and detox program you follow.
    Greatly appreciated!

    1. Bonny

      Hi Lisa,
      The best part about BD is you don’t have to significantly change your ‘base diet’. The way beyond diet works is by identifying your metabolism type and then eating according to that. So in case you’re allergic to something, there’s a 99% probability that you’ll easily find some replacement that’ll work within the BD guidelines.

  56. Stephanie

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  57. Jessica Bond

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    Thank you,
    Jessica Bond

  58. Kim

    I have Meniere’s Disease(too much fluid in the inner ear), and cannot eat salty foods such as deli turkey, sausage, etc. with higher content salt, or it will send me into Vertigo. Will I still be able to eat protein packed meats(foods) with lower sodium content?


  59. Kim

    Thank you so much for your helpful information this sounds like a great program & I’m looking forward to getting started.
    Can you please send your detox cleanse as well as your personal exercise guide. Do you recommend starting the cleanse prior to the beyond diet program?

  60. Bonnie

    Hi Bonny,

    I joined the BD diet a few weeks ago and gearing myself for a new healthy eating lifestyle. Can you send me the cleanse, exercise and sugar craving guides? I’m looking forward to a new me inside and out. I was attracted to this blog for obvious reasons!
    Thanks, Bonnie

  61. Renee wilson

    Cannot log into my beyond program that I purchased a while ago. Not sure which email address I used

    1. Bonny

      Hi Renee,
      Send them an email and tell the last 4 digits of the card you used to pay, I think they should be able to get your order from that…

    2. Bonny

      Try mailing the last 4 digits of the card you paid with, they should be able to pull up your order with that…

  62. Priscilla Nguyen

    Hi would you be able to send me where I can get the workouts you do and the detox plan? I am looking into the plan myself, hoping to purchase soon. Thank you.

  63. Shannon Schweitzer

    Hello Bonny,
    Thank you for this blog. It is very informative. I would like to request your cleanse plan. I just joined Beyond Diet and I am hopeful that I will be able to finally find the person inside that I know is there.

  64. Pamela Padilla

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  65. Theresa

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    Thanks so much
    Peace Theresa

  66. Vesna

    Sounds great before I start I would love to do your detox first can you please email me this :)) I have 9kg to lose :(

    1. Bonny

      Hi Kim,
      Yes there is a small guide for that inside… also, there are many questions that members have asked about eating out, and some really great strategies and answers from members. So yes, you’ll definitely get help with this…

  67. Wendy

    Thanks for the information on Beyond Diet. I am ready to order. Will you please send me your exercise and detox program?

  68. Mimi

    Thanks for all the information. One question… I am celiac, Do you think BD, is for me? I don’t wnat to expend money in something doesn’t will work for me. Thank you!!

    1. Bonny

      Hi Mimi,
      Beyond Diet is actually a gluten-free program first, and then a weight loss one! So yes, you’ll find it very much suitable.

  69. Jeri

    Will Beyond Diet work without doing the detox first. Because of health issues detox would not be a good thing for me.

  70. Mary

    Thanks for all the research on BD. I do have a question…. My husband and I would like to start BD program the same time. You mention different program for different body types. So do we have to purchase two different ones and they go to two different emails? Not sure if I understood how it would work for two different people in the same household.

    Also, I would love if you would share your detox and exercise program with me.

    Again thank you!

    1. Skinny Bonny

      Hi Mary,
      All the guides, tools are available for you in your dashboard, so there is no real limit to how many people can use it in your household.

  71. Jane Lebert

    Hi Bonny,
    I am very interested in your detox program. I have tried several over the years and none have been successful. Generally I gain weight which in not sure how that can be possible. If you could share I would be grateful!

  72. Darlene

    I’m type 2 diabetic – I’m hopeful this diet will help me. Also, I purchased the book first, I didn’t realize I’d have to buy in to the rest of the program for questions. How much is it? Also, I’d like your detox and cleanse book. I’m constipated after two days. Help

    1. Skinny Bonny

      Hi Darlene,
      I don’t think you need to buy the rest of the programs to get the main beyond diet membership. What did you exactly purchase??

  73. Barbara

    Hello Skinny Bonny, thank you for all your info on “Beyond Diet”. I think I will be trying this and please can you send me a copy of your program. You look great as well.

  74. Nancy

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  75. Min

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    Can you send me your exercises.


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    You look awesome! Thank you so much for sharing your journey and results. Could you please send me the beyond diet bonuses?

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