Benefits of Running. These aren’t your usual ones ;)

Running Improves Your Health

Running is a great exercise and as every great exercise does, running improves your health.

This, running does by improving the functions of your lung by bringing your breathing in to rhythm.

Also, running promotes the production of good cholesterol and discourages the production of bad cholesterol which is responsible for clogging of arteries.

Running Makes You Immune to Diseases

Poor immunity is the foremost reason as to why certain people easily catch common cold, cough or fever frequently. And prolonged illnesses like these are symptoms of the most deadly diseases.

Running will make you immune to all these common diseases and keep you fit and healthy.

Running Makes You Slim

Obviously! This is the main reason why people start running or jogging in the first place.

Walking, jogging and running all help burn you calories which in turn makes you slim and also fit!

Running and playing a sport are probably better ways to attain fitness than any gym subscription.

Running and playing a sport of your choice will make you stronger in the core where as although most gym goers have 6 packs and really well toned body it is not necessary that their core strength is also a lot.

Running Boosts Your Confidence

Research has shown that running can be a great confidence booster.

If you feel low or have recently endured a failure, it is a good idea to start running to get back on track.

Who know, running might you that admit from an Ivy school or a promotion at job.

Running Can Cure Depression

This is something that I have personally experienced. Of course, research has also established this point but first hand experience preceeds research, right?

So it was a couple of years ago, when a guy I truly loved left me for another woman. This depressed me, along with this I was really low on self-confidence.

Nothing was working for me and it felt like I was perpetually depressed and even my favourite things were not able to cheer me up.

I had become lazy and inactive and one day I decided that I must move on and to bring back activity in my life I started walking, jogging, running in the morning.

You wouldn’t believe that it actually cured my depression and made me way more cheerful than I was before my depression phase.

Running is amazing!

So, Run! Forrest, run!

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