5 “Duh” Simple Tips to Lose Bad Fat… Fast

No Matter What You Say…

Whatever you say, we are born and live in a society that’s obsessed by “looks”, hence even some might not admit to it, everyone wants a perfect figure, a perfect body.

Of course, as puberty hit me, as a teenager I wanted to have that perfect figure and in my race to attain it, I followed some highly flawed methods to achieve this goal with NO medical guidance whatsoever.

It impacted my health severely as an adult to a large extent. I have even starved myself for days together, and literally survived only on water and bread. :(

I brazenly took diet pills that were advertised in the usual diet and fitness magazines which had serious side effects. Sometimes I over-exercised without proper guidance subjecting myself to joint pains and injuries.

Frequent fad dieting caused hairloss, I used to feel faint regularly due to crash dieting. To this day, I repent!

Hence this topic, “tips to lose weight” totally intrigues me!

There are many ways to lose weight fast and I will discuss the ways by which we can achieve the goal in a healthy way as well as tell you some really dangerous ways that obviously you should avoid.

My advice = kindly adopt ways where the goal can ultimately be achieved by regular exercise and balanced diet, although the outcome may take time, rather than indulging in shortcuts that can be dangerous to one’s own existence.

The following are shortcuts that I would say “refrain from”:

Smoking to kill appetite.

I have seen many super models who smoke continuously in order to suppress their appetite.

A cigarette on an empty stomach kills your hunger completely, apart from that smoking makes you unable to efficiently extract nutrients out of your diet. Your body is depleted of vitamins and minerals, and you lose weight.

Cigarettes are addictive. It increases risk of lung cancer. Once you stop smoking you will put on more weight than before. As your lung capacity is reduced by smoking, you will find it difficult to exercise or climb stairs.

Severe fasting:

Fasting is one of the wrong techniques used by people to lose weight. When you fast continuously for more than 4 days, your body gets into a state of ketosis. In this state you burn all the fats stored in the body and lose weight effectively. Fasting results in severe headaches due to dehydration or hunger.

Dehydration is caused as the body continues to lose water and salts through breathing and perspiring and urinating. At times you may become disoriented or faint. It also causes constipation and stress. It also causes hypoglycaemia (low blood sugar). All these could lead to hospitalization, reduced immunity and fatal consequences. I have indulged in fasting and can vouch that the consequences are bad, very bad!

Using unsafe diet pills

Unsafe Diet Pills

There are several diet pills available in the chemist counter which reduces appetite but do not help you lose weight quickly. The most dangerous diet pills are available online and they are advertised as natural, but they are not approved by FDA and contain amphetamines. Though I have never tried diet pills online, one of my friend obtained one such drug online and lost 20lbs in less than 3weeks. The amphetamine can cause insomnia, restlessness, irritability and nausea. Sadly my friend developed a heart condition in her twenties and is battling it.

A super low calorie diet, something like a 500 calorie diet.

The calorie intake is restricted to a fraction of your daily calorie intake resulting in rapid weight loss. It can take a toll on your health if you follow this diet for a prolonged periods as you tend lose your muscle along with excess fat. The other side effects experienced are headaches, dizziness, irritability, and insomnia.

Ipecac Syrup:

This syrup has gained a lot of attention in recent years but it’s horrible! It causes severe vomiting. Though it might help you lose pounds rapidly, regular use of this syrup causes irregular heartbeats and there have also been some cardiac arrests reported!

When it comes to weight loss never adopt quick fixes as the solution offered is not only temporary but quiet harmful.

Aim for losing weight gradually by making permanent changes in your lifestyle.Make a commitment to stay healthy for life.

The goal should be to lose around 1 pound in a week to ensure healthy weight loss. Keep a food journal and write down the food you consume along with the calorie intake. Also monitor your weight loss regularly.

Now, here are my 5 healthy tips to lose bad fat

Tip 1

Reduce your carbohydrate intake to half. Eat half of the bread or rice and opt for more green veggies to fill you up. Select food high in fibre as it helps you feel fuller for a longer duration. High fibre foods include bran, broccoli, cabbage, berries, leafy greens, beans, mushrooms, and oranges. Have a salad daily rich in proteins and fibers

Tip 2

Eat a snack lower in calories every 3 to 4hours, so that you don’t feel hungry and exhausted. Best Examples are apple and few almonds. Avoid soda, aerated drinks and alcohol religiously. Instead indulge in fresh fruit juices.

Tip 3

Consume more of your daily calories in breakfast and have a light dinner. Eating a larger healthy breakfast can boost your metabolism, prevent you from feeling hungry through the day and help you burn more calories.

Tip 4

Exercise regularly, by indulging in cardio workout for 30 minutes daily, 3 times a week ,do endurance and weight training focussing on different parts rest the week. But never over exercise and always indulge in warm up and stretching before workout to prevent injuries. Make sure you consult the trainer.

Tip 5

Ensure you get quality sleep for 8 hours to prevent yourself from over eating and weight gain.

As they say haste makes waste, the same can be applied while considering short cuts to rapid weight loss. Always opt for losing weight gradually in the long run by adopting healthy diet and lifestyle.

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