3 Places Never To Eat If You Want To Slim Down

Do You Know These 3 Deadly Eating Places?

Hello people… it’s Bonny here, with something so simple, yet so profound, for you to consider this week: how WHERE you eat can influence HOW and WHAT you eat!

…and I’m not talking about fast food restaurants this time!

Instead, there are three places you should never, ever eat, if you want to keep the excess pounds at bay, that is!

Can you guess where they are?

3 Places to Never Eat

1: Don’t eat in front of the TV!

(You could also substitute “TV” for watching a movie.)

The reason this is a problem is threefold: first, you can’t really concentrate on either the TV or your food, because one is a distraction for the other.

…and when you’re not concentrating on what you’re eating, it’s easier to eat more without realizing it!

Next, the reason eating in front of the TV is a problem is because what you’re watching could be prompting you to eat even more!

If the program is boring, you’re likely to eat to make it more exciting.

If the program is exciting or nerve-wracking, you might eat to calm yourself down.

And, if you’re watching TV commercials, they might make you hungry because of the food they are advertising.

The other reason eating in front of the TV should be avoided at all costs is because you are training your brain to remember and expect that every time you sit in front of the TV, it’s time to eat!

This is one habit that Hubby and I have been working on. Now, we prefer to chat over our meal and then go for a walk with our dog Doughnut, then we come back, make a nice cup of tea and enjoy a bit of a movie.
Eating In Front Of Television

(We have disconnected our TV from cable and only watch movies from
Netflix! This not only saves us money, but saves us calories, too!)

If you MUST watch TV, please do yourself a favor and incorporate this wonderful Commerical Break Workout into your viewing time.

Click on the link above to watch examples of about 5 best exercises to do when you’re watching TV!

2: Don’t eat in front of the computer!

Similar to eating in front of the TV, when you eat in front of the computer, you can’t really concentrate on either the food you’re eating or the website you’re browsing or email you’re reading or writing!

You also run the risk of spilling food on your keyboard, or at the least, typing with sticky fingers. Yuck!

But even worse, in my opinion, is the message you’re sending your brain, which is: “I don’t deserve to take time out to eat.”

And that is no way to live.

Even if you are very short on time and trying to get everything done, please do NOT skimp on taking time to eat – away from the computer!

I cannot tell you how common it is for people to eat their lunch at their desk – or to skip lunch altogether and just snack continuously, in front of the computer!

Not only are you missing out on the physical benefit of getting up out of your chair, but you are training your brain to expect to be fed while you are working at your computer!

Plus, 90% people eating in front of the computer tend to overeat.
Eating in front of computer

Bonus tip: Set a timer to go off when it is lunch time. Or better yet – set it no later than every 50 minutes and take a 10 minute short walk each hour! That will add up to 30 minutes or more throughout the day – effortlessly!

An added bonus: you’ll have more energy and be more mentally alert with the oxygen boost that comes from physical movement!

3: Never eat in the car.

This was my main problem. I used to learn yoga in the evenings and wouldn’t get out of class until after 9:00 pm… then I faced a 35 minute drive back home, alone.

To keep myself “company”, I would pick up a little treat (or two!) on the way home to eat in the car…mainly as a reward because I really didn’t like teaching that class so late.

I told myself that I “deserved” a treat because I was working so late.

I’m sorry to say that thinking about the treat was what kept me going while I was teaching that class.

The truth is, I didn’t really like eating in the car.

  • I didn’t like the sticky fingers on the steering wheel.
  • I didn’t like the crumbs and smells the food left in the car.
  • I didn’t like feeling messy and out of control.

Not to mention that the food was a distraction and definitely made it harder for me to drive safely.


So…here’s my secret on how I learned to stop eating in the car:

I didn’t force myself to stop.

I didn’t criticize myself for doing it.

Instead, I used a very effective mantra, which was:

I don’t eat in the car. I don’t like to eat in the car. I like to
eat at home, with my food on a plate, enjoying it completely.

(You can substitute “car” for “TV” or “computer”.)
Eating in Car

Now here’s the funny thing:

I kept repeating that mantra – even while I was eating in the car!

I just kept at it, knowing it was my truth.

There was no sense in berating myself for eating in the car. I knew it would stop when the time was right.

One evening, I bought whatever treat it was I had been planning on eating in the car, and somehow – just like magic – the darn thing sat there, unopened. I literally did NOT eat int the car!

And there was no self-discipline, no will-power – but the act of eating in the car simply no longer appealed to me.

Remember: overcoming the struggle with food while on your fat loss journey is less about self-discipline than it is self-awareness.

This is the point I want to drive home.

When you take a moment to really breathe and feel and experience what is going on in the moment when you are engaged in the sacred act of eating, when you give yourself over to it fully and completely, you will no longer be willing to fritter away that experience by dividing your attention and distracting yourself with the TV, the computer, the car.

You might be wondering how something so simple can have an effect
on your weight.

I encourage you to try it for yourself.

Your action plan for this week:

1. Each time you are tempted to eat on the run, in the car, in front of the TV or computer, repeat your mantra as described above.

Keep repeating it EVEN IF you are engaged in the behavior you are intending to change.

Instead of getting frustrated, just rest assured in the knowledge that the old activity will start to lose its appeal in time.

(That sense of RELIEF is what will reduce stress and allow you to continue to more forward with positive changes in your life.)

2. If you are watching TV, working at the computer, or traveling some distance by car or plane, set aside 10 minutes of every hour for some physical exercise.

  • – choose to walk around
  • – do the commercial break exercise routine
  • – do some simple stretches

This will have the added bonus of creating a pattern in your brain for associating TV, computer or the car with health, fitness and well-being!


Bonny’s Slimming Recipe – Hot Coco-Cocoa

Once in a while I’ll swap out my hot bedtime tea for a cup of homemade cocoa.

I use caffeine-free cocoa to make sure I don’t stay up all night!

1 tablespoon cocoa (or carob powder instead)

1 cup unsweetened coconut milk, heated on the stove

Few drops liquid stevia for sweetening

Enjoy before bed! Sipping on a warm beverage fills the tummy without weighing it down.

Sipping on a healthy beverage is a great substitute for eating in front of the TV or computer.

Let me know how it goes for you this week, ok?!

Remember, I’m here for YOU!


P.S. I’m curious to know if you used one or more of my tips last week from my own weight loss story!

Coming up – more tips on breaking through plateaus and accelerating your progress!

There’s NO need to ever feel “stuck”!

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