11 Secrets of Proper Exercising – Know Them All!

For ease of use, we’ve summarized the principles and guidelines that govern or must govern a perfect exercising routine.

Refer to these 11 secrets of proper exercise and you will never lose your way!

  • Utilize high-intensity weight training exercise as the core of your exercise routine, performing this type of exercise two to three times per week.
  • Make every workout a total body routine, hitting all major musculature in each session for a complete workout. Perform 2-5 exercises for your lower body and 5-8 exercises for your upper body, utilizing a mix of both isolation and compound exercises.
  • Train progressively, attempting to increase either the reps, weight, or both each and every workout on most every exercise.
  • Perform i set of each exercise in your routine to momentary muscular failure, or as dose to it as possible. You may by a second set, but i set is all that is necessary for maximum results.
  • Perform 8-so repetitions per exercise, using a slow cadence of approximately 2-3 seconds on the positive or lifting portion of the movement and 3-4 seconds on the negative or lowering portion. Hold the resistance in the top and bottom positions for approximately one second.
  • Keep rest between sets/exercises to a minimum. 3o-6o seconds between exercises is an ideal zone for achieving tremendous cardiovascular benefit.
  • Select a few exercises as replacements into your routine every 4 weeks or so for variety and to keep the body guessing, forcing the body to adapt.
  • If you are not getting stronger on most every exercise of most every workout, you are most likely either not training hard enough (Intensity), training too long or too short (Volume), or training too often or not often enough (Frequency).
  • Utilize a workout journal to record your workouts and your progress. Watching the numbers jump in your journal will fuel your motivation.
  • Every 12 weeks or so, take a week off from your weight training workouts. Give your body the rest it deserves for all of the hard work you’ve been doing. Resume feeling refreshed and energized!
  • If you’re using the intermediate or advanced FBF routines, you may try adding 1 HILT session every week or two to keep your workout frequency at 3 times each week.
  • This can provided added fat loss and cardiovascular conditioning benefits provided you are able to recover from the extra work.

That’s it! We’ve successfully created the spark for your fat burning furnace. Now, all we have to do is combine this powerful spark with the fuel that will ignite your furnace!

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