10 Easy Fat Loss Tips That Work Today!

Can You Really Lose Body Fat Easily?

Weight loss is reduction of the total body mass in context of medicine, health or physical science. It can be intentional or unintentional. The intentional weight loss is popularly known as slimming, where in the subject intends to lose more of the body fat than muscle mass.

Unintentional weight loss may be because of loss of fat, muscle atropy, fluid loss or a combination of any of these.

Intentional weight loss is the loss of total body mass as a result of efforts to improve fitness and health or to change ones appearance by the process of slimming.

Weight loss in overweight people or obese people can reduce health risks , increase their fitness, avoid being diabetic, could reduce pain in joints, etc.

It is not surprising that this problem, or epidemic became prevalent much more in the last 20 years, what with the boom in technology and “life simplifying” gadgets, less activity and more farm output.

All this has resulted in an alternate and new industry – the supplem
ent industry with all their shakes and pills. But do generic pills really work ?

It seems it does not even matter, and that is how products such as the Zantrex-3 and the Zantrex 3 fat burner see the light of the day.

We shall now discuss ways to reduce weight in an easy and effective manner or we may call it few tips and tricks to lose weight:

The Numero Uno – Eating Clean and Exercising

the most recommended is to adjust the eating habits or eating patterns and to increase the physical activity, say in the form of walks, run , exercise, dance etc

Eating clean and exercising

WHO (i.e. the World Health Organisation ) recommends people to cut down the intake of processed foods, foods containing highly saturated fats, sugar and salt and high calorie diet where as emphasizing on taking or consuming a balanced and nutritious diet.

Eating Foods Rich in Dietary Fiber

Fibrous food is very important in daily diet as it regulates the bowel movement effectively.

Fiber rich foods

So consume lots of fibres in your meals. Fibre aids digestion and same time prevents constipation. Good fibre sources are: oatmeal, beans, whole grain foods and a variety of fruits and vegetables.

Hydration – Nothing Beats Good Ol’ Water

The most important and simplest way is to drink plenty of water or include as much as healthy fluids in your daily regime such as fresh fruit juices, etc.

Avoid aerated or cold drinks. In fact, companies producing pills like Zantrex 3 always advice drinking more water even when NOT taking their product!

Drink plenty of water

Drinking water before any meal really helps , and can fill your stomach partially and thereby reduce the amount of food intake to substantial levels.

Don’t confuse yourself between thirst and hunger, so you can end up eating extra calories when an glass of water is all you needed. You can try Green Tea, Black Tea, Plain Black Coffee, or even brewing a cup of fruit infused herbal tea for that matter and see the change in time to come.

Eating Slightly Smaller Portions

Eat in small portions or have several mini meals during the day. If you eat fewer calories than you burn, you will lose weight but when you are actually hungry all the time then eating fewer calories can be difficult.

Eat Smaller Portions

Research or studies show that people who eat 4-5 meals or snacks per day are way ahead in controlling their appetite and weight than those who eat twice or thrice per day with heavy meals.

Never Skipping Breakfast!

Never ever skip your Breakfast!

It seems like an easy ordeal for diet to win: people feel that if they skip their breakfast they will be losing on weight. It’s a complete no-no!

Never skip your breakfast

Not eating your breakfast will make you hungry later in the day leading to too much nibbling or consuming and binge eating at lunch and dinner and in between.

The best thing you can do is take your Zantrex 3 pills (if you are) just after breakfast, not only will the Zantrex 3 keep you full, but the heavy breakfast will keep you energized for a long time.

One should always have a healthy morning meal, like high fibre cereal, oats, low fat milk and fruits etc which will give you a nice boost of energy for the day to follow and reduce that hunger which makes you fat.

Sleeping Beauty Is Very Healthy!

Get that peaceful and enough sleep which your body needs and demands to you!

In today’s hectic life people compromise on their sleep which many a times leads to variety of health issues one being obesity!

Get enough sleep

When you are sleep deprived, your body over produces the appetite-stimulating hormone leptin, which tells you when you are full.

Getting enough sleep will make you feel rested and full and keep you away from unnecessary eating junk and snacks.

Include Ample Proteins At Every Meal

I have been shouting this at the top of my voice forever! Forget products such as Zantrex-3 and the Zantrex fat burner, you DO NOT need them!

Instead, start by including protein in your diet during each meal. It is an ultimate filling food, more than carbohydrates and fats and keeps you feeling full for a longer time.

It’s also necessary for the muscle mass and helps in burning body fat.

Keep in mind to add or incorporate healthy proteins in your diet such as seafood, lean meat, egg whites, yoghurt, cheese, soy, nuts or beans. You can have these for snacks as well rather than hopping on fatty or junk food.

The If It’s There, You Will Eat It Rule

The only reason you need thermogenic capsules and pills such as Zantrex 3 is because you stuff your kitchen with junk foods! But they have really bad side effects .

And you CANNOT control yourself around them!

So, instead, the next time you are at the local supermarket, remember to fill your kitchen with healthy and conveniently available foods. It may actually consume very less time to plan the stuff for filling your kitchen but once this habit is inculcated nothing better than it.

The ready-to-eat snacks and minute preparation meals gets handy for everyone. They decreases your chances of you ordering burgers, pastries and pizzas if you can be ready with a meal in five to ten minutes.

Here is a list of items which may be handy for you : frozen vegetables, whole grain pasta, reduced fat cheese, canned tomatoes, canned beans, sweet corn, bags of salad greens, fruits etc.

Lose It… But Slowly!

Lose weight slowly as they say “there are no shortcuts for achieving goals, you have to work it out in a definite manner followed by determination and dedication” .

If you are losing weight but not as fast as you want it to be don’t get disheartened or discouraged by that. It takes time to lose those extra pounds in the same way as they got accumulated in your body.

One should be realistic about the weight loss plan/ goal like one to two pounds a week can be a kind of realistic goal.

There are high chances that if you are not practical about your weight loss plan then you are more likely to quit on it. So folks all the best for the plan.

Check Your Weight On A Regular Basis

Check your weight once in a week or two. Keeping a track of your body weight on regular basis will keep you motivated to stay on a healthy routine. Researchers suggest that you should weigh yourself at the same time of the day, on the same day of the week, on the same time scale and preferably on the same clothes on.

We hope that these weight loss tips help you in achieving your fitness goals. Good luck! Stay healthy, stay active and stay happy. For better health, that’s all you need, not products like Zantrex-3 or the fat burner. The real burners are in your HEAD, if you can fix the problem there, everything else will fall in place.

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