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"I have been following Bonny's blog since 2015. We have also collaborated on couple of projects. The one thing that differentiates Bonny from other bloggers in the weight loss space is her no-nonsense attitude. 

She calls a spade a SPADE! I have personally read the many emails she gets from ambassadors and companies to endorse their products (or remove their negative reviews), but Bonny has held to her own! You go girl!"

Lisa Olson 

New Media Writer

"I don't normally write about people or blogs, but I have to make an exception for Bonny.

My wife introduced me to her back in 2016, and I've got to say about her is that her energy is infectious. You wouldn't believe on meeting her that she ever weighed more than 160lb! Listen when she speaks, read what she writes, she WILL help you get in the best shape of your life.

The most shocking part - she does it for FREE!

George Moore

Fitness blogger and celebrity

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